Seeking the Truth - Final Chapter

The Church of the Maker Divines the Truth

Wednesday, July 17, 1208 SA

With Erik in tow, the group heads toward the jail. They are led into the depths of the jail by Brother Eugene.

Within a room that includes many instruments of torture and exacting the truth the group meets brother Marcel and Sister Désirée Nautin. Sister Désirée has startlingly green eyes and is of medium height (5’3”) and build, with olive-colored skin and tousled strawberry blonde hair tucked behind her ears. As everyone enters the room they feel the weight of compulsion to speek only the truth.

Brother Eugene chains Erik to a large wooden circle. Sister Désirée receives instructions from the group to understand the the nature of the information she is to gain. After the qustionining Sister Désirée declairs that “This dwarf speaks the truth and there is no falsehood in his words.”

With this confirmation, Erik is freed from this chains and the group returns to the Crimson Flask.



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