Hunt for the Crimson Coil

Middle July, European Calendar; Hathor Waxing, 3rd month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

This entry is to be hastily penned. Light is fading and preparations must be made for ambush prior to nightfall.

Of recent news, the cohort has made progress in Avignon. Actionable information is now being uncovered that allows us to take our fight to Chaos. I narrowed down probable operational locations of the Crimson Coil to three:

Tarascon – Sacked Roman fortifications 42 miles south of Avignon (located on banks of Rhone)

Vaculusa – Abandoned Roman fortifications 70 miles east of Avignon (located near waterfall in mountains)

Ales – Abandoned coal mine in Cevennes Hills some 120 miles west of Avignon

Our current investigation centers on Tarascon. Its not much to look at, but tracks have been found and evidence of regular camp. If those that use this camp return, our aim is to put them to question.

Of other items to note, Inali has joined my nightly devotions to Sutekh Djet and has willingly offered her blood to the Lord of Night. As her interests warrant, I will reveal the mysteries of the faithful. Already, she is curious about the alignments and allegiances within the Sekh'irot and has shown and eager thirst for more knowledge about how the Gods of the Sekh'irot manifest in numerous and several aspects – many of which make up the various pantheons of myth and legend. She wishes to pray to Arwan in the belief that she may reach him from within this prison. Her native gods, called by her ‘The Laashaar' are beings of wind and air that are worshipped as one, in combination. Her descriptions of this god are not unlike teachings on Ammon-Re, the Creator. One of his aspects was the Wind of Creation, the bringer of harvests and benefactor of sails.

There is much to muse upon. Further study is required to make workable sense of it.

At present, however, the ruin awaits!



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