The battle at the wall in Avigon

At the gates, we standby for any disturbance in the distance. We know there is goning to be an attack in Avigon, so our unit/mercenary group arms themselves at the wall preparing for the attack. Lewanna takes trust in her companion and sends him off in the distant to scout what is all is coming our way, coming back from high in the sky, I communitcate with him. He tells me a horde of orcs, goblins and orgres are on the way to pilliage the towns and break through our defenses. I yell back to my fellow commarades the information my companion has told me, and we all get ready the on coming attack.
When the hordes comes through the town, they don’t leave any stone/ home unturned everything from each home was trash and had it goods stolen from within and hte finish with what seemed like a bomb of some sort. All that I know is that the house went boom in a burst of fire and rubble. It seems as the horde came closer in they disappeared closer to the wall where our mercenary group was waiting for them. One of my fellow commarades doused one of his arrows in oil and ask another of our commarades to light his arrow to signify where the horde was to everyone else who could not see where they were.
After Eribus lit the way I shot down one of my thunderous lightning bolts hoping to hit something. Everyone was following in suit hitting where the arrow had been lodged in the ground. We all successfully hit at least one or more enemies, until they all just started to climb the wall. Which unfortunately, I got hit with an orgre’s hammer and got knocked off the wall. An enraged half-elf with an bad attitude just wanted to turn into a giant fericous animal and rip some orgre, orc and goblin’s throats out. But unfortunately, there were too many guards and civilians to be able to turn and reek havoc. So now I patiently wait for the second wave, if there is any to come in and get their lives torn away.



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