Rebuilding Vauclusa - Part 2 - The Caverns (Connor)

- Rebuilding Vauclusa – June 27, 2013 – Sept 24th, Wednesday, 1208 -

For our immediate future, we will clean up our new holdings..

We have arrived.. with Lewanna’s new pack of dogs. As we enter the hamlet, we come upon a small band of Orcs lounging in one of the buildings. As they catch sight of us, the gibber to each other, then run as fast as possible out the back door. No worry.. if they return, we will “clean” then as well.

Evaluating the hamlet, we see that it will take awhile to get it into usable shape. Lots of hard work and generally mind-numbing cleaning ahead of us. I wander to the river and find it polluted with dead fish and dead Orcs. No time like the present, so I begin cleanup.. it’ll take the rest of today and part of tomorrow at my best guess. I use my unseen energies to drag the bodies onto the far shore, with plans to burn the garbage once completed.

We sleep together in the Druid’s conjured campsite, feast on goodberries. Next day I continue on the river.. still no sight of our lovely river nymph. Around noon, I finish cleaning up the river new the hamlet and have some lunch. We decide that it is time to start exploring the caverns beneath the Fort, searching for usable resources in the caves, hoping to find stairs up into the Fort.

We search through the cave, finding the other exit we’ve seen before. Turning back, we take another turn and find a caved-in section of the tunnels as well as worked-stone. This must have some tie-in to the foundations of the Fort above. Lewanna transforms into an earth elemental and begins digging through the mess.

Suddenly, she spies a skeletal hand covered in tattered clothing. The clothes appear to be those of a Priestess of the Maker. As she digs up to it, the skeleton stands and attacks. Its eye sockets glow red and it reaches for us. We dispatch it and find another skeleton.. This one in the red lacquered armor of an inquisitor of the Maker. It does not animate, but Emrys takes the opportunity to acquire the broken armor. I believe that one of us with arcane or divine magic may be able to mend it.

As Lewanna clears the rubble, we come to a closed stone portal marked by the glowing symbol of the Maker. After attempting to hold a Symbol of the Maker up to the door and receiving no response, Emrys tries a different approach. She concentrates, using her talents, shifting what I can only imagine is her magical aura. As she holds the Symbol up to the door again, we hear noises within the wall that sounds like bolts and locks shifting. As we push the door open, we spy wights on the other side, red eyes glowing and ready to attack…



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