Erebus on recent developments

Middle July, European Calendar; Hathor Waning, 4th month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

We are now back to Avignon after a brief trip south to investigate the ruined Roman fortification at Tarascon. We found little evidence of the Crimson Coil, but many of the cohort came together as a cohesive unit during our investigation of a pit located at the site. There is potential for this group to be much greater than the sum of its parts. I suspect that further action against the Chaos Cults will forge the necessary bonds or sever the weaker links. This is a necessary step for the cohort if it is to ready itself for the challenges that seem to lay ahead as work to unravel the mystery of our prison and action against our captors (in their various guises) unfolds.

I have been pleased to have Inali's participation in nightly devotions. She has proven to be an excellent student and quickly mastered the devotee role in the our nightly services. Her participation has allowed me to serve in the role of priest, one that has led to more concentrated meditations and prayer. This deeper level of meditation has allowed me to clear my mind of the petty burdens and limitations that confound us and shift focus more toward the uncovering of clues that would lead to deeper understanding of the false reality in which we are confined. She is valued in this role and it would serve well if it can be maintained.

Beyond the role of devotee, Inali has also engaged me in in several conversations about the nature of deity and how they present themselves in the current reality. She has mentioned a desire to send prayers to our previous patron, Arwan. Perhaps we will attempt this once we know more about the nature of the Sekh'irot and the disposition of the gods that have influence here. We have also discussed her native faith and her worship of elementals called the Laashaar. My understanding of these is limited, but her description of them seems to align them as aspects of Ammon-Re, the Creator. Research will need to be conducted to learn more, as it would prove beneficial if these are aspects of Ammon-Re. If it is true, it would mean that he has not trulyabandoned his creation to the Deceiver. Perhaps he too was duped by the Deceiver and finds himself banished like Sutekh Djet or imprisoned like ourselves. Access to an active aspect of Ammon-Re would be a great blessing, as it would surely reveal clues that lead us further down the path to freedom!

Merisel has noticed the regularity of our devotions to Lord Set and has sought further words on the nature of our prison and the workings of its bars and gates. I believe she has it right when she says we should focus on finding the keys to the locks of this illusion. In many ways, this is why I pursue the Chaos Cults. Their manner is false and their ways are both meaningless and revolting – but, they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to summon beasts from spaces that must be outside our current prison. Her aid in these endeavors would be most welcome.

These rituals and the sorcery that drives them could provide insight into the mechanics of our reality. Sufficient study of these rituals and the words of power that fuel them might also be converted into a means to travel outside the prison…to those places. The books we have found are filled with writings on these locations. As we dig deeper into this network of cultists, I am certain that the sorcery will prove stronger and we may eventually find writings that reveal what we seek or practitioners that will trade the secrets for release to their dark masters.

There is much to learn here and even more to contemplate.


My reverie has been interrupted by nonsense.

It appears my companions see fit to frolic and play. Such silliness is usually the trick of too much drink and rarely has a place in situations like ours. I shall turn to sleep now and return to thoughts of unraveling the Maker's deceptions with a fresh sun.



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