Erik Vinter

Dwarf Fight of the Faithful 88


Name: Erik Vinter
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Race: Dwarf
Age: 25
Height: 4ft
Weight: 270lb
Skin: Brown


Before The Day of ReAwakening…Fighting the Church of the Maker, Kiev, The Faithful Erik walks down the dirt road he reminisces on his past. Born a Bastard child is typical among the Dwarves which inherited his last name “Vinter” the Norwegian word for Winter, the customary bastard last name of the region. At a young age he was sent away for military training in Russia where he spent several years on the front lines traveling between the Taiga forest of Russian, the volcanic mountains of Northern Asia and north through the Siberian plains and into Mongolia. Erik left the military life behind and spend several years in Mongolia with the Dwarven Clans of the Tavan Bogd Mountains before returning to Kiev where he joined the Faithful 88 and their cause against the Church of the Maker. Erik fought alongside his comrades to bring down the Church until he was caught the wake of the magic that somehow sent the 88 back in time.

Rumblings in a Dwarf’s Mind

The test of a shield is in the way it withstands battle.
The test of an ale is in how it ages in the barrel.
The test of an arch is in how long it stands up.
The test of an individual is in how long he lives.
- Dwarf proverb

The blades of enemies may steal your old age;
Thieves may steal your gold;
Slander may steal your reputation;
But skill, once learned, you keep forever.
- Dwarf proverb

Gold cannot buy lost honour, nor craft repair it.
- Dwarf proverb

Tradition must be respected, for it is the voice of your ancestors.
- Dwarf proverb

Erik Vinter

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