Avignon - Orcs at the Gates III

The Horde Brings Demons

September 4, 1208 SA

03:00 AM

The bulk of the horde died upon the walls but a few orcs, a giant and orge managed to slip past the Battling Eyes Port and crossed the wall near Port Limbert. These members of the hoard formed a ring and fought against the on rushing mercenaries and members of the Queen’s Guard. After a few moments the giant and orge manage to expand the circle as they step over several dead bodies before them.

The Queen’s Guard’s archers line up and begin to rain down a hail or arrows upon the attackers.

Within this space in the center of the circle, Avari and Eric, notice a shimmering rent in the fabric of reality. Out of this distortion steps a massive mound of animated ooze has about its shifting countenance the hideous shape of a half-melted man. With the Omox at their back the giant and orge press the battle toward the gate. Several members of the Grey Hand recognize the creature from the battle beneath the streets of St. Etienne.

A huge cloud of rancid-smell smoke causes dozens of mercenaries, Queen’s Guard and Avari to become nauseated. The cloud obscured sight through it and limited the effectiveness of many of the archers.

Avari’s misery continues as he notices two older men dragging bodies to an elven woman. As he focuses on the woman he is stunned by memories of Necahual

Sergeant Valentine of the Queen’s guard calls out to Connor and Nikola… “Have half of your number defend the gates!”

The group manages to dispatch the Omox, giant, orge and orcs.



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