Traps, Orcs and Ogres

Saturday, July 27, 1208 SA

Travel is difficult and slow through the underbrush between the trees. Kizzar keeps the group on their path eastward and just before night fall the group comes upon the road. The road is unkept and overgrown in many places.

The Gray Hand retreats from the road to make camp. After the group makes a clearing, Lewana creates a Grove of Respite.

Sunday, July 28, 1208 SA

After several hours on the twisting road, the groupd discovered a massive tree that has fallen across the road. As they approach Kizzar notices that the tree is covered in Poison Oak but knows that Poison Oak shouldn’t be growing in this type of forrest. After some investigation of the tree the group moves around and continues up the road.

A spiked pit trap opens beneath the lead members of the group, Inali and Erebus are unable to spring away and fall 50 feet to the bottom of the pit. As the group scrambles from the pit a huge tree swings and hits Erik.

Weapons are drawn and the group scans the surrounding woods for a possible attacker. Roan checks on Inali and Erebus and sees that Erebus is floating slowly up as Inali concentrates on his ascent.

Daymen spots a camouflaged stand within one of the trees and Kizzar rushes through the underbrush to investigate. After a brief search, Kizzar returns to explain that the hunting stand seemed to have had much use and some of it recent. It was filled with spoiled remains of food and bodily waste.

Inali heals herself and Erebus of the damage sustained by their fall.

They Gray Hand decides to make camp a few dozen feet away from the camouflaged stand. Lewanna prays to the goddess of the moon for a few minutes and hides the campsite. The size of the hidden campsite forces close quarters as the group squeezes together.

Erebus and Inali perform their devotions to Set. The Gray Hand performs their typical watch routine.

As Daymian and Lewanna take watch they hear noises in the underbrush and see a large number of creatures moving in the darkness. Daymian awakens everyone and they discover almost two dozen orcs and a pair of orges searching around near their campsite.

Some of the orcs make their way to the road and say in their brutish language “The tracks lead that way” and point toward the Gray Hands hidden camp site. As the orcs and orges make their way toward the camp the Gray Hand prepares for battle!

Ogre small



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