Exploring the House of the Setting Sun - Part 3
To find the key to the Plague Born's Box

Tuesday, October 9, 1207 SA

Location London.

As Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Connor MacLaurin and Inali explore the brothel they are engulfed by Deep Darkness . They brace for battle as the expect the daemon to descend upon them. Fight and kill the earth bound daemon.

Search, search, search, find the second part of the amulet.

Use the amulet to move the statue of the fat man. Rest, heal, and move the fat man’s statue.

As Avari drops through the membrane, Vegas Haines warns the party that an Arcane alarm was just set off.

In the basement the group discovers….

  • Chest 1: This six-foot-long chest bears the inscription: “Twinned weapons sure to deal death to the oppressor angels.” It contains two bastard swords.
    Chest 2: A chest four feet long carries this inscription: “A blade to slice the flesh of any foe of freedom.” The chest contains a long sword that has a blade with a purple hue.
  • Chest 3: A narrow chest eight feet long bears these words: “This is sure to pierce the heart of an overwhelmed tyrant.” It contains a black-shafted, red-tipped spear
  • Chest 4: A small chest, three feet long, is marked with the following admonition: “Hear the word of chaos, fools, and despair.” It contains a two-foot-long rod with a skull on one end.
  • Chest 5: This small chest has inscribed upon it the words: “Tools of the fearsome chaos priest.” It contains a scroll, two pinches of dust of chaotic warding and a real human skull, well preserved and covered with symbols of chaos and other arcane runes
  • Chest 6: Another small chest bears this inscription: “No chains can bind us, and no lock can resist the magic of this key of freedom.” It contained the Chaos All-Key. Looks like a normal key, although as one examines it, the key subtly changes shape. It morphs constantly in this fashion. Was used to open the Plague Born’s Box.

As the group exists, a female voice speaks out from the thing fog and says “Return the weapons that you have stolen!”

They are assualted by several heavily armored figures that make their way out of the thick fog. The group includes Cavia the Night Stalker, Darrius The Corruptor, Rachelle Smith, and several others.

The Plague Born’s Box

  • Leather bandoleer with 8 slots and 2 purple hued steel Daggers +2 Anarchic
  • Bastard Sword (+ 2 Arnarchic ) purple hued steel, stained leather grip is frayed and worn
  • Brown Leather Cloak, stained, + 2 Protection
  • 8 arrows +4, ash wood with cold steel arrow heads, wrapped in hair
  • Bone wand with carved sigils, Contagion with 40 charges
  • Wooden box, 4” x 3” x 4” with 2 x Bronze Ring, pitted and stained with patina (Ring of Protection + 2 ) and 2 x Tarnished Silver Ring missing 7 stones and two red gems (Ring of Delayed Doom 2 Stone )
  • Leather book, Book of Faceless Hate, many sheets of parchment, arcane writings, notes in English, multiple handwritings
  • Book, wrapped in thick yellow cloth, stained leather cover and pages are an oily parchment filled with arcane writing. Contains the following spells: 0 – Bleed, Touch of Fatigue, Read Magic ; 1st – Ray of Sickening, Protection from Law ; 2nd – Ghoul Touch; 3rd – Magic Circle Against Law; 5th – Plague Carrier
  • 2 Slabs of etched alabaster, wrapped in thick purple cloth. The etchings are arcane writing. Contains the following Words of Power: Alignment Shield (Alignment); Alignment Assault (Alignment); Spook (Fear)

Hundreds of Platinum Pieces

Chaos Cult

Exploring the House of the Setting Sun - Part 2
To find the keys to the Plague Born's Box

The adventure continues with the group exploring the brothel in search of the key to open the Plague Born’s box.

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Location: London .

Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Connor MacLaurin, Inali, Kizzar O’Siren and Vegas Haines continue their search of the House of the Setting Sun.

With Castiel and Alwin on a lower level, Connor, Inali, Kizzar, Vegas and Avari make their way through the brothel to find their companions. Castiel and Alwin decide to explore the near by rooms. Alwin is attached by several skeletons in dresses armed with short swords and short bows. The others hear the sounds of the combat and rush to their aide. After a few momements the group pounds five of the skeletons into broken pieces. One of the dead women bolts away and exits through a hidden door. Avari yells, “CHASE HER DOWN KIZZAR!” Kizzar, Alwin and Avari quickly pursue the woman through the house. Kizzar keeps pace and strikes out at the skeleton each time she tries to escape.

