Travelling with the Cirque De Ariel

Flights of Fancy on the way to St. Etienne

May 1 – 12, 1208 SA

Travel with the Cirque du Ariel

May 13 – 15, 1208

Arrive in Vezelay

May 16 – May 28, 1208

On the road with the circus…



We met a travelling circus not long after leaving Paris. Seeming relatively harmless we decided it would be best to travel together and share a camp. They were led by Vincent Ariel and I could tell that they were a tight knit group. There was nothing overtly special about the group but they were really good at what they did. Roan seemed to fit in quite well with the other musicians and Ariel was very interested in Inali’s abilities. After some requests and a little prodding I decided to show some of my abilities by levitating myself off the ground. I made sure not to release the true source of my power when questioned. Though the group seemed harmless, I am cautious on diverging any information on my psionic abilities. My trick seemed to catch the eye of one of the Aerialists, Germain. I spent a couple of days pursuing and wooing her, whispering in her ear, kissing her hand and saying a few love sonnets in french. All of my methods were working until I accidently dropped her from a high distance. I tried to apoligize but it was for naught. Which was for the best as I had bigger concerns. The night of the new moon was fast approaching and I would have to pay my debt to the Masked One soon. Luckily we were close to the town of Vezelay and I decided to ride ahead with the musicians and Roan to scout the area.

The night of the new moon came and disguised as Soren I sacrificed an innocent soul to Vhaeraun. This work sickens me but my soul is bound to these horrible deeds and I will not suffer the wrath of the dark god. But a miraculous thing occured, after the prayer I was able to see clearly in the dark. At first it frightened me but then I became more accostomed to the new found sight. Even in light of this new ability, my resolve is still set and I will find a way to destroy Vhaeraun.


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