Meeting Maksim and Tobiath

Continuing to St. Etienne

Wednesday, June 4, 1208

Meet Maksim Lemminkain and Tobiath J’Kar on the road. Maksim is an extremely fat bronzed skinned man with straight black hair. Maksim’s most startling feature is his stained black lips, teeth and tongue. Maksim says that he and Tobiath hail from the far, far east on the island of Pan Tang. Tobiath, dressed in a hodge podge of armor also has bronzed skin and straight black hair.

With a bit of hesitation, the group agrees to travel along the Queen’s Road with the two road worn companions.

Asian  dragon warrior by hdy9108 d4ynph4

June 3 – 9th, 1208

Travel on the road to St. Etienne

The group learns that Tobiath doesn’t share a common language with them. Maksim is filled with questions for the group and shares tales of his travels from the far east to the norther reaches and back again. Maksim expresses his fascination with flying and the wind and is thrilled when he learns of Inali’s worship of the Sprits of the Wind.

Castiel is curious about what Maksim may have heard about Ley Lines and Power Nexuses. Maksim explains that “Ley Lines are to a spell caster what a river is to a tree…” he also speaks of the Power Nexuses at Stone Hendge, within the complex of the Cloud Lords of Tanara, and that the pyramids in egypt are also said to be places of power.

Roan recalls some bits of memories, not quite certain if from before of the past about Maksim and flying war ships.



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