They come

Avari's song of death

The enemy comes….long has the Gray Hand waited for this day to come.As they near I hold my action until their stench fills the air. I let loose with an arrow to get the cloaked enemy to release it’s covering. The second shot to test their armor. Let the body’s hit the floo, Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor! Two arrows from Mithrind’e and their spell slinging Goblin dies, nailed to the earth which will reclaim what was formed from its essence. Upon me was one of the augmented Ogres, its Lucerne Hammer bearing down on me. Tumbling out of its reach I fired two shots which glanced off his shielding. He struck hard at my compatriot who was knocked off the wall. I jumped down to defend her. The Ogre attempted to strike again but I fired a shot from my bow;disarming the villain who was then caught by my second shot to his chest. My song and action rallied the troops who took the beast down,…asunder. They still are coming….The Gray Hand will be waiting.



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