The skeleton leaps down to the next level with Kizzar, Alwin and Avari in hot pursuit. She shimmies down a narrow crevice to reach the next level and only Kizzar and Avari are able to follow [Alwin’s large armored form would have certainly become wedged in the narrow space]. Just before the woman makes her way into one of the chambers Kizzar strikes a killing blow. In addition to a collection of short swords and bows the group finds a tarnished silver necklace.

While explore yet another bedroom the group finds a ledger that lists clients of the House of the Setting Sun. The bedroom contains a porcelain tub with a few inches of fetid water.

Tuesday, October 9, 1207 SA

Rest and after using furniture to block the exits. During the night Alwin hears “CHAOS IS THE KEY…”

Avari and Inali heal the others with a song and by calling on the spirits of the wind.

After spending a few hours reviewing the ledger, Alwin realizes that the writing matches the writing found in Marquet’s Journal.

Visit the statue of the naked fat man and try saying “Choas” to hopefully make him move. No luck. Kizzar hacks at the statue to see if it can be damaged and succeeds in chipping away a bit of the stone.

Continue to explore the brothel. Discover an entrance to yet another tower. As Avari opens the door to exit the tower a ghostly figure reaches out to touch him. The ghost suppresses Avari’s will and takes over his body. With a rage filled face Avari’s body turns and fires an arrow at Connor MacLaurin.

The ghost exits Avari’s body once Avari is knocked unconcious. A battle ensues in the hallway. Inali notices that the ghost where the symbol of the Church of England. Circle of runes, soul draining touch, the ghost fades away howling.

Inali revives Avari.

The group return to the tower where they battled the daemon. As they climb the stairs all goes dark (Déjà vu ) and the group prepares for battle …

Exploring the House of the Setting Sun
To find the keys to the Plague Born's Box

The adventure continues with Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Connor MacLaurin, Inali, Kizzar O’Siren, Penelope and Vegas Haines exploring the brothel in search of the key to open the Plague Born’s box.

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Location: London .

A voice resonnates through each of the rooms within the House of the Setting Sun and says, “I HUNGER…”

As Kizzar exits one of the towers he spots a two headed creature with three arms standing on a bridge that leads to another tower. He/It has two heads, three arms (one of which ends in claws), and two legs. Strange tubes and pipes are woven throughout its body, but much of him looks held together with metal stitches and even some screws, bolts, and pins. The two headed man was wearing a pendant that radiates a faint aura of transmutation. The pendant is a half circle made of iron.

Explore a room with magic circles and symbols are painted and carved on or into nearly every surface of the room, making one’s initial entrance a dizzying experience. Connor MacLaurin examines the symbols and determines that they all have to do with summoning demons, summoning evil power, and dedicating souls to specific purposes
He also notes that one symbol on the wall means “secrets.”

Alwin kicks in a door to a former library and is chased out by a swarm of rats. Penelope is bitten but the group manages to hack, burn, freeze and stomp enough of the rats to disperse the swarm.

As the continue to explore, they reach a balcony with a set of wide stares that lead up into the darkness. Out of the darkness bound a pair of fierce ebony dogs. Moments after a a winged and horned creature with a daemonic visage swoops down into the midst of the party.

A silent battle against an Earth Bound Daemon and the pair of shadowy hounds in complete darkness. Vegas is knocked unconsious and there is some question about many of the blows that were delivered in the silent and dark chaos that surrounded the party.

Demon small

Battered, bruised and tired, the group contempletes resting. As the explore one of the balconies Alwin unexpectantly flings himself off the balcony. Penelope reaches out to catch him but has not hope of hauling back Alwin and his plate armor. The short fall to the next level leaves Alwin and the rest of the party very confused. Looking up from the overgrown rooftop garden, Alwin explains that he felt compelled to jump after looking at a alabaster plaque.

