Brawling in Paris
Brawls, Duels, Deaths and Ressurections

Thursday, April 12, 1208 SA

First night in Paris

Winry, Soren and Alwin get into a brawl in a restaurant.

Friday, April 13, 1208 SA

Explore options to get Castiel raised from the dead.

Winry, Soren and Alwin each receive formal requests to duels as a result of offending the owner of the restaurant where they had their brawl.

Saturday, April 14, 1208 SA

Visit the School of the Hidden Hand, a fighting school known for training Dark Elf male fighters. “Bring us our brother” is how the Dark Elves reply when they learn that the group has the body of one of the Dark Elves’ fallen comrades.

Winry fights a duel at 32 Rue Blondel, the address of a Brothel. Winry is dispatched quickly in battle where she distracted by her opponents feints. Soren kills a member of the Queen’s Guard in the aftermath of the duel.

Sunday, April 15, 1208 SA

Kizzar, Inali and Roan return to the School of the Hidden Hand with Castiel’s body.

Monday, April 16, 1208 SA

Castiel returns to the Twilight Boarding House alive and well.
Alwin captured by the Queen’s Guard.
Winry turns him self in to the Queen’s Guard for killing one of their members.

Returning to Paris from the Underdark

April 1 – 12, 1208 SA

Trekking back to Paris…

The group says at the Twilight Boarding House

Snowflakes and Mind Flayers
A New Lust for Vengeance Is Born

Saturday March 28, 1208 SA

Castiel awakens and goads the Thrall of The Bringer of Death as Swiftly as the Death of a Snowflake in Hell into a fight when Castiel insults his master. A battle ensues in the utter darkness created by The Bringer of Death as Swiftly as the Death of a Snowflake in Hell_ Castiel and the dwarf are killed in the battle and several others are severely wounded.

The Bringer of Death as Swiftly as the Death of a Snowflake in Hell flees the battle with Connor and Kazzar hot on her heals. The rest of the group follows quickly behind. She manages to evade the pursuit of the group. When the return to the lighted chamber with the dead flowers, they discover that the body of the dwarf if gone. After checking the tracks Soren and Kizzar discern that the Dark Elf must have doubled back around and awakened her slave.

The groups gathers to discuss their next actions but Kizzar is hell bent on tracking down the Dark Elf. With Connor and Winry, Kizzar sets off tracking the Dark Elf’s tracks. The tracks lead back to the under ground city. At the broken bridge that leads to the city the group discovers a hidden vault that includes a Rod of Splendor and a Mithral Short Sword.

As the party rests, the are startled by The Bringer of Death as Swiftly as the Death of a Snowflake in Hell_ who darts through their chamber with several creatures hot on her heels. Two of which they discover are GreedSpawn . After a perilous battle the group prevails.

Together the group returns to the under ground city and encounter a pair of Mind Flayers, demonic creatures and some brightly lit creature bound in changes of energy. In the encounter with the demonic creature holding the chains, Soren is drained of some of his power and Alwin is knocked unconscious.

The Mind Flayers bid the party to find the one that stole the treasures from them.

Finding Castiel
Comrades United Again

Saturday March 28, 1208 SA

Fight against the Sunflowers (Udoroot)… Winry and Alwinare knocked unconscious. There prone forms are levitated by Inaliand pulled out of the room.

Hear noises and the sounds of battle ahead on the pathway…

Meet other members of the 88, reunite with Connor MacLaurin… and reunite for the first time in this reborn shell with Roan Chambers and Traorin Duskwalker

Track the creature that kidnapped Castiel

The path leads to a worked stone room with large wooden double doors… enter a series of hallways and chambers (a pair of corridors with murder holes parallel the hallway)…

Discover a large stagnant pool filled with dozens of Puppeteers and humanoid forms.. The Puppeteers once again are easy to destroy.

Kizzar O’Siren, Winry and Soren enter the pool and remove the bodies from the stagnant water. Each of the bodies has a Puppeteer attached to it’s neck. There are several elderly emaciated humans, a dwarf and a dark elf. Each of the humans expire when the Puppeteer is killed. The dwarf and dark elf each awaken shortly after being freed from the control of the Puppeteer.

The group learns that the dark elf is The Bringer of Death as Swiftly as the Death of a Snowflake in Hell and the dwarf is her thrall “Who is unworthy of a name other that ‘My Thrall’” explains the dark elf.

Meeting a Leper Girl

A frightend girl comes stumbling and running through the night upon the group’s camp site. On her heels comes a large black hound that surprised Alwin as it materializes out of the darkness… one the hound is killed the frightened girl named Freada tales the following tale… (in French as translated by Castiel).

