Seeking the Truth - Castiel's Escape

Tuesday, July 16, 1208 SA

After returning from the Church of the Maker, Erebus and Connor share the results of their visit and Brother Marcel’s comments.

Brother Marcel says “The Church of the Maker is the source of truth and can help but, based on what the priests have told me I cannot ensure that I would be able to glean the truth from one of your companions if they are as experienced as you are.” Brother Marcel provides Erebus with a hand written and wax sealed note. The note is to be presented to the jailer near the Crimson Flask along with Castiel and Erik. At dawn someone from The Church will get to the truth that the group seeks.

The members of the Gray Hand bed down and setup a rotation of people to watch over Castiel and Erik.

As Roan and Merisel sit and watch, the room goes dark, startled Merisel draws her rapier. They hear Castiel say “Kill the one with the sword.” moments later when the darkness subsides they discover that Castiel is gone!

Roan rushes off to wake the other members of the Gray Hand. Once the team is gathered a heated discussion ensues about how could Castiel disappear under out of the room. Erik explains that he witnessed in the darkness two cloaked figures enter the room. One of them entered through the window and the other through the door. Each of the moved with cat like grace, one grabbed Castiel’s equipment while the other scooped up Castiel.

Connor works to discern if magic was used and discovers that spells were used to create silence and darkness.



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