In the Thick of Things

Erik's Thoughts

“An Angel of the Maker, of all the things the gods of old could throw at us, they threw an Angel of the Maker. " Erik thinks as he stands before the glowing winged figure. The angel booms out with a voice like the ringing of bells to demand to know who defiles a sacred place of the Maker? Erebus steps forward and announces that he was preforming a sacred ritual and meant no disrespect.

The Angel claims to see the Darkness in Erebus’s heart and demands he leave, though Erebus tries to find ground with the Angel by announcing a common enemy between us, The Chaos Cultist. The angel would hear none of Erebus’s words but allowed Connor and I to converse with him upon Erebus’s removal from the Church. The Angel revealed his name as Sachael, Angel of the Maker, he asked me if I would confess my “sins”, denounce Aegir and accept the maker as my God. I humble the angel with what he wants to hear as not to start a quarrel, we need what information he has. I began to tell Sachael the story of my awakening with the Roman 88 and the deeds that took place among us, to the meet up with the companions I am currently with. Sachael asks for information as to why we believe the Chaos Cults are in the area, to which Connor and I reply with knowledge of their previous encounters. Sachael places his hand on my shoulder and extends his hand to Connor and offers to take us to where we will find answers about the cultist.

We are teleported to an armory of great wonder, weapons and armor made from materials unknown cover the walls. We are led into a large sitting room as Sachael informs us that this is his home and that we must wait while he goes for answers. An hour passes before the Angel returns to inform us that the Chaos Cult has taken Vaculusa as there current base.Sachael offers to teleport our group near to Vaculusa upon return to the church. Upon request of tools to aid our mission Sachael give Connor 4 scrolls, two of the healing,one of dispellment,and of holy smite. I am given an dwarven written copy of the Maker’s holy text.

We are teleported back to the church where we gather everyone together to move on to Vaculusa. we are instantly teleported to a dense forest of shrubs and shadows. Sachael directs us 15 miles to the road and a days journey up the road till we make it to Vaculusa. After some time cutting our way through the wooded areas, we make camp in an area of clear ground. the second day passes like the first with help from Kizzar’s excellent tracking skills and Lewana’s magical grove. On the third day we reached the road which looks as if time had taken its toll of the environment.

Late in the day we are surprised when the earth opens up and drops Erebus and Inali in a spiked pitfall but with fast actions from Inali none were harmed, with the exception to the dead drop tree trunk to the head of the dwarf.

We set up camp off the road to ambush whoever set these traps with Lewana concealment spell. As the day goes by and the night goes on, I am awoken to Damian’s announcement of something in the woods.

As I look out from our hinding space to see two Ogres and a BATTALION of ORCS! Mighty Aegir, Give me strength to defeat these filthy creature in the honor of my kin!



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