Spoils of War - Sewer Hags

How to Open a Box

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA
The party searches through room where the hag and “men” were killed. The room is littered with trash and filth.

A sturdy wooden table near the back of the room has alchemy equipment, hammers, broken chisels and a large chest. There is also a journal.

The journal is a leather bound diary that spans two years. It takes a couple of hours to sift through all of the entries… upon reading the diary one learns that it belongs to a courtesan named Marquet. Marquest worked at a place known as House of the Setting Sun.

The chest measures about three feet long, two feet wide, and two feet tall and weighs three hundred fifty pounds. It appears to be made of wood bound in bronze, with small bronze plates set into its back and sides; sigils and symbols are engraved upon the plates. A hefty, built-in lock is obvious at the front of the chest.

Haul the chest and the spoils of combat out of the sewer. The group draps the chest in a blanket to help hide it. As they exist the sewer they pass a pair of sewer workers preparing to decend into the sewers.

As they make their way to Jessica’s flower shop, Inali notices that they are being followed by someone. The group makes a quick turn down a street and Avari hides in a doorway as the group continues onward. Their pursuer is not seen again.

Visit Jessica to seek her aide in opening the chest. Jessica explains to the group that the sigils and symbols on the chest are related The Plagueborn. The cultists known as the Plagueborn seek to achieve the elegance and artistry of destruction through disease and pestilence. The Plagueborn also promote the accumulation of filth, rot, and decay that harbors disease. Jessica tells the group that the chest can only bring ill to those that use it and the group should destroy the chest. She also warns that the group will have major issues if the Church of England discovers the chest in their possession.

Recubo begins to feel rather ill as the groupd walks about.

Visit Glyn, Halifax & Company, and discuss storing the chest with the banker James Enthoven. Without knowing the contents the bank would not be able to insure the contents. Connor MacLaurin pays for a year’s worth of storage and takes the contract for the box.

Sell off the equipment found in the sewers.

Avari meets a student at the bardic college based out of the University of London, The Royal Academy of Speech and Lore. Leanya is a human with reddish skin and dark wet hair. Avari asks for a tour of the college but Leanya declines. She does offer to meet up with Avari at the Sand’s Mirage Ale House. The Sand’s Mirage Ale House is a local drinking and music establishment where many of the students spend their evenings. The ale house is located off Smith Street.

Visit the University of London in hopes of finding someone to open the chest. Meet with a silvery haired instructored named Drenith.

Hussle back to Glyn, Halifax & Company to retrieve the chest and then back to the university.

Drenith meets the entire party at the Hall of Alchemy, secures a small room and begins to examine the chest. Drenith comments that the chest’s symbols and sigils are of The Plagueborn. Drenith quotes a price of 900 gold pieces to open the chest. The party haggles for a while to no avail. Drenith offers to direct the group to someone that may be willing to open the chest for less due to their interest in things related to the Plagueborn. During this exchange Alwin comments that “…perhaps we should just crack his skull to get what we need…” Drenith is outraged by this comment and ushers the party out of the Hall of Alchemy.

The group returns to the Sea Tide Inn with the chest to discuss next steps….


oooops, i guess i need to make sure Alwin learns his inside voice. haha.

Spoils of War - Sewer Hags

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