Avignon - Laying Foundations

 Early July, European Calendar; Hathor Waxing, 3rd month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

Life in this prison is nothing, if not interesting. Along with other members of the cohort of Faithful 88, I am being trained again on hard lessons long forgotten.

Upon approaching the gates of Avignon, the cohort resolved to court anonymity and chose to not reveal their identity or true purpose when questioned. This was unwise on several levels, not least of which is that an assembly such as ours represents a real threat to the security of the city. Forgetting this and thinly veiling our true intentions was a certain way to rouse the suspicion of those charged with identifying criminals, brigands, and other ill intentioned folk. Our delayed entry into the city was punishment for the laxity of mind required to forget that deception, in itself, is an admission of weakness. We would do well to learn this lesson and understand that trickery is not a real means to achieve the goals we seek. We must meet these challenges forthright and gain our victories with our own strength and resolve.

Our current situation remains positive. Upon proving our claims that our cohort has valuable experience at overcoming the forces of Chaos now arrayed against the people of France, we gained audience with a ranking warrior of the Deceiver, Marcel Jacqueme. We told our tale of combat and revealed the things that we have learned in our past encounters with Chaos cultists. These revelations seemed to assuage the suspicion that we had raised earlier and found us housed at the Crimson Flask – with a week of lodging paid by Marcel and his men.

Additionally, we were cleared to continue our investigations into the whereabouts and activities of the cultists – provided we supplied a daily report of our actions to the local authorities. The last two such reports have been mundane in nature and speak of our charter as the mercenary company, The Gray Hand, and research that we have commissioned at the local archives. Perhaps, convinced of our sincerity in the pursuit the minions of Chaos, the guards will reveal also learnings of theirs that we may apply to our own investigation. Regardless, it is my intention to ask them where our company might be brought to bear to most effectively aid them in their effort. Failing meaningful result, we shall seek out employ in the city and follow up on what leads may come.

Connor and I continue to train at blades and practice Russian. I would expect that this are wise investments that will reap benefit a later time.

On matters of faith, I can claim that High Festival is upon us. By month’s end, adequate tribute will be due to Lord Set. I am planning this even now and expect that offerings will please and satisfy the appetites of Sutekh Djet.

I must also note the attentions of my companion, Imani, during my devotions. Having spoken to her about the true nature of our situation and our role(s) in events that lay ahead – her curiosity does not surprise. This even moreso given that we are currently lodged together and she is witness to my nightly communion with Sutekh Djet. These attentions are welcomed! It would be beneficial to all if these interests could be hardened into active pusuit of her own freedom from the Deceiver. Perhaps I shall invite her to participate nightly devotions and introduce her to further mysteries as she shows interest and aptitude. New blood could only strengthen the attention and favor of Lord Set.

Glory to the Lord of War! He emboldens the spirit and guides the blade!



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