Notes from The Gray Hand's acquisition of Vauclusa - Olliver

(+ OOC annotations)

After much discussion we, the remaining members of The Gray Hand, have decided on our intended roles and responsibilities concerning the administration of our newly acquired holdings. (for the time being)

-Emrys is to be the Ruler of Vauclusa (Cha +5 to Economy)
-Lewana shall act as Councilor (Wis +5 to Loyalty)
-Eric will hold the position of General (Str +5 to Stability)
-Connor will use his talents as our Grand Diplomat (Int +5 Stability)
-The High Priest is to be appointed by The Church of The Maker (Wis +4 Stability)
-Olliver will serve as Magister (Int +7 to Economy)
-Necahual will Marshall our lands (Wis +3 to Economy)
-Avari shall lend his talents as Spymaster (Dex +4 Economy)
-Kael is to serve as Treasurer (Wis +5 Economy)
-Erebus will stand as our Warden (Str +3 Stability)

Stability Check Modifier: +17
Economy Check Modifier: +24
Loyalty Check Modifier: +5



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