The hoard

The tide pours in.


So they come,straining at the ends of their leashes. Invisibly they approached the wall, our arrows meeting out death. Ice, lightning and fire exploding on the field.They still come. The Gray Hand holds it’s position on the wall;felling the enemy as they assault our position. We have seen our left flank destroyed by the Orcs, Ogres, and giants. Breaching the wall they jump across and are met by the throng of soldiers and mercenary bands. My attention stays to the field as I know that our strength is being probed by their forces. My songs of battle ring forth, inspiring the Gray Hand to higher strengths. We need to ration our resources to continue to hold our position. The creatures seem to have some sort of intellect which allows them to perform outside of their normal scope. I will find their secondary mind and level the field to assure our victory.



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