RACE: Human
CLASS: Psionic Rogue


HP:60 AC:22- Touch:15- Flat:16
Init: 6 BAB: +5
Def-Fort: +2 Reflex: +9 Will :

Weapon Finesse
Iron Will
Two-Weapon Fighting
Armor Proficiency-Light
Simple Weapon Proficiency

Disable Device-15
Sense Motive-6
Sleight of hand-14

Sneak Attack-2d6
Psionic Rogue Talent:Psionic Acrobatics
Danger Sense
Expanded Knowledge


Cloud Mind
Elf Sight
Force Screen
Mind Thrust
Wall Walker

English, French, Elven, Russian, Italian, Spanish

Finger of Arwan (+1 Bane((Human)) rapier), +1 short sword, Masterwork Short sword, Short sword, 2 +2 Anarchic Daggers, Masterwork Backpack, bedroll,Climbers kit, Crowbar, +1 Chain Shirt, Explorers Outfit, Masterwork thieves tools, waterskin, hand crossbow, Shortbow, Marbles, 2 +4 arrows, Demonic Bracers, Boots of Speed, Amulet of Natural Armor, Belt of Physical Might, 40 arrows, 20 bolts, Wand of Contagion, Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths, +1 Ring of protection, Ring of Delayed Doom (2 stones), Flask of cure moderate wounds +8, Scroll with 2 spells, Leather scroll case, 2 doses of drow poison.


While living on the streets of Paris, Castiel was taken in by Nikolai Divora, a powerful Dark Elf and head priest of the the Paris strand of the church of Vhaeraun, after Nikolai learned of the boy’s special abilities. Castiel served as Nikolai’s personal servant for most of his life. During this time Castiel was taught numerous things including swordplay and how to read, write and speak in various languages. Nikolai also took a personal interest in developing Castiel’s powers, constantly testing him. When he came of age Castiel was inducted into priesthood. In order to enforce the will of Vhaeraun and cause chaos in Paris without repercussions from the Hall of Justice, Nikolai bestowed the mantle of Death’s Hand onto Castiel.

Under the guise of Death’s Hand, Nikolai would often send Castiel on missions to collect “tithes” and to punish those who spoke ill of Vhaeraun or the church. For years Death’s Hand terrorized Paris. But as the Maker’s followers grew in numbers the church of Vhaeraun was destroyed and Nikolai was cast out of Paris. So Castiel traveled back to Kiev with him and what was left of the congregation. Angered at this new god for halting his corruption of the surface, Vhaeraun demanded Nikolai to assist Arwan in the Maker’s destruction. Nikolai obeyed and offered Castiel as a gift to Arwan. After various trials, Arwan accepted Castiel and blessed him with the Finger of Arwan, a blade specifically designed to kill more efficiently. So it was that Castiel joined the Faithful 88 as Death’s Hand.

After spending some time in London, Castiel learns he is being hunted by an anti-psionic group. He asks Avari if he has heard of such a group, but the bard does not remember the organizations name. Though he does recall another group who opposed them. So after discussing the situation with the rest of the party, Castiel convinces them to leave London in hopes of finding allies who may assist Castiel in defeating this mysterious group.

While on their way to Paris they run into another sect of the Chaos Cult and Alwin perishes in the ensuing battle. Trying to preserve the body as much as they could, the party raced to Paris in hopes of reviving their now dead comrade. Once in Paris, Castiel convinced the church to bring Alwin back. But the price of this feat, would be a debt to the church. The party left Paris but were brought back by a dwarf collecting the payment that was promised to the church. The group learns that they will be assisting the capture of one of the Chaos Cults generals. But due to unfortunate circumstances, Castiel and the party became lost in the labyrinth of underground tunnels. Castiel gets kidnapped on their way back, but is quickly found. After waking up in a new environment still underground, Castiel freaks out and insults a female Drow and her Dwarf companion. After a hard battle the party makes the dark elf flee, but Castiel loses his life in the process. The party search for the escaped Drow but to no avail and decides to leave the tunnels once and for all. They take Castiels body back to the Church of the Maker in Paris but could not convince the priests to resurrect Castiel. The Group finally decides on taking his body to the worshippers Vhaeraun, after considering many different avenues. Castiel is brought back to life with the cost of his soul. Now feeling defeated, Castiel has a new goal. To free his soul from the clutches of the dark god…..


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