Avignon - Journey to the Cathedrale d' Avignon - Part II

Skulking Through the Streets

Sunday, September 7, 1208 SA

01:30 AM

Rest, Heal and Recover spells. Dawn breaks and turns the darkness to twilight once again.

01:30 PM

Search through the book seller’s store. The store is in a shambles as the party surveys the aftermath of an ork, goblin or orge based storm that ran through the store. Book shelves have been pushed down; books, scrolls and sheets of parchment have been scattered about; and the two large glass windows at the front of the shop have been shattered.

Over the course of an hour the Gray Hand is able to recover several mundane but interesting books, scrolls and documents:

  • The Revised Encyclopedia of Evocation
  • The Expert’s Guide to Zombies
  • Notable Traits of the Goblin
  • Eating Habits of the Half-Elf
  • Tales of the Ettin
  • Treatise on Evocation
  • Catalogue of Divination
  • Manual of Culinary Arts

As the group searches through the shop Avari and Erik take up defensive positions at the front of the shop. Avari hears screams of pain off in the distance. A few moments later this cries of pain are closer.

Mixed within the cries of pain, Avari hears the sounds of orcs coming up the street and notices that the sounds are getting closer, and closer, and closer. Avari whispers to Erik to warn the others. Erik makes his way through the cluttered shop to inform the others of the coming danger. As they discuss their options a few members spot an orc peering through one of the broken windows.

Avari’s shot with his bow strikes true and causes the orc to cry out in pain.

Erebus steps just outside the shop and attempts to cower the rushing orcs and orges. Most of the orcs pause but with a roar the orges continue their charge. Heartened by the bravery of the orges one of the orcs continues forward also. The Gray Hand engages the two orges just outside the shop. Orc fires arrows from the roof top and another from outside the shop. Hidden behind their human captives a pair of goblins unleash some minor arcane magic upon The Gray Hand.

Once the orges are killed the orcs and goblins retreat into the darkness. Laying in the street are the dead bodies of several humans.

Nechaual calls upon Mictecacihuatl to animate the corpse of the dead Orges. She is blessed by Mictecacihuatl and one of the orges rises at her command.

02:30 PM

With Emerys and Avari scouting ahead, the group then travels toward the Cathedrale d’ Avignon and discover an outpost of the Church of Maker. The outpost has about 50 of the Queen’s Guard, and Inquisitor and priestess of the Church. Each of them look haggard and show signs of recent combat (a dented shield, torn clothing, dried blood, bruises, etc). There are a dozen or so injured non-combatants also milling around.

Queens guard under attack

Erebus, Connor and Emrys engage the elderly human woman in conversation. She is dresses in white, with her grey hair pulled into a tight bun, her clothing is darkly stained with blood. The members of the Gray Hand are puzzled by this group here out in the open and Erebus surprisingly seems concerned for their well being and offers advice that would make them safer. The woman responds with, “The Maker befuddles the eyes of our enemies, we are quite safe.”

02:40 PM

Discover an apparently abandoned theater, with the doors chained. Emrys easily defeats the lock and the group slips inside to contemplate their next move.



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