Halg-Ogre Two Handed Fighter


Like most of his race he was bred to be an efficient killing machine. A towering jaugernaught that moves as if he were not wearing his plate armor.

7’6" tall and 310 pounds of solid muscle.


Brutally powerful and swift, Tumek can always be found at the forefront of a battle. Tumek weilds his war mattock with masterful effeciency. His Devastating Blow attack has been known to daze the heartiest of enemies.

Tumek’s beauty does not lie within his looks but instead can be found in the sweeping blows of his weapon. One would expect some with Ogre blood running through his veins that he would be a savage uncalculating fighter. One must assume that to rise from the pit of despare that is the Orge slave pit, he must also have keen intelligence and wisdom (even if it is limited to the realm of killing).

A native of Kiev that was reborn on the Night of Redemption. A member of the faithful 88 that sought to slay the Pontif of the Church of the Maker and detroy the Church of England.

He is the fiercly loyal bed mate of Elenochka.

Doesn’t put much faith in Railty and his bubling concoctions.

Other associates: Kael Sylali


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