Female Elf Rogue


Short and lithe Merisel has pale skin, hazel eyes and amber colored hair.


A native of Kiev that was reborn on the Night of Redemption. A member of the faithful 88 that sought to slay the Pontif of the Church of the Maker and detroy the Church of England.

As a native of Kiev Merisiel’s life experiences have taught her to enjoy things to their fullest as they occur, since it’s impossible to tell when the good times might end.

Never the sharpest knife in the drawer, Merisiel makes up for this by carrying at least a dozen of them on her person. She hasn’t met a problem yet that can’t, in one way or another, be solved with things that slice. While she’s always on the move and working on her latest batch of plots for easy money, in the end it comes down to being faster than everyone else—either on her feet, or with her beloved blades. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Loves the deep dark greens of the forest even though it was well into her 50th year before she saw her first tree.


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