Pa'Aerth this deck, the High Priest and the Fool are the same card.

Late October, European Calendar; Mekhir Waning, the time of Going Forth, Stygian Civil Calendar

As has been the case with many entries of late, recent days have seen the passing of many new things. Our group has been tested by the natural and supernatural…and emerged the better in all cases. We have begun clearing the land that was awarded to the Gray Hand for actions in the defense of Avignon. Much work remains before the vision we have shared will take root and grow…but the course has been set and we are started on our path.

In our efforts to rid the land of dangers, we uncovered a dark thing below the fortifications in Vacluse – A temple to foulness, intact with rotten guardians and their master enshrined. We brought the beasts to heel, but not without undue trouble. Treachery and spite allowed the master of these wretches, a soul dedicated to evil and disorder, to take possession of our compatriot, Connor.

Age nor power seem to be a trump to discipline and orderly thought…for the ancient evil was easily duped with promise of mayhem and spreading of human misery. As such, it willingly allowed itself to be delivered into the hands of its sworn enemy – the Church of the Great Deceiver.

It satisfies me to think of that mighty, twisted spirit…trapped in that mace for ages untold…driven, single mindedly toward the destruction of the Maker…an author of untold destruction and malevolence…faced with what now lay ahead for it. It is a pity that its screams are silent.

So be it. It is away from us, Connor is returned and the Gray Hand may have gained some leverage on taxes in the exchange.

It is important to capture here that in all these dealings, Emrys did not prove false. She worked her portion of our agreement exactly as agreed. Such was a pleasant surprise and has earned her further consideration for future endeavors.

As such, our journey to Avignon has concluded and we are set on the way back to Vacluse. Once returned, we will resume our work to reestablish civilization. To this end, I had hoped to find evidence that the Stygian archers of the Red Circle had survived the attacks on Avignon…word on the street is that they died at their post. Such men would have served well in both finding game and as constables in the securing of our space in the dark of the wood.

I have almost forgotten…on the topic of darkness…we have met the High Priest of Vacluse, a recently vested Inquisitor named Saul. He is full of wisdom that is not his own and overflows with stories he has been taught to share. It will be interesting to watch how he manages what he finds in his dealings with the Gray Hand. Perhaps we can persuade him to accompany us into the lands of Pandemonium. He has boasted that he should like to have his faith tested…with such charges as his…he should be careful for what he wishes.

The fire grows dim here and must be tended. I shall provide another update once we have returned to our holdings.



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