Exploring Avignon

Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Avignon bridge.jpg

The group crosses the bridge across the Rhone to enter Avignon. The guards line up the group and ask each to step into the tower to pay the mercenary entrance fee of 5SP and to have their possessions examined for contraband and vermin.

As the guard examines Castiel’s belongings, he screams in pain when the touches one of the Death Mantle’s Anarchic maces. Within the tower, Castiel disarms the guard so that he drops the mace. “I could feel my very soul being consumed by that weapon!” yells the guard. The guards within the tower scramble to the aide of their companion while those outside step into defensive postures.

Within the tower the guards with drawn rapiers drive Castiel to his knees and try to make sense of what is going on.

Outside the tower, the guards get Erik to move back with the group. The guards are not forthcoming with any answers about what may be going on in the tower.

Brother Raphael Martineau enters the tower with Castiel and brings the situation to order. He examines the weapons and The Book of Death’s Grace. Brother Raphel says “These weapons dedicated to evil must be destroyed and I should show these writings to my fellow brothers.” Castiel reluctantly agrees to the destruction of the weapons and only wants the book returned once it is examined. Brother Raphael is dress in the black tunic and white sash worn by priests of The Maker.

The group is lead to the gates of the city and placed into a holding cell that is within the walls. The holding cell is a plain stone room with a French drain that reeks from the smell of previous visitors. Some thin windows near the ceiling allow light into the room. The group spends just over six hours held up in the room before the doorway opens again.

Brother Marcel Jacqueme in crimson red field plate armor and clothing is there when the door opens again. He is accompanied by Brother Raphael and three other guards.

Brother Marcel offers “Blessings of the Maker” and is very pleasant and apologetic for the party’s accommodations. He leads the group into the city and to a quiet French restaurant.

The group eats at the Crimson Flask (Fiole Cramoisi) Inn and Tavern with the priests. The owner Marie-Aveline Tavernier is medium height, with dark skin and long gray hair which is held back in a ponytail by a ribbon. She has horrible burned cheek and hands. She wears a woolen overcoat that hangs loosely about her curvaceous figure. She seems very moody and irritable and whispers when speaking.

As they walked to the Crimson Flask and talk over the meal, Brother Marcel, asks about the groups dealings with the Chaos Cults. Castiel and Erebus do the bulk of the talking with others chiming in to fill in details as appropriate. Brother Marcel is helpful and pleasant during the conversation and commends the group on their activities against the Chaos Cults.

The group asks how they can help with tracking down the Death Mantle. Brother Marcel says that their help is welcome and that they should do their best to root out the cult. Brother Marcel asks the group to check in with the guards at the gate tower daily to give details on their progress.

The group learns that the priests have paid for their lodging until the new moon, July 14th. They examine their rooms and discuss their options for next steps.

Castiel, Erik, Connor and Erebus visit the Bibliothèque municipale Livrée Ceccano in Avignon. The huge gothic style building is the hub of knowledge within Avignon. For a fee of 1SP per day the group gains access to sage who directs them to the proper documents within the Bibliothèque and a private room for viewing the documents. The sage, Gustave Chenevier, says that the Bibliothèque can sell the group the quills, ink, parchment and other items they need for taking notes.

Inali visits the park and enjoys the brisk wind.

Kizzar, Merisel and Roan explore Avignon.

Tuesday, July 9, 1208 SA

The Gray Hand mercenary group is formed at the cost of 100 GP for the year. The Gray Hand may recruit mercenaries and petition the crown for the use of land within the domain of south eastern France. The Gray Hand, we stand between the light and the dark.

The group continues to explore Avignon and resupply. The group has a late night conversation about next steps.

Wednesday, July 10, 1208 SA

The group continues to explore Avignon and resupply.



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