Connor wakes
First day of something different

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Chosing a Path

August 8, 1207

Location: Green Rock, England – Penzance, London

Each of the party members awakes on a frigid shore, in the dark of a moonless night. The sky is filled with dozens of red streaks of light, that make their way through the night and disappear on the horizon. They can’t gauge which is in more pain: body, mind or soul. A jumbled myriad of thoughts, images, smells and sensations assault your senses as they succumb to darkness.

August 11, 1207

Recuba is the first of the group to awake. It is a still dark night, with the sounds of lapping waves and the scent of the ocean in the air. No longer on the rock shore but instead in an open shelter with half a dozen sleeping forms on cots nearby. Recuba recognizes the faces, after a few double takes, as Avari, Castiel,Connor MacLaurin ,Inali, Soren and Taching. Recuba gently awakens them all with a shake and a whisper of “Relax, it’s me…”

No weapons, no armor, no gear, only under garments to help them retain their modesty. Slowly each is more disturbed by the minimal grasp of powers that were once their own and by the young unscarded bodies and faces on their companions. They had not seen each other in months, since the debacle in Constantinople. Even thought the faces and mannerisms are familier they are younger versions of the Faithful 88 that accepted the quest from the Lords of the Moskov Federation.

Looking around they see the young faces and bodies. Six poles and a thatched roof make up the shelter. In the corner is a stool with folded clothes and a pitcher of water. To the east is a cliff that has beach and ocean beyond. A simple two story round farm house, a few cows, chickens, and goats are nearby.

A hurried whispered debat ensues about the best course of action. “Sneak in an assault?”, “Knock at the door?” or “Escape into the night?” Investigation is the route that is selected. Peering into one of the open windows the group sees an open living area, with a central fire pit, ladder leading to the upstairs loft, three sleeping forms and a pair of large english sheep dogs. Wary of the dogs, the group decides to knock upon the door to awaken the occupents and hopefully learn about what has transpired.

Knocking on the door raises the alarm with barks and snarls of dogs on the other side and a starled scream of a child "M O T H E E E E R ! ! ! ! " A few moments later a sharp cry of “stop that infernal yapping” quells the barking of the dogs.

An portly and elderly human woman opens the door with a boy and the two dogs just on her heels. “You are awake at last! Bless the Maker!” she exclaims and then explains that all is well and they should rest and she will bring breakfast when the sun rises in a couple of hours.

Mother Millicent, three grandsons (Frederick, Walter and Joss), daughter Alys and daughter in laws Muriel and Winifred bring a breakfast of porridge, mead and bread. Mother Millicent explains that the boys found one of the party washed ashore and then the found the rest near by. Mother Millicent was sad to report that the elderly members of their groupd didn’t survive the shipwreck.

After breakfast the boys bring out the equipment that was recovered with the party on the beach. Many sighs of relief to be armored and armed again but, frustration mounts as the party realizes that their weapons, gear and armor have become mundance objects. The few items that retained any arcane power were crippled remants of their former power.

They learn that this farm is just outside the town of Green Rock.

The boys are filled with questions about the pirates they believed to have destroyed the party’s ship. Castiel weaves a tale about pirates that seems to sate the boy’s appetites for a story of swashbuckling on the open seas. Mother Millicent takes her family away to let the group rest.

As the family goes about it’s daily routine the group decends the rocky slope to search the beach. Content Not Found: connor-macland scans the beach for magical auras and comes up empty. Other than a small campsite setup on a large rock, sees nothing out of the ordinary on the rocky shore.

Later that day Richard Borlase, a priest of the Maker, comes to check in on the health of the group. He blesses the Maker for the groups recovery and shares that the entire town has been praying for their recovery. The group presses Richard for answers but he has none to give. They learn that Penzance is the closest port city and decide to head to Penzance in hopes of finding a ship going to London.

Upon reaching Green Rock they learn that John Lander, captain of the Mary Connie, has a ship going from Penzance to London. John Lander can take all seven of the group to London for 200 gold pieces. Worried about using their Russian coins the Recuba tries to barter to passage but John has no need for additional hands. In an act of kindness John mentions tells Recuba that he and his friends can find a place for a meal and sleep with Robert Wylan.

Castiel and Avari mangae to come up with a few local coins. Castiel through slight of hand and Avari by thruming his lyre.

At Wylan’s the group asks about a money exchanger and are directed to Bolithos, Sons and Company. Mrs. Wylan says that they are a reputable money lender with ties to Mounts Bay Bank in London.

To get away from prying ears the group finds a bench to plan their next move.

Castiel, Inali and Taching got to money lender to test the waters with 10 gold pieces. Taching uses disguise self to change his appearance before reaching the Bolithos, Sons and Company. The visit to Bolithos, Sons and Company takes a turn for the worst when Castiel tries to search a desk while the proprieter is out of the room. Two guards brandishing swords burst in from the adjacent rooms and ushers the group out of the establishment.

The party regroups at the bench with 10 gold pieces less than they started. After a bit of deliberation they decide to try and exchange their coins again this time to get enough to pay for their passage. The 10% fee seemed marginal. Unfortunately, Bolithos, Sons and Company is closed for the night when they return.

In hindsight they realize that John Lander, the ship’s captain, is probably use to dealing with foreign currency and shouldn’t place too much suspicion on their coins. With a 10% markup so he can pay the money hungry money lenders the takes the group on board for a trip to London.

September 1, 1207

Almost 3 weeks later, the Mary Connie makes her way down the River Thames and reaches London. The group walks down the gang plank once it is lowered into the foggy crowded dock area. Street urchins, women of ill repute, hawkers, dock workers and groups of merchants make up the throng. A dirty boy begs Inali for a few coppers so he can get some food and then curses when she says the won’t give him a coin.

Castiel attempts to relieve a passerby of his coin purse but is caught by the short sword weilding man. With a scowl the man backs away and disapears into the crowd.

The group finds a tenement house, the Seatide Boarding House, to call home and plan their next move. 14 silver pieces a night gets them two rooms on the 4th floor of this 5 story building.

The party learns that the year is 1207. This is almost two hundred years earlier than they would have expected. The Faithful 88’s assault on Constantinople ended in 1492.

Short on money the group ponders how best to earn some coins. Scanning a notice board the group sees a dozen or so wanted posters, advertisements for taverns, but not job notices. A few inquiries later they learn that The Red Shield is a mercenary group that works in this part of London. The Red Shield provides resources to serve as guards and other security related duties.


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