Human Fighter


Born in the great city of Rome and grew up on the streets with a close friend, Jacobi, who was a thief. Alwin was the bigger of the two and therefore the muscle whenever they got in trouble. Alwin and Jacobi sorted out a meager living stealing for food and resources.

Alwin and Jacobi were blamed for breaking into a lord’s home and stealing a magical family heirloom. The two were innocent (of this crime at least) as they were out at the time enjoying a night of gambling and drinking. The authorities did not believe Alwin or Jacobi due to their history and reputation. They were thrown into the dungeons and sold off as slaves for their crime. Alwin was purchased by a Russia agent and shipped off to Kiev to join the fighting schools their.

It is within Kiev that he honed his figthing skills and clawed his way up the ranks within the fighting pits. Winning fame and fortune for his owner, Alwin ultimately gained the notice of The 8 Lords of the Moskov Federation. It is here that he fought beside Tumek and ultimately became one of the Faithful 88.

Alwin that was reborn on the Night of Redemption. A member of the faithful 88 that sought to slay the Pontif of the Church of the Maker and destroy the Church of England.


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