Clearing the nest

Holding our own

Entering the inner chamber we encounter a ward which causes pain to some members of the party. I stand steadfast and resolved as I shake the power of this trap. We find area chamber filled with wights and a coffin set upon a dias. A silver thread forms a bond to the lid which we break. Exploding forth from it’s tomb lies a warrior in heavy armor with glowing red eyes. Avari s a staggering blow to the fiend as it rises to it’s feet. The blow is pronounced and the warrior calls for his guards to protect him. From the walls come several wights which drained power from a few of our party. Tobadzistsini protects me. The battle is fierce as Avari falls the leader with a thunderous blow from Rancor. More wights fall when the lord began to rise from the ground. The leader then commanded that members bow to him,…some kneel. Avari then takes the battle back to the re-spawn leader and causes him to retreat. My party members came to their senses and were able to continue the attack. We combined our attacks and defeated the enemy with a resounding thud as the final foe fell. The cost was very high. We leave the area in order to recoup from our injuries and recover our resources. We plan our re-entry.



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