Visiting the House of the Setting Sun
To find the keys to the Plague Born's Box

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Location: London .

Awakened by Kael’s insistent pounding on their door the group of adventurers are reunited with Vegas Haines.

Castiel attempts to open the Plague Born’s box and has his thieve’s tools crumble into a pile of metal filings.

After determining that the Marquet’s Journal contains some clues on how to potentially open the Plage Born’s box the group (Alwin, Avari, Castiel, Inali, Kael and Vegas) make their way to find the brothel. A quick discussion with a grizzly old man at the docks, the group learns that the House of the Setting Sun has been closed for a few years and was located across the Thames River. The brothel could be reached after a long walk past the bath houses.

Many of the buildings that the group passes are boarded up, in a state of disrepair, burned out or filled with obvious squatters. The denizens of the streets are a sorry lot or people that are obviously down on their luck or seedy characters avoiding the locales north of the river. The cobble stone streets are in disrepair with weeds growing between the cracked stones. Open fires burn in crude fire pits on many street corners providing some light to break the darkness.

“Mind you own business!” a man pulling a heaven laden cart growls to Kizzar O’Siren when Kizzar asks about what the man was doing.

After a few hours of asking around and manuevering through the dilapidated area of London’s lower south side, the party finds the House of the Setting Sun. The group is amazed when the come to the location of the brothel. The high stone walls and multiple towers are not what the group was expecting. After a cursory walk around the outskirts, the group enters the open arched doorway.

The courtyard they enter has a roof the is two stories above their heads, an entrance that leads to another room and a ladder that leads to small ledge. On the ledge Alwin discovers a slime rimmed well. He drops a coin and hears the clink of the coin striking the bottom of the well.

Alwin leads the way through the open entrance to the next room and two fire bombs are dropped from above and explode at his feat. As the bombs fall, a half man/half rat bears down on Alwin with his claws. Avari and Castiel scale the walls to reach the ambushers from above. The others quickly discovers a set of stairs and Kizzar O’Siren and Inali rush up to try and discover the attackers from above.

The ratmen succumb to the group’s blades while one dies from a fall caused by Avari pulling him from his perch. On the dead bodies they discover a few silver coins.

This chamber leads past a trio of doors and past a thick curtain (which the group tears down). Within the next room ther is a metal stair case that leads up and a large statue of a naked man with his arms outstretched. As Vegas Haines approaches a voices booms out from the statue “COME TO ME…”. Avari sings a song which causes an area of silence while Vegas attempts to determine what type of magic caused the voice. The statue is life size, and the figure’s pose and expression show a confident smirk. The statue stands on a round platform three inches high and four feet across.

After many minutes searching the room the party is only able to determine that the base of the statue moves in some way. A series of scratches in the floor are the key indicator that the statue has been moved many times but the group can’t come up with a way to move the statue.

Alwin kicks open the first of the trio of doors and discovers an opulent bedroom with silk covered beads, beautiful paintings and a pair of beautiful women. The women say “Ah a customer… please come and sample our sensual delights” as the saunter over and reach out to caress Alwin’s face. Alwin says “STOP” but the women keep coming and he draws his long sword to strike. As Alwin swings the image of the luxurious room and the beautiful women fades and is replaced by a horrific scene. The women are emaciated with tattered clothing, long claws and wild stringy hair. Their faces are twisted with hatred and their eyes glow with an unsettling white luminessence. Avari, Castiel and Inali cower in fear, unable to move, as a wave of terror overcomes their wills.

Kizzar rushes into the room to aid Alwin in battling the women while Vegas fires from outside with his cross bow. Avari, Castiel and Inali join the fight after several seconds and the group manages to defeat the hideous women. The jewelry box within the room contians several pieces of jewelry. The paintings on the wall show a scene of many people within a brothel engaged in carnal acts. Upon closer inspection many of the people in the paintings are deformed or sickly. Inali calls upon the spirts of the wind to heal those that need healing.

