The work begins...

Surveying the land

As we enter the village I see a Orc step out of a building to my right. Quickly it bolt’s inside only to run out of the back with others in it’s group. I make mention of their route of egress as it m may be the area in which they return. Myself and Oliver clear the remaining buildings of many further vermin only to find filth upon filth strewn floors and walls. Erebus and I begin to make regular patrols of the area. We reform with the rest of the party to discuss how we should go about exploring the mountain pass that meets with the waterfall. The waters here are polluted with Orcs and their filth. Connor sets about to cleanse the pool. I am told that a water spirit of some sort lives here and Connor is trying to make contact with it.

Setting out to explore the tunnels leading up to the manor we find a few undead. One wearing the armor of a High Priestess and the other of an Inquisitor. Broken weapons lying around the rubble. Emrys request to have the armor and weapons of both of the fallen. Lawanna shape shifts into an earth elemental and digs through the collapsed area of the tunnel until we find a worked area of the tunnel with another undead in our path. Crushing the creature we are faced with a locked door. Emrys defeats the lock and traps and the group advances. We have to maintain our discipline in order to prevail in this element….much danger is ahead.



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