Two days ago, Bar Le Duc was attacked by creatures of the night. Father and several other men took up their staffs and clubs to fight off the creatures, after a pitched battle, he returned bloodied, battered and broken directing me to flee at first chance when they made a last ditch effort against the creatures. I refused and father hid me in the cellar after I promised to keep safe. I can’t describe the horrible sounds I heard that night, the silence afterward was even more frightening. I will have nightmares for the rest of my life… I got no sleep that night, and crept from my hiding place when sunlight crept it’s way in. The imagined horrors of the night before were surpassed by what I saw that morning when I crept out of hiding… everyone in the town was dead, bodies were hung from trees, with their innards splayed out on the grown before them, evil signs were drawn on the ground with their blood and innards… I saw my father’s body there with the others, crying silent tears, I fled into the early morning to find some safety.

That howling sound is one of the sounds I heard two nights ago as my family and friends were killed. I have been running since sunset when I first heard the noise and it has gotten closer, and closer, and closer… I am so afraid. Can you protect me?

Bar Le Duc (Meuse) – County Town of Meuse, Bar-le-Duc is situated in greenery about 200 miles from Paris and is twinned with the towns of Griesheim and Gyönk.

The town is a town of lepers that kept an age old tradition of making some of the finest wine in France. The Bar Le Duc label garners a +25% increase in price on a bottle of wine. The leper colony has a single chapel to the … once a year, one cursed leper is healed based on their demonstration of dedication to the church and a random lottery.

Lord Merovech Dubois servant of the Maker was a vigilant warrior that patrolled the lands surrounding Bar Le Duc and fell in love with Mary AnneBenoit. Lord Dubois and a score of faithful warriors patrolled the borders, each with a trust worthy war hound and horse.

For years Lord Dubois petitioned the Church to heal Mary Anne of her affliction but each year his plea was not fulfilled. Last fall, Mary Anne died from her illness and Lord Dubois rose from her death bed, slayed the local priest and fled into the night. Over the last year it has become increasingly more dangerous to travel at night and some of the farm animals have come up missing.

When the adventurers return to Bar Le Duc they find a hill giants and a band of Bug Bears. They each wear an iron mask painted white and wield cold iron weapons.

The group heads on to Griesheim to find it in flames with giants and bug bears in the streets. The group decides to not engage in battle but instead head to Gyönk to warn the towns people of what they think is an impending attack….

Across The Channel

Thursday November 27, – November 28 1207 SA
The group travels from London to Dover, England and then across the English Channel to Calais, France.

Sunday December 1, 1207 SA
Kizzar is intrigued by the French fighting styles and duels with a couple of fighters.

Sunday December 21, 1207 SA
Attacked by a Seeker,orcs and trolls…

Castiel and Kizzar are poisoned and their consitutions are weakened.

Street Attacks and Jail
Alwin Gets Captured and Flogged

Sunday October 28, 1207 SA
The group relocates to the Willow Tree Boarding House. The Willow Tree Boarding House takes up the entire block and is made up of many row housed. The houses are wrapped around a central courtyard with a huge willow tree and a park like atmosphere. The couple, Sanala and Rogist, runs the establishment. Sanala has fair skin and silvery hair while Rogist has olive skin and stiff dark hair and a long flowing beard.

Monday November 1, through Sunday, November 7 1207 SA
The group hunts for people to craft items of arcane might to assist them in their travels.

Castiel petitions the group to make the trip to Alexandria to track down the Colorless Lodge. It’s almost 7,000,000 miles from Paris to Alexandria. The group decides to cross the English Channel to Calais (cal-AY), France to Paris as the first leg of their journey. Along the way to Alexandria they plan to stop in Rome.

Monday November 8, 1207 SA
Alwin is attacked while on the way to visit Martha and makes the assailants pay the butchers bill. The group flees into the night after Alwin.

Tuesday November 9, 1207 SA
Alwin spends the day on the bridge that leads to “red light” district asking everyone if they knew anything about the people that attacked him the night before. The day ends with Alwin being put to sleep by an irritated arcanist.

That night Markus and Alwin go out to “find those bastards” that attacked Alwin the night before. As they search through the streets they are attacked my men with man catchers and others firing arrows from the roof top above. Markus climbs the building and gets knocked out. Alwin chases one of the attackers back to a small bar. When he enters the man yells “This bastard is chasing me!!” Alwin knocks the man unconscious as three of the patrons in the bar join the fight… Alwin beats them away and exits the bar.

Alwin returns to the street where the fight ensued but doesn’t see Markus. Alwin heads back to