Exploring the House of the Setting Sun

To find the keys to the Plague Born's Box

The adventure continues with Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Connor MacLaurin, Inali, Kizzar O’Siren, Penelope and Vegas Haines exploring the brothel in search of the key to open the Plague Born’s box.

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Location: London .

A voice resonnates through each of the rooms within the House of the Setting Sun and says, “I HUNGER…”

As Kizzar exits one of the towers he spots a two headed creature with three arms standing on a bridge that leads to another tower. He/It has two heads, three arms (one of which ends in claws), and two legs. Strange tubes and pipes are woven throughout its body, but much of him looks held together with metal stitches and even some screws, bolts, and pins. The two headed man was wearing a pendant that radiates a faint aura of transmutation. The pendant is a half circle made of iron.

Explore a room with magic circles and symbols are painted and carved on or into nearly every surface of the room, making one’s initial entrance a dizzying experience. Connor MacLaurin examines the symbols and determines that they all have to do with summoning demons, summoning evil power, and dedicating souls to specific purposes
He also notes that one symbol on the wall means “secrets.”

Alwin kicks in a door to a former library and is chased out by a swarm of rats. Penelope is bitten but the group manages to hack, burn, freeze and stomp enough of the rats to disperse the swarm.

As the continue to explore, they reach a balcony with a set of wide stares that lead up into the darkness. Out of the darkness bound a pair of fierce ebony dogs. Moments after a a winged and horned creature with a daemonic visage swoops down into the midst of the party.

A silent battle against an Earth Bound Daemon and the pair of shadowy hounds in complete darkness. Vegas is knocked unconsious and there is some question about many of the blows that were delivered in the silent and dark chaos that surrounded the party.

Demon small

Battered, bruised and tired, the group contempletes resting. As the explore one of the balconies Alwin unexpectantly flings himself off the balcony. Penelope reaches out to catch him but has not hope of hauling back Alwin and his plate armor. The short fall to the next level leaves Alwin and the rest of the party very confused. Looking up from the overgrown rooftop garden, Alwin explains that he felt compelled to jump after looking at a alabaster plaque.


whew ! cant wait till next week!


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