Losing and Gaining a Comrade

and the Death of a Priest

Wednesday, October 4, 1207 SA
A hail of arrows streak in from the darkness at Castiel, Kizzar O’Siren, Recubo and Peter. Out of the darkness step ten men. The leader of the group shouts “Drop your weapons, you are outnumbered and surrounded.” Not worried about the odds Peter and Kizzar barrell sword first into the men.

Avari and Inali who were standing guard over their captive hear the sounds of a larger battle. They rush forward to join the battle but have about 3 long bow shots of ground to cover.

The leader of the men is a skilled fighter who consistently hacks and jabs his way past Peter’s guard. His blows batter Peter to the edge of unconsciousness as Kizzar comes to his aide to battle against the leader. This assistance comes to late and the next blow to Peter sends him beyond death’s door.

Inali and Avari join the battle. Avari fires his bow from the edge of the battle and Inali calls upon the Spirits of the Wind to harm and harry their foes.

With the aide of Castiel, Kizzar is able to dispatch the leader. Many of the men quickly begin to fall to the party’s swords and magic. As the tide turns three of the men flee into the darkness and escape the party.

In the aftermath the group discovers that while the band of men wear no uniform colors the each wear a stone torq with a black star on a gray background. The group awakens their captive an begin to question him.

The captive warns “There are many more of us, the others will come when they realize that I have been gone too long.” When asked why he was spying on the group, the captive responds “We saw your camp fire and came to take a look. We wanted to make sure bandits wouldn’t be sneaking up on us in the night.” When asked about the torq he replied “This is the symbol of our god, Arwan , who sees souls safely into the afterlife”

The questioning deteriorates into an argument and Kizzar O’Siren performs a coup de grĂ¢ce on the captive.


Thursday – Friday, October 5-6, 1207 SA

The journey back to London through the swamp is uneventful. The Way Station provides a reprieve from sleeping on the road.

Saturday, October 7, 1207 SA

The main road entering London is lined with criminals locked away in cages. These criminals are left to live out their sentence until they die. It is within on of these cages that the party discover one of the Faithful 88, Kael. After a hurried conversation the party vows to return and free Kael from his cage.

Just after sunset Avari and Castiel free Kael from his cage and sneak back into the city through the sewers.

Kael shares the story of his reawakening. He awakend in a small village a few weeks walk north of London. After regaining his strength, Kael embarked on a killing spree putting the twenty or so inhabitants of the village to the knife. These initial sacrifices to Vhaeraun were weak souls and only gave Kael a trifling amount of power. He traveled south to London with a trail of blood in his wake.

Once in London, Kael began plotting the demise of The Church of England. Certainly the sacrifice of their priests would please Vhaeraun and help to lift this curse. During his first attempt to capture a priest he was capture by one of their unholy warriors and condemned to spend the rest of his days in a cage.


Sunday, October 7, 1207
Visit Jessica to let her know that they group successfully left Alice in Willow Wood. Jessica expresses her gratitude to the party.

Kael convinces the party that by capturing and sacrificing a priest of the Maker he can gain some insight into their collective plight. Alwin, Castiel, Inali, Avari and Recubo wander the streets near the docks in search of a priest. Ultimately, they come across an alms house where The Church of the Maker feeds the needy. A single priest is give food to a group of men and proselytizing the bounty of the Maker. Recubo befuddle’s the priest’s mind and gets the priest to follow the group. Once out of view of the alms house the party waylays the priest, knock him unconcious and strip him of his vestments. Avair dons the vestments and drops the torq of Arwan to hopefully put anyone investigating the kidnapping onto a false trail.

The group takes the priest into the sewers to the place where they killed the second hag. With limit ceremony Kael slays the priest. Unfortunately, the brief ritual doesn’t give Kael the insight he prayed to receive. Kael informs the group that a more complex ritual with more potent sacrifices is necessary.

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Visit the Red Shield and learn about the third hag

Into the sewers again with guidance of a map provided by Tyden the group goes on the hunt for a third hag.

The party comes to a flooded section of the sewers that they must cross to continue. This 15 foot across chamber is filled with sewer water and trash. Kizzar and Castiel leap across and ponder how to get the rest of the team across. They notice a set of rings hammered into the wall at about waist height.

As the party discusses their options, a voice yells from the darkness “Turn around and go back on your way or this will be a really bad mornin’ for ya!” Paying no head to the warning Kizzar O’Siren and Castiel rush forward.

Alwin and Inali jump into the pit filled with sewer water and try to swim across. They each begin to sink to the bottom of the pit. Recubo summons an octopus to help drag the feeble swimmers across the chamber.

Recubo creates a sphere of light in the hallway ahead and the scene of battle is apparent to all. The party kills the 4 human guards and the hag in the ensuing battle. During the battle two of the humans transform into beastial humanoids with sharpend fangs, elongated snouts and clawed hands.


rest in peace Peter. now if you’ll excuse, i must find a cleric to perform resurrection….

Losing and Gaining a Comrade

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