Diversions and distractions

Early October, European Calendar; Mekhir Waxing, the time of Going Forth, Stygian Civil Calendar

Though much has happened since my last entry to this journal, haste demands this brevity.

The forces of Chaos were routed at Avignon. How they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory I am not certain. It seems to be a favored trick of the Deceiver – delivering his faithful from the end they have earned.

I have also grown more certain that Destiny is a cruel master – with a long memory. The turn of events at Avignon found us honored among those who raised sword or wove sorcery to defend the city. This honor included noble titles for each of my companions and a grant of land…the domain of Vacluse…for the Hand. The land came with a maintenance requirement and, therefore, a necessity for development. This investment in the Hand could certainly address prior concerns others have had about establishing a base of operations – intentions that, until now – have gone ignored because we did not intend to stay. Now we find ourselves entrusted with a gift that will certainly afford the Hand many advantages – and to reap these rewards, we must remain close…if not attached to it.

One facet to consider is that the Hand must govern the grant. Each of us have been appointed roles that must be filled to ensure that the necessary affairs of state are carried out to good effect. Erik has taken to the role of General…and will raise and manage any army that our land will require. Nachual has taken up the title of Marshal and will patrol the wild spaces at our borders – perhaps with minions of her own creation. Kael, for lack of a more intuitive selection, was asked to manage the treasury and Olliver will serve as our chief academic and educator. Connor will serve our representative in matters of diplomacy and Avari will establish our clandestine services and information networks.

For me, Destiny intended that I find myself back in a role for which I am familiar. I am to protect the leadership of the Hand and ensure that the cities are free of the human filth that would violate our laws and circumstances that tempt disturbances of the peace.  Not unlike my years among the Fangs of Set protecting the High Priest and his sorcerors.

Of Emrys, there is disappointment. We saw it fit to place her in the role of ruler. In this she would be the public face of the Hand and lend her particular skills to the execution of this role among the nobles and highborn of other realms and domains. It would seem she has misunderstood the intention of this placement. While the benefit of her in this place is evident in her planning through how to best utilize our grant to best effect, a side of her has become evident that causes concern. She has taken to broad pronouncements and notions of privilege…even among the very members of the Hand that have seen fit to place her in such a position.

It may become necessary to align her…and other new associates met at Avignon…to the arrangement that we have through the Hand. The Hand is the owner of the grant, not any single member of the organization. Additionally, while it is clear that we need people to fill the roles that we have appointed, the decisions of direction and purpose of this grant will fall to the full members of the Gray Hand organization. To date, Emrys has not embraced the requirements of full membership…and will need to do so to have even a single vote to cast. Until then, those with full membership can hear her ideas and proposals…and make necessary decisions as it befits the Hand, not Emrys.

I will discuss this among others and propose that we hold a discussion to ensure that this is clear to all and, if agreed, invest those with interest with the opportunity to gain full membership in the Hand.

In the morning, we set out to clear the caves and caverns beneath a villa on our grant…perhaps there will be some important discovery here that will yet again reveal the Hand of Destiny in our adventures here.



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