Stalking an Alchemist is Paris

Monday, April 16, 1208 SA



Vhaerauns Followers have given me a task to scare a local store owner, his name is Geraud Yvon. Every time one of these dark bastards call me brother I have an urge to cut out his throat, but I resist. It will be tricky, honestly I would rather just kill the poor man and be done with this whole business.I would probably be doing him a favor. But I know better than to refuse. I have seen drow fight, they live to kill and their swordplay shows it. Soon I will be leaving and I don’t know exactly why but Paris does not feel like home to me anymore. It may be the time that we have been plunged in or the sorry state that we have been reverted to, in any case I will be happy to be travelling again. I have grown accustomed to the road and reflecting back to my prior mindset I can’t help but laugh. Now I work for the Masked One again, what could he possibly want with me?

I will need help with this assignment and I hate to admit it but the only two who will be able to really assist me is Merisiel and Sirus. I never have really trusted Merisiel, especially after the “Dagger Incident”. But with Winry gone I am limited on able companions. I will talk to them when I get back to the inn.

I’m glad the scouting mission was a success and I don’t believe the target noticed me following him to his shop today. I will discuss my plans with Sirus and Merisiel when I return to the inn. I may have to enlist the help of Kizzar as a back up plan just in case things do not go as expected, I cannot have the guards involved.

Tonight has been a reminder of why I hate and fear the drow. As a punishment for failing to complete my assigned task they have put me through a gauntlet, a series of battles that last throughout the night. I don’t know what went wrong today. Everyone had an distinct task, but something went wrong. So here I am, walking back to the inn nearly dead. I hope Inali is awake.

Stalking an Alchemist is Paris

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