Short notes - Battle comes

The War Preparations – continued, 6th

My quick notes as we prepare for battle.. they come..

>Night watch is over – Morning of Sept 1st..

We return to Crimson Flask as dawn breaks.

Priests of the Maker calming the masses. Trebuchet and sheafs of arrows are ready and waiting near the wall.

Erebus is troubled about the teaching of the street preachers.

Visit the Red Circle at Port St Joseph
– Acanthus – Commander
– Silanus of House Domitius
– Stygians are sworn to see combat and defense of the Queen

Sleep, awaken, magic crafting

>Head to Night watch

Glow on the horizon

Take the form of a great horned owl to survey the fire

Probably 2 days distant – about where Lord Marsh Chopin might be

Return down to walls

Valentine reports a ship taken over by orcs and goblins, then crashed into the north gate.

>Night Watch is over – Morning of Sept 2nd

Head north to see shipwreck, 100ft long, wrecked at Port Linier

Paladin of the Maker, talks to me abruptly, then refers me to my commander for more information

Scan and evaluate people, carts, ship, walls.. no magic out of the ordinary detected.

Go by Port St. Joseph, talk to Silanus.. the Stygians will be released to follow other paths after the combat is over.

Head back to Crimson Flask

Sleep, awaken, magic crafting

>Head to Night Watch

Valentine reports sorties by the scouting forces with the enemy.. expect the force to arrive tonight.. ship is dismantled.. orcs were killed.. a few escaped..

Battle is engaged.. Ogre+10 orcs+1 goblin per squad

Connor displays the Living armor plates inside the Ogre after he is killed. Teaches the group how to more effectively kill them.

>Night Watch is over – Morning of Sept 3rd



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