Exploring Alès

Pond Drinkers and Angels

Thursday, July 25, 1208 SA

The Gray Hand continues to travel through the forrested hills and nears the abandoned mine outside of Alès. The road forks to a small town in a valley below and beyond a broad lake.

Daymian serves as a scout to explore the town down in the valley. He discovers that all of the buildings are boarded shut and the town seems to have been long abandoned. Using a crow bar, Daymian makes his way into three buildings (warehouse, home and another warehouse). Erik returns to the group.

They Gray Hand spends the night in one of the warehouses.

Friday, July 26, 1208 SA
After breaking their fast, the Gray Hand heads off to find the mine. The road leads past the broad lake. As the near the lake Kizzar notices that something isn’t right about the water in the lake.
Skimming along on six legs, over a dozen tiny carapaced vermin suddenly lift from the surface of the water and darts toward the group.

Lewanna shouts to the group “These are pond drinkers, they were created to hunt the Fey and spells will be difficult to cast while they are near.”

A brief battle develops, Connor is attacked by several of the creatures and as the drain his blood he finds himself weakened. Inali’s Air Barrier gives the Gray Hand a means to safely disengange and depart from the Pond Drinkers.

The road leads to a box canyon and the entrance to the mine. Much like the town, the mine entrance is boarded shut and shows no signs of recent use. Erik tells the group that there may be other entrances where air shafts have been carved. Kizzar climbs up the face of the box canyon and searches for another entrance. Kizzar returns to let the group know that he found one.

Lewanna shifts shape into a bat and goes to explore the mine. Some time later, she returns to say that the mine seems abandoned.

The group decides to return to the town to camp for the night and then determine next steps.

They decided to search through the abandoned temple of The Maker. They search the temple and discover no trace of the Crimson Coil or the Death Mantle. The group decides to make camp within the temple.

Erebus and Inali begin their nightly worship of Set. The ceremony is cut short as a bright light flashes and a crystal clear voice booms and says…

“Who dares to violate the sanctity of this place!”

As the group looks toward the source of the light they see a creature that is all sharp lines and angles, muscular but lean, with large wings and a mighty flaming greatsword.



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