The other two doors are bashed in my Alwin and two additional bedrooms are discovered. These are dusty, unused and empty. Near the end of the hall Alwin fails to kick in a fourth door but the group discovers that it was unlocked. The door leads to a small empty chamber with another exit. The door leads to one of the brothels towers. A wooden ladder in the floor leads up to another floor. The tower extends up four floors with a wooden ladder leading up to each of the next floors. The fourth floor is the roof top and the floor is covered with teh bones of many small animals. Upon inspection the group guesses that they are the bones of hundreds of birds and rats. The group can see the darkened silouettes of buildings below. This level of the tower contains a table and three chairs, all wooden and rickety but usable. Three objects sit on the table, covered in cobwebs: a glass jar; a short, fat candle on a copper plate; and a book. The jar is filled with a yellow liquid.

Vegas inspects the items and discovers that the book and jar are magical. After closer inspection he discovers that the jar is a living creature that has been polymorphed into the shape of the jar and that the book has some type of power to physically enhance a person. Upon closer inspection, Vegas is shocked to feel his intellect being drained by the book.

The group pauses here to consider their next actions…

Spoils of War - Sewer Hags
How to Open a Box

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA
The party searches through room where the hag and “men” were killed. The room is littered with trash and filth.

A sturdy wooden table near the back of the room has alchemy equipment, hammers, broken chisels and a large chest. There is also a journal.

The journal is a leather bound diary that spans two years. It takes a couple of hours to sift through all of the entries… upon reading the diary one learns that it belongs to a courtesan named Marquet. Marquest worked at a place known as House of the Setting Sun.

The chest measures about three feet long, two feet wide, and two feet tall and weighs three hundred fifty pounds. It appears to be made of wood bound in bronze, with small bronze plates set into its back and sides; sigils and symbols are engraved upon the plates. A hefty, built-in lock is obvious at the front of the chest.

Haul the chest and the spoils of combat out of the sewer. The group draps the chest in a blanket to help hide it. As they exist the sewer they pass a pair of sewer workers preparing to decend into the sewers.

As they make their way to Jessica’s flower shop, Inali notices that they are being followed by someone. The group makes a quick turn down a street and Avari hides in a doorway as the group continues onward. Their pursuer is not seen again.

Visit Jessica to seek her aide in opening the chest. Jessica explains to the group that the sigils and symbols on the chest are related The Plagueborn. The cultists known as the Plagueborn seek to achieve the elegance and artistry of destruction through disease and pestilence. The Plagueborn also promote the accumulation of filth, rot, and decay that harbors disease. Jessica tells the group that the chest can only bring ill to those that use it and the group should destroy the chest. She also warns that the group will have major issues if the Church of England discovers the chest in their possession.

Recubo begins to feel rather ill as the groupd walks about.

Visit Glyn, Halifax & Company, and discuss storing the chest with the banker James Enthoven. Without knowing the contents the bank would not be able to insure the contents. Connor MacLaurin pays for a year’s worth of storage and takes the contract for the box.

Sell off the equipment found in the sewers.

Avari meets a student at the bardic college based out of the University of London, The Royal Academy of Speech and Lore. Leanya is a human with reddish skin and dark wet hair. Avari asks for a tour of the college but Leanya declines. She does offer to meet up with Avari at the Sand’s Mirage Ale House. The Sand’s Mirage Ale House is a local drinking and music establishment where many of the students spend their evenings. The ale house is located off Smith Street.

Visit the University of London in hopes of finding someone to open the chest. Meet with a silvery haired instructored named Drenith.

Hussle back to Glyn, Halifax & Company to retrieve the chest and then back to the university.

Drenith meets the entire party at the Hall of Alchemy, secures a small room and begins to examine the chest. Drenith comments that the chest’s symbols and sigils are of The Plagueborn. Drenith quotes a price of 900 gold pieces to open the chest. The party haggles for a while to no avail. Drenith offers to direct the group to someone that may be willing to open the chest for less due to their interest in things related to the Plagueborn. During this exchange Alwin comments that “…perhaps we should just crack his skull to get what we need…” Drenith is outraged by this comment and ushers the party out of the Hall of Alchemy.

The group returns to the Sea Tide Inn with the chest to discuss next steps….

