Avignon - Manning The Walls

Sunday, August 14, 1208 SA

Captain Edmond Beauson of the Queen’s Guard, blinks a lot, silky curly hair the color of red brick, cream colored skin. Leader at the Port Limbert gate on the walls of the city.

The Gray Hand was asked to report to Port Limbert at the start of third watch to fulfill the requirements of their commission as a mercenary band serving the Queen.

Joined on the walls by the “Battling Eyes” on the wall. The “Battling Eyes” are led by Nikola Sepp. These mercenaries all cary pikes and long boys.

After the first night on the wall, Kael Sylali suggest that they go to the Silver Helm boarding house for food and merriment. The Silver Helm is run by the Agirya, a whitty and charming female elf. She and Kael seem to be very familiar with each other. Agirya reaches out to Erebus Typhon to lighten his mood and even creates a story on the spot to the delight of the patrons of the Silver Helm.

Monday, August 15, 1208 SA

The Gray Hand spends their second night on the wall at Port Limbert…

That night Erebus egages Oliver, Inali and Merisel in that night’s worship to Set.

Erebus and Connor hire a scribe to put out posters soliciting mercenaries to join the Gray Hand. The scribe will have the posters available on August 18th.

Merisel manages to convert the raw mithral ore into coins and distributes the coins with the other members of the Gray Hand. The group uses the Avignon Exchange to create a letter of credit. For a 1% fee the group deposits their funds and secures a 10 × 10 storage locker within the Avignon Exchange.



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