Fey Fighter Sorcerer


Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline )2/ Fighter 1
Str:12 Dex:15 Con:10 Int:10 Wis:10 Cha:17
HP:25 AC:15
Initiative: + 2
BAB:+ 2
Defenses- Fort: + 2 Reflex: + 2 Will :+ 3

Skills – Trained:
Bluff: 7
Diplomacy: 7
Intimidate: 7
Spellcraft: 4
Survival: 4
Use magic device: 7

Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Finess
Skill Focus (Half-Elf adapatability feat)Skill Focus:(diplomacy)
All Armor Proficiencies (Fighter)
All Weapon Proficiencies (Fighter)
Shield Proficiency (Fighter)
Eschew Materials (Sorcerer bonus Feat)

Special Abilities:
Half-Elf abilities:
+ 2 to compulsion school DCs.
Elf blood (both elf and human)
Elven immunities( immune to magic sleep, + 2 saves vs enchantments)
Keen senses (+ 2 perception skill checks)
Laughing touch (6 x/day)
Multitalented (2 favored classes) (sorcerer and fighter)

0 level:
Acid Splash
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Read Magic

1st level:
Mage Armor

Cast Per Day:
0 level: unlimited
1st level: 5


Recubo is a half elf male, a little more than 6 feet tall and looks like a handsome young explorer. His clothes are faded and brown from his years spent on the road, but for some reason they do not look shaby or worn. He is extreamly charming and has been able to talk his way out of more situations than his fighting ability has been able to get him out of. He is good looking in an outdoorsy sort of way and enjoys socializing at bars more than the solitary contemplations of his elven ancestors.

He is a very versatile combatant, combining magic and weapon training to be a combatant who is hard to pin down to anyone role. His preferer method of fighting is to use magic to augment his fighting abilities, and most of his spells are designed to do this. His magic does not come from any study or schooling that Recuba has undertaken, but rather from an intrinsic ability of his that flows from the fey origins of his ancestors. If asked, he probably could not explain how he does the things he does, only that the magic does what he wants.

Underneath his charm, talking, and easy going nature however, is a burning hate directed at the church of England. Recuba found himself as a member of the 88, not through any idealogical devotion to the group, but rather as a vehicle to express his rage. A long time ago, the Church of England killed his family and tribe, while on one of its fey extermination missions in north Wales. Recuba was away with an Uncle on a monster slaying expedition at the time and found out about the genocide when he returned. He vowed revenge and eventually found himself a member of the 88. His desire for revenge has not abated because of the temporary destruction of the 88, and he views his second chance to destroy the Church of the Maker as the forces of the Feywyld manifesting within him.

Recubo will use any methods at his disposal to destroy the church, though his prefered methods involve spycraft and diplomacy over brute force. He IS a fighter at heart, but knows that only with his words and intelligence can he achieve his ultimate goal.

A servant of The Lords of the Moskov Federation that was reborn on the Night of Redemption. A member of the faithful 88 that sought to slay the Pontif of the Church of the Maker and detroy the Church of England.


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