Losing and Gaining a Comrade
and the Death of a Priest

Wednesday, October 4, 1207 SA
A hail of arrows streak in from the darkness at Castiel, Kizzar O’Siren, Recubo and Peter. Out of the darkness step ten men. The leader of the group shouts “Drop your weapons, you are outnumbered and surrounded.” Not worried about the odds Peter and Kizzar barrell sword first into the men.

Avari and Inali who were standing guard over their captive hear the sounds of a larger battle. They rush forward to join the battle but have about 3 long bow shots of ground to cover.

The leader of the men is a skilled fighter who consistently hacks and jabs his way past Peter’s guard. His blows batter Peter to the edge of unconsciousness as Kizzar comes to his aide to battle against the leader. This assistance comes to late and the next blow to Peter sends him beyond death’s door.

Inali and Avari join the battle. Avari fires his bow from the edge of the battle and Inali calls upon the Spirits of the Wind to harm and harry their foes.

With the aide of Castiel, Kizzar is able to dispatch the leader. Many of the men quickly begin to fall to the party’s swords and magic. As the tide turns three of the men flee into the darkness and escape the party.

In the aftermath the group discovers that while the band of men wear no uniform colors the each wear a stone torq with a black star on a gray background. The group awakens their captive an begin to question him.

The captive warns “There are many more of us, the others will come when they realize that I have been gone too long.” When asked why he was spying on the group, the captive responds “We saw your camp fire and came to take a look. We wanted to make sure bandits wouldn’t be sneaking up on us in the night.” When asked about the torq he replied “This is the symbol of our god, Arwan , who sees souls safely into the afterlife”

The questioning deteriorates into an argument and Kizzar O’Siren performs a coup de grâce on the captive.


Thursday – Friday, October 5-6, 1207 SA

The journey back to London through the swamp is uneventful. The Way Station provides a reprieve from sleeping on the road.

Saturday, October 7, 1207 SA

The main road entering London is lined with criminals locked away in cages. These criminals are left to live out their sentence until they die. It is within on of these cages that the party discover one of the Faithful 88, Kael. After a hurried conversation the party vows to return and free Kael from his cage.

Just after sunset Avari and Castiel free Kael from his cage and sneak back into the city through the sewers.

Kael shares the story of his reawakening. He awakend in a small village a few weeks walk north of London. After regaining his strength, Kael embarked on a killing spree putting the twenty or so inhabitants of the village to the knife. These initial sacrifices to Vhaeraun were weak souls and only gave Kael a trifling amount of power. He traveled south to London with a trail of blood in his wake.

Once in London, Kael began plotting the demise of The Church of England. Certainly the sacrifice of their priests would please Vhaeraun and help to lift this curse. During his first attempt to capture a priest he was capture by one of their unholy warriors and condemned to spend the rest of his days in a cage.


Sunday, October 7, 1207
Visit Jessica to let her know that they group successfully left Alice in Willow Wood. Jessica expresses her gratitude to the party.

Kael convinces the party that by capturing and sacrificing a priest of the Maker he can gain some insight into their collective plight. Alwin, Castiel, Inali, Avari and Recubo wander the streets near the docks in search of a priest. Ultimately, they come across an alms house where The Church of the Maker feeds the needy. A single priest is give food to a group of men and proselytizing the bounty of the Maker. Recubo befuddle’s the priest’s mind and gets the priest to follow the group. Once out of view of the alms house the party waylays the priest, knock him unconcious and strip him of his vestments. Avair dons the vestments and drops the torq of Arwan to hopefully put anyone investigating the kidnapping onto a false trail.

The group takes the priest into the sewers to the place where they killed the second hag. With limit ceremony Kael slays the priest. Unfortunately, the brief ritual doesn’t give Kael the insight he prayed to receive. Kael informs the group that a more complex ritual with more potent sacrifices is necessary.

Monday, October 8, 1207 SA

Visit the Red Shield and learn about the third hag

Into the sewers again with guidance of a map provided by Tyden the group goes on the hunt for a third hag.

The party comes to a flooded section of the sewers that they must cross to continue. This 15 foot across chamber is filled with sewer water and trash. Kizzar and Castiel leap across and ponder how to get the rest of the team across. They notice a set of rings hammered into the wall at about waist height.

