New Lords

Just Reward

Leaving Avignon for Vaucluse we openly discuss our new positions that we will cover while we clear out our new domain. Our obligations have increased tremendously with this new found bounty…or is it? The burden of having to align ourselves to this wretched kingdom turns my stomach; I take solace in the day I will drive them before me, hobbled, chained, and bound. Second watch…the air is disturbed with the howl of a pack of wolfs setting in upon us. The alarm is raised and we muster to slay the beast when Lewana changed form and challenged the pack leader. Slaying the Alpha, she dominated the rest of he pack. Arrows saved as far as I care, perhaps these animals can be used to assist us in our travels. I thank Tobadzistsini the Great War Spirit for guiding my hand in the death of so many of the enemy. I vow that many more will fall to my hand as I pronounce his greatness.



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