The time has come...

Late August, European Calendar; Khoiak Waning, 4th month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

As with many times in the past, Holy Week devotions have proven to have been transformative.  Spoken words always carry weight and power – and when properly chosen…they can undo the inertia of petty discomforts and the trivial hindrances that can pull focus away from committed tasks.

So it is with my words. Their strength and meaning, while lost on my companions, have not been missed by the Lord of Dark. Words so spoken in Holy Devotions put voice to offerings for the coming season and form an Oathbond between servant and Master.

My words now rest in the memory of Lord Set and my actions will be judged against them. I will not be found wonting.

It is now time to become more focused on the trail ahead. Bringing a god to heel proved difficult when we were many in number and at the height of our power. Now, we are a scant fraction of our former selves…and not only are we separated and at cross purpose with our former companions…we fight among ourselves. The sundered portions of our ka seek one another out for the purpose of consumption. These facts add more than mere variety to the nature and severity of our term in this prison…they give cause to casting suspicion on any and all we encounter – even those among the Faithful.  

In ancient teachings, the Darwishi Gaur stated that hardship exists only for the weak. The weak struggle because they cannot rise above the trials of the moment. In contrast, those with the strength to do so do not bend a knee to their troubles…they overcome the challenges before them. This behavior has always been the basis for rule and reign. In the realms of both men and beasts…the strong rise up on the backs of their lessers.

Esoteric studies teach that Strength is found at the point where CLARITY OF PURPOSE meets FORCE OF WILL. Clarity of Purpose allows one to pass effortlessly through situations and scenarios that do not afford benefit while maintaining the awareness to seize those opportunities that will afford advantage. And where Clarity of Purpose both armors and nourishes the mind and spirit, its counterpart, Force of Will, seeks control of physical flesh.

I will no longer be held back by the circumstances that have brought me here. Nor will I bow to those who currently hold sway in this prison. There was…and will be…a time when the mongrels that populate this place will tremble at the names through which my deeds are known.

The coming battles swell with the opportunity to begin anew. From this I will rise to glorify Lord Set and become Erebus Typhon once again!

Yweso wecat keoso. Xunewe athanatos nywe zumquros rurom veverator.
Xunewe athanatos nywe zumquros rurom orary ysgewot zuy Gururogos!.
Menhatoy dywethorosto veverator zuy zebethoos
Ysech yweso xroroseth xoneo koxese pioth oxas zaegos.


As I will, it shall be. With blood and fire I will mark my path.
With blood and fire I call the Render of the Veil
I command clearance of the path before me
That I may sweep away all that would hinder progress

Praise the Lord of War! In his name, it will be done!]



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