Silence for an answer....

Early September, European Calendar; Tobi Waxing, the time of Going Forth, Stygian Civil Calendar

As the days and nights in this prison wear on, I continue to learn. This knowledge is multi-faceted…from the odd rituals and beliefs of The Deceived and Deluded to the slow gathering of the various puzzle pieces that comprise the currently gathered members of the ‘88. From the utter lack of value of what once WAS or MIGHT BE to the absolute truth of what is PRESENT..and from the ancient, roughly hewn tales of Creation’s betraying Aeons to the current, deeper mystery of devotions that frequently seem to fall short of the intended ears.

Is it possible to kill a god? Are they truly eternal principles…that must exist to ensure the balance of creation?

Can they die or are they beings that feed upon the faith, and awe, and fear of their armies and multitudes…like we, of the 88, once were? If  we were stripped of prizes we once earned and powers we once commanded…rendered low and mortal and cast down to this place of struggle and chaos…might such be engineered for the scheming things that now claim the thrones of divinity? Beyond the cold satisfaction of feeling the cooling of a foe’s blood on your face and having made right an ancient wrong…what value is there in the slaying of a god? Would power be exchanged, causing the victor to ascend as the victim falls into obscurity? Is this the reason for The Deceiver’s treachery? Did he rise to power over all other Aeons by harnessing the energy that once was the the essence of the exiled Sutekh Djet?

Upon these things I will continue to muse and study, for when I entreat the divine…I am only gifted with silence as an answer.


Very nice followup to “The defense is broken”.

Silence for an answer....

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