As the party discusses their options, a voice yells from the darkness “Turn around and go back on your way or this will be a really bad mornin’ for ya!” Paying no head to the warning Kizzar O’Siren and Castiel rush forward.

Alwin and Inali jump into the pit filled with sewer water and try to swim across. They each begin to sink to the bottom of the pit. Recubo summons an octopus to help drag the feeble swimmers across the chamber.

Recubo creates a sphere of light in the hallway ahead and the scene of battle is apparent to all. The party kills the 4 human guards and the hag in the ensuing battle. During the battle two of the humans transform into beastial humanoids with sharpend fangs, elongated snouts and clawed hands.

To Willow Wood
To Hide a Child

Sunday, October 1, 1207 SA

Arlyn awakes the characters in the early hours of the morning. At the request of Jessica, Arlyn has sought out the party to escort someone out of the city.

Alice and her son William are to take refuge in the town of Willow Wood to hide them from the church. The Church has been persistent in their requests to sequester the infant William at one of the The Church’s monasteries. The Church offered to compensate the family and see that William gained many skills that would prove important in life.

The Church became insistant and Alice’s father came to blows with the priests. Alice fled into the night and sought out Jessica for help.

Visit Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous Goods to get some salve to protect against the bugs in the swamp. As they enter the shop everyone is struck by a flood of old memories, sights, sounds, tastes and feelings. Meet with Railty, Peter and Maurice who agree to accompany the group on the mission. Purchase some Lemon Grass Oil to fight off the insects.

Arlyn, sneaks the party through the city, into a warehouse and into the sewers. From the sewers through a locked grate the group exits south of the city. This begins the four day trek to Willow Wood.

Travel down the king’s highway is slow with Alice and William. Just beyond the walls of the city, the land turns to wet lands and then to marshes.

Monday, October 2, 1207 SA

Just past mid day the group rests at a way station. The way station provides some shelter from the wind, a dry spot to rest, fresh water and a fire pit.

Castiel is startled during watch by a cry for help and a dim light off in the distance. After waking the rest of the party, Castiel is chastized for worring about swamp gas. With grumbles, everyone beds down again and drifts off to sleep.

Castiel once again sees hears the cry for help and the dim light. When the party awakes, the light still glows in the distance. Peter wades out into the quagmire with a rope tied about his waist to investigate. The light flashes and transforms into a horrific face. A fight againdt the Wil O’Wisp goes quickly and the group dispactes the swamp horror.

Tuesday, October 3, 1207 SA
Meet a pair of travelling priests of the Maker. Worried that the priests may be trouble, the group quickly head on their way by cutting the conversation short.

Wednesday, October 4, 1207 SA

Reach Willow Wood, a small farming and lumber community. As the group walks through the central street of the town they meet one of Alice’s old friends. Then to the woods on the outskirts of town to meet Tamarien.

Tamerien’s face darkens when Avari gives him the token provided by Jessica. Tamerien shares that this token is an omen of dark tidings.

The group decides to leave and march on into the night in hopes of getting ahead of any rumors about Alice’s return.

While on watch Castiel and Inali spot a pair of shadowy forms lurking near camp. As they wake the rest of the group, the forms begin to skulk off into the night. Kizzar O’Siren quickly pursues and a running battle ensues. The first stalker is quickly knocked unconcious, Inali calls upon the spirits of the Wind to stabilize him for questioning while Avari ties him up.

After almost a minute of hot pursuit and fighting Kizzar strikes a blow which drops their quarry. Castiel, Railty and Maurice approach the fallen body to discover more… a hail of arrows fall upon the characters.

Avari's Wounds Fester
How to Save a Friend

Saturday, September 6, 1207 SA

Avari awakes with a severly high fever, is dizzy and weak… Corda of Red Shield Company suggests that an Apothecary, The Church of the Maker or a healer are the best options to help find some relief from his fever. Corda says that the fever is beyond her means to help.

