Decision within evasions

During tonight’s adventure starts at where we left off last week on the roof of an antique shop in the square after defeating a camp that was full of orcs and ogres. We wake up and climb down the hole in the roof, so that we could explore the shops below for anything that will be useful for our group. Connor a book that was in spanish and was intrigued by it. While everyone was scouting the area, Erik and Avary stand at and near the door way of this little plaza to stand guard if something tried sneak up on us. It was a good minute before something had appeared. Erik had spotted 250ft ahead an orc and ogre heading our way. Letting his commorad know of this, he leaned back towards the shops, trying to call out silently that he saw two enemies approaching the shops and that we should be ready for battle.

The battle did not last long, since it was only two enemies impeading our safe haven for the moment. Before leaving this shop, for suspicsion of if theu were follwed and that there would be some back up heading our way to try and kill us, Necahual reanimated the ogre corspe as one of her minions to do her bidding. Even though, during this battle I just observed the whole thing. Heading down the back way of the shops to get a move on, our group made a decision to go back towards the cathedral. Even if the cathedral was not open our plan was to go talk to Marcel to tell them about the endevours that we encounter and ask what they had encounter and if there was anything that our group could help with. While Erebes and Connor talk with Marcel, the rest of the group stood back with ogre, so that we don’t draw any unwated attention ourselves.

After talking with him we started to head west northwest to aid our commorades of the church of the maker. Emrys, as our group leader, for her quick stealthiness to scout out ahead for any dangers, or any other optional paths that we can take. Apparently, Emrys had spotted another camp with ogres with the possibility of other enemies. We contemplating for a moment about how to get around the camp with thw two less stealthiest( sorry guys), and we finally decided to turn Erik invisible to get passed the enemies. We manage to get passed them without setting off any of the alarms, to notify our enemies. Once we got through, we made our way towards the theatre that is also close by our place, the crimson flask, place of residence while we are in Avnyon. We try to enter the theatre, but the door was chained, so we looked to Emrys to pick the lock to the theatre.

She succeed with picking the lock, we asked her if she could scout ahead for us as well. To make sure that there are no dangers ahead of us. She came and notified us that, from what she scouted there was no probable danger ahead of us but there is no light, both natural and man-made light in the theatre.



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