Exploring the House of the Setting Sun - Part 3

To find the key to the Plague Born's Box

Tuesday, October 9, 1207 SA

Location London.

As Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Connor MacLaurin and Inali explore the brothel they are engulfed by Deep Darkness . They brace for battle as the expect the daemon to descend upon them. Fight and kill the earth bound daemon.

Search, search, search, find the second part of the amulet.

Use the amulet to move the statue of the fat man. Rest, heal, and move the fat man’s statue.

As Avari drops through the membrane, Vegas Haines warns the party that an Arcane alarm was just set off.

In the basement the group discovers….

  • Chest 1: This six-foot-long chest bears the inscription: “Twinned weapons sure to deal death to the oppressor angels.” It contains two bastard swords.
    Chest 2: A chest four feet long carries this inscription: “A blade to slice the flesh of any foe of freedom.” The chest contains a long sword that has a blade with a purple hue.
  • Chest 3: A narrow chest eight feet long bears these words: “This is sure to pierce the heart of an overwhelmed tyrant.” It contains a black-shafted, red-tipped spear
  • Chest 4: A small chest, three feet long, is marked with the following admonition: “Hear the word of chaos, fools, and despair.” It contains a two-foot-long rod with a skull on one end.
  • Chest 5: This small chest has inscribed upon it the words: “Tools of the fearsome chaos priest.” It contains a scroll, two pinches of dust of chaotic warding and a real human skull, well preserved and covered with symbols of chaos and other arcane runes
  • Chest 6: Another small chest bears this inscription: “No chains can bind us, and no lock can resist the magic of this key of freedom.” It contained the Chaos All-Key. Looks like a normal key, although as one examines it, the key subtly changes shape. It morphs constantly in this fashion. Was used to open the Plague Born’s Box.

As the group exists, a female voice speaks out from the thing fog and says “Return the weapons that you have stolen!”

They are assualted by several heavily armored figures that make their way out of the thick fog. The group includes Cavia the Night Stalker, Darrius The Corruptor, Rachelle Smith, and several others.

The Plague Born’s Box

  • Leather bandoleer with 8 slots and 2 purple hued steel Daggers +2 Anarchic
  • Bastard Sword (+ 2 Arnarchic ) purple hued steel, stained leather grip is frayed and worn
  • Brown Leather Cloak, stained, + 2 Protection
  • 8 arrows +4, ash wood with cold steel arrow heads, wrapped in hair
  • Bone wand with carved sigils, Contagion with 40 charges
  • Wooden box, 4” x 3” x 4” with 2 x Bronze Ring, pitted and stained with patina (Ring of Protection + 2 ) and 2 x Tarnished Silver Ring missing 7 stones and two red gems (Ring of Delayed Doom 2 Stone )
  • Leather book, Book of Faceless Hate, many sheets of parchment, arcane writings, notes in English, multiple handwritings
  • Book, wrapped in thick yellow cloth, stained leather cover and pages are an oily parchment filled with arcane writing. Contains the following spells: 0 – Bleed, Touch of Fatigue, Read Magic ; 1st – Ray of Sickening, Protection from Law ; 2nd – Ghoul Touch; 3rd – Magic Circle Against Law; 5th – Plague Carrier
  • 2 Slabs of etched alabaster, wrapped in thick purple cloth. The etchings are arcane writing. Contains the following Words of Power: Alignment Shield (Alignment); Alignment Assault (Alignment); Spook (Fear)

Hundreds of Platinum Pieces

Chaos Cult



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