Avari's Wounds Fester

How to Save a Friend

Saturday, September 6, 1207 SA

Avari awakes with a severly high fever, is dizzy and weak… Corda of Red Shield Company suggests that an Apothecary, The Church of the Maker or a healer are the best options to help find some relief from his fever. Corda says that the fever is beyond her means to help.

Nestled between a Forum and an Armory you will find Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous Goods. A bright canopy overhangs the entry way and a brightly painted mechanical sign. The sign has several brightly colored orbs that circle a central sphere. The orbs shift colors as you watch. Jacob Kay (human, with long ebony hair, 6’ tall, slim build, leather apron, silk white shirt with ruffled sleeves, high leather boots, and leather pants) is the purveyor of Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous goods. Is easily moved to tears and picks his teeth nervously. Jacob’s price is out of the adventurer’s price range.

St. Benedict’s Alm House and Hospital of London is a place of healing and refuge is located south east of the Cathedral of The Maker in the South Central area of London. The Alm House & Hospital is on the corner of King William and Grace Church Street. The Alm House houses hundreds of Londons poor and the hospital treats the devout worshippers of the Maker. Also has a Priory of 40 monks. The Alm House serves dinner just after evening service.

The monks wear a black tunic, tied around the waist with a cloth white cloth. Over the tunic is a scapula. A scapula is a garment consisting of a long wide piece of black woollen cloth worn over the shoulders with an opening for the head; A cowl is attached to the scapula (the cowl is the hood worn especially by a monk ). The front of the scapula is secured with a small piece of rectangular cloth that snapped the sides together. The monks provide Avari with a set of prayers to say each night that they say will help to heal his body.

The healer is located at the Lady’s Mantle Flower Shop. Jessica that helps many of the poor and destitute in South Thames. She and her husband Arlyn, a half elf, have a floral and herb shop. The shop has a makeshift infirmary in the basement and Jessica and Arlyn make their home in the shop’s two upper floors. Patrons for the infirmary utilize the back entrance of the shop. Karl, Jessica’s elderly father works in the shop and is very protective of Jessica and harkens back to the “old days” when a man could worship the old ones in peace. There is a multitier, rooftop garden where she cultivates flowers extends over the alley behind the shop.

Jessica listens to Recuba’s tale and plea for help. Recuba expresses his disdane for the church and their monotheistic ways. Jessica offers to lend some temporary assistance and will perform a healing ritual if the party travels with her husband to secure the necessary components. The group is to return on the next night to undergo the ritual. And awair Arlyn’s return in about three days.

Kizzar O’Siren, Connor MacLaurin and Inalitravel across the River Thames in the southern part of London, to find Myra’s Healing Emporium. It is said that within this building that looks as if it was transported from the streets of Rome one my be healed by magical baths. A beautiful golden skinned couple tries to entice the party to come into the baths to experience the healing wonders. The man offers to have Elyssia, the woman, accompany the adventurers to their hotel to retrieve their sick friend. They decline the offer.

Nightmares of the hag!

Sunday, September 7, 1207 SA

Red Shield Company assignment of crowd control for the morning service at the Cathedral of The Maker. Castiel spreads word in the crowd that the food the church is providing is poisoned. Castiel manages to convice a few people to leave but as he is working the crowd a heavily armed member of the church strides directly toward him. As the crowd parts for the church official, Castiel manages to disappear in the crowd and avoids the encounter.

That night the group visits Jessica to participate in the ritual. Jessica performs a ritual of Binding Sacrifice to temporarily heal Avari. This ritual links the adventures, weakens some and strengthens Avari. She warns that the binding will only last until the full moon fades at the end of the month.

Monday, September 8, 1207 SA

Await Arlyn’s return….

Look for the sewer cleaners, meet a bureaucrat that says it will take a day or so to determine who was working a specific part of the sewers.

Tuesday, September 9, 1207 SA

Meet Arylyn

Wednesday, September 10, 1207 SA

Depart with Arylyn to find items for the healing ritual

September 11 – 12, 1207 SA


September 13, 1207 SA

More nightmares of the hag

September 14 – 18, 1207 SA

Seach for items for the healing ritual… find the items.

September 19 – 27, 1207 SA

Trip back to London

Saturday, September 28, 1207 SA

Healing Ritual by Jessica

Look for the sewer cleaners, discover from The Red Shield Company that a creature matching the hag’s description was seen in another part of the sewere. After securing a map the group heads to the sewers to find the hag.

Defeat the hag while she was dancing around a fire, discover totems for each of the party members. The totems have hair and torn pieces of fabric, cloth and leather that most likely came from the adventurer’s possesions.



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