Nestled between a Forum and an Armory you will find Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous Goods. A bright canopy overhangs the entry way and a brightly painted mechanical sign. The sign has several brightly colored orbs that circle a central sphere. The orbs shift colors as you watch. Jacob Kay (human, with long ebony hair, 6’ tall, slim build, leather apron, silk white shirt with ruffled sleeves, high leather boots, and leather pants) is the purveyor of Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous goods. Is easily moved to tears and picks his teeth nervously. Jacob’s price is out of the adventurer’s price range.

St. Benedict’s Alm House and Hospital of London is a place of healing and refuge is located south east of the Cathedral of The Maker in the South Central area of London. The Alm House & Hospital is on the corner of King William and Grace Church Street. The Alm House houses hundreds of Londons poor and the hospital treats the devout worshippers of the Maker. Also has a Priory of 40 monks. The Alm House serves dinner just after evening service.

The monks wear a black tunic, tied around the waist with a cloth white cloth. Over the tunic is a scapula. A scapula is a garment consisting of a long wide piece of black woollen cloth worn over the shoulders with an opening for the head; A cowl is attached to the scapula (the cowl is the hood worn especially by a monk ). The front of the scapula is secured with a small piece of rectangular cloth that snapped the sides together. The monks provide Avari with a set of prayers to say each night that they say will help to heal his body.

The healer is located at the Lady’s Mantle Flower Shop. Jessica that helps many of the poor and destitute in South Thames. She and her husband Arlyn, a half elf, have a floral and herb shop. The shop has a makeshift infirmary in the basement and Jessica and Arlyn make their home in the shop’s two upper floors. Patrons for the infirmary utilize the back entrance of the shop. Karl, Jessica’s elderly father works in the shop and is very protective of Jessica and harkens back to the “old days” when a man could worship the old ones in peace. There is a multitier, rooftop garden where she cultivates flowers extends over the alley behind the shop.

Jessica listens to Recuba’s tale and plea for help. Recuba expresses his disdane for the church and their monotheistic ways. Jessica offers to lend some temporary assistance and will perform a healing ritual if the party travels with her husband to secure the necessary components. The group is to return on the next night to undergo the ritual. And awair Arlyn’s return in about three days.

Kizzar O’Siren, Connor MacLaurin and Inalitravel across the River Thames in the southern part of London, to find Myra’s Healing Emporium. It is said that within this building that looks as if it was transported from the streets of Rome one my be healed by magical baths. A beautiful golden skinned couple tries to entice the party to come into the baths to experience the healing wonders. The man offers to have Elyssia, the woman, accompany the adventurers to their hotel to retrieve their sick friend. They decline the offer.

Nightmares of the hag!

Sunday, September 7, 1207 SA

Red Shield Company assignment of crowd control for the morning service at the Cathedral of The Maker. Castiel spreads word in the crowd that the food the church is providing is poisoned. Castiel manages to convice a few people to leave but as he is working the crowd a heavily armed member of the church strides directly toward him. As the crowd parts for the church official, Castiel manages to disappear in the crowd and avoids the encounter.

That night the group visits Jessica to participate in the ritual. Jessica performs a ritual of Binding Sacrifice to temporarily heal Avari. This ritual links the adventures, weakens some and strengthens Avari. She warns that the binding will only last until the full moon fades at the end of the month.

Monday, September 8, 1207 SA

Await Arlyn’s return….

Look for the sewer cleaners, meet a bureaucrat that says it will take a day or so to determine who was working a specific part of the sewers.

Tuesday, September 9, 1207 SA

Meet Arylyn

Wednesday, September 10, 1207 SA

Depart with Arylyn to find items for the healing ritual

September 11 – 12, 1207 SA


September 13, 1207 SA

More nightmares of the hag

September 14 – 18, 1207 SA

Seach for items for the healing ritual… find the items.

September 19 – 27, 1207 SA

Trip back to London

Saturday, September 28, 1207 SA

Healing Ritual by Jessica

Look for the sewer cleaners, discover from The Red Shield Company that a creature matching the hag’s description was seen in another part of the sewere. After securing a map the group heads to the sewers to find the hag.

Defeat the hag while she was dancing around a fire, discover totems for each of the party members. The totems have hair and torn pieces of fabric, cloth and leather that most likely came from the adventurer’s possesions.

More of London

59 degrees, cloudy

September 4 – 5, 1207 SA
The adventurers continue to learn more about London and the lay of the land.

Captain Markard of the Red Shield Company keeps the party employed with some mundane guard duty during the day. Nothing as exciting as the first assignment in the sewers but the 3SP per day help to offset living costs.

Members of the group pursue some of their personal goals by day and night. The narrow streets of London, near the Thames become more familiar.

London street at night

Learning London
Into The Sewers

September 2, 1207

The adventurers have selected London as their initial base of operations. The city of London is the largest in the British Empire and the central church of The Maker. In the seedy Seatide Boarding House, between Lower Thames Street and East Cheap Street, the adventure continues…

Connor awakens and wonders, " Who were the dead elderly people, that washed ashore with us in Green Rock ? "

The adventures travel through the misty cobbled streets of the Lower Thames to seek employment with the Red Shield Company. The entry room of the guild house initially looks more like an ale house than a mercenary guild. As the patrons eye the party the group realizes that each of the men has the look of a seasoned veteran. It is here that they meet Captain Markard of the Red Shield Company. Markard is very tall human with reddish skin and thin red hair and a long flowing beard. He twirls his mustache whenever he ponders a question.

To assess the group’s merits Captain Markard takes the group into the basement level sparring room. It is here that they have one on one sparring with Tyden. Tyden is very short, with dark skin and thinning strawberry blonde hair. Tyden pushes each of the adventurers to their limits Inali and Connor last the longest in this test of swords. With a nod of approval and a smile Tyden tells Captain Markard, “They at least know which end is the pointed one, so we could put them to work.”

Recuba makes his plea for work that would keep the group together on a mission. After a few moments consideration, Captain Makard says that he has an assignment well suited for a team. The Streets and Sewer Guild has an ongoing contract that requires a section of the sewers to be explored and cleared of any threats to the workers. The pay is 3sp per day with a 1sp per week fee for use of the Red Shield Company Guild Hall.

Recuba grills some street urchins about life in London…

Visit Church of the Maker and witness a service.

Befriend the muffin lady and purchase her remaining wares.

Avari, Recuba and Castiel head off to explore the unsavoury parts of the Lower Thames ward. It is here that they are followed by ruffians, duck into a shop to buy a map and hastily make there way back home.

Avari and Castiel hang out at the Green Monastery ale house to hopefully learn more about the illicit activities in the city. The night produces not significant results but they feel that the Green Monastery is the right place to pursue this information.

September 3, 1207

As the adventurers enter The Red Shield Guild House they experience an odd moment with flash backs, many are dazed and several old memories return. Within the entry room their attention is drawn to a huge albino in heavy armor. Within moments they realize that this is Kizzar!!

Corda the equipment maiden and healer provides the team with red shields and sashes to identify them as working for The Red Shield Company. Corda is extremely tall and obese with dark skin and braided white hair.

Once they leave the The Red Shield Guild House, the party spends some time catching up. They learn that Kizzar washed ashore in a river and was saved by a kind farm family and nursed back to health. From this farm he headed to London, the closest major city. The party shares with Kizzar the story of their awakening

Into the darkend sewers of London the party follows a map provided by Captain Makard. The goal is to traverese the indicated sections. A constant stream of foul water and rotting debri flows through the ancient sewers.

Castiel falls into a sewer pit as he tries to leap across the pit. Avari causes Castiel to fall like a feather with a song and Castiel nimbly falls into the thigh deep sewage.

Shortly after they are assaulted by a swarm of hundreds of rats which they manage to drive off. As they continue through the sewers the party comes across an old and gruesome hag making a meal of some rubbage. After a brief battle and a short pursuit they kill the hag. On searching her lair the group gains some wealth and extra weapons.

London sewer

There is some debate about the merits or attacking people/creatures before knowing the person/creature’s intentions…

Emerald Glade bath house to clean up from the sewers.

Corda warns Avari to keep a close eye on his wounds from the rat swarm…

Connor MacLaurin visits the nearby Glyn, Halifax & Company and Mount’s Bay Bank to explore the fees for storing money and goods. He learns that there is a 2% fee to store money and a sliding scale for storing goods.


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