Brawling in Paris

Brawls, Duels, Deaths and Ressurections

Thursday, April 12, 1208 SA

First night in Paris

Winry, Soren and Alwin get into a brawl in a restaurant.

Friday, April 13, 1208 SA

Explore options to get Castiel raised from the dead.

Winry, Soren and Alwin each receive formal requests to duels as a result of offending the owner of the restaurant where they had their brawl.

Saturday, April 14, 1208 SA

Visit the School of the Hidden Hand, a fighting school known for training Dark Elf male fighters. “Bring us our brother” is how the Dark Elves reply when they learn that the group has the body of one of the Dark Elves’ fallen comrades.

Winry fights a duel at 32 Rue Blondel, the address of a Brothel. Winry is dispatched quickly in battle where she distracted by her opponents feints. Soren kills a member of the Queen’s Guard in the aftermath of the duel.

Sunday, April 15, 1208 SA

Kizzar, Inali and Roan return to the School of the Hidden Hand with Castiel’s body.

Monday, April 16, 1208 SA

Castiel returns to the Twilight Boarding House alive and well.
Alwin captured by the Queen’s Guard.
Winry turns him self in to the Queen’s Guard for killing one of their members.


_This must be a nightmare. How did I end up back in HIS grasp? I was almost free, ready to clean my soul of prior sins. Is this a cosmic joke? Am I destined to be nothing more than a hand of death for some miserable higher being? No! I will not let it happen again. This life will be different than the last. I will find a way to destroy Vhaeraun and reclaim what is rightfully mine. But first I must gain power and knowledge. So I will bide my time and pay my debt to the dark god. _

Brawling in Paris

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