Fools and other unpleasant surprises

Early September, European Calendar; Tobi Waxing, the time of Going Forth, Stygian Civil Calendar

This note is to capture a few hasty thoughts before the Chaos Hoard approaches with intention of real damage. To date, I am convinced, that all we have seen is effort at probing. The rag tag assembly of skirmishers put forward are likely their infirm, penitent, or what pass for criminal elements among the an army of miscreants. It would be foolish to think anything other than the pitiful creatures that we have encountered to date are but a trivial part of the available resource that the attacking commander has at his disposal.


They were sure to die and…

…Freeze the Hells! And they are reconnoitering. That is all.

The enemy knows where the paltry might of the skirmishing force is enough to overcome the wall and penetrate. Then…once inside…the creatures serve as eyes and ears until they are brought down. The gating of the Omox demon speaks to similar. Slain demons can be resummoned…and while within the walls, they wreak death and havoc…all the while assessing the fortification and sharing with their master the details of the resistance FROM THE INSIDE OF THE WALL.

It will be necessary to see if there are talismans or fetishes among the dead attackers that might explain the gating of the demon. Such things devices could greatly increase the difficulty of holding secure against the walls.

And…on the walls. Valentine is more the fool than first realized. Continued bombardment of the walls chips away at their integrity. It is a matter of time until they break. Any effort to disrupt the rhythm of the bombardment adds to their duration. Like so many of these painted buffoons, he had every excuse not to act. Before long, I’m certain he’ll have an opportunity to try that game with Death himself. When that happens, we will finally be free to prosecute this war to our advantage.

Finally, Emrys. A passage in one of the Chaos Tomes describes the Bloodied Knife, a cult whose members hide themselves as adherents of other religions. It would completely suit the purpose of Chaos to have infiltrated the ranks of the Deceiver’s churchmen and to, at some point in the future, commit heinous acts that discredit the church or sway the faithful to a doctrinal direction that suits the cause of their masters. That would prove a glorious amusement. However, but no more than a night or so ago, Emrys interrupted my thoughts on the importance of bringing down the Maker…to expound on the idea of leaving the edifice and structure of the church intact while perverting the congregation to other purposes.

It would simply not do to be arm in arm with one of these twisted and honorless minions of Chaos.  I will share this information with Connor that he may leverage his battle-pairing with Emrys as a means keeping an eye open for potential validation of this concern.

 Meanwhile, behind me, the rocks continue to fall. At this rate, the pounding will open the wall within the week and we will find ourselves face to face with one or more of the  Chosen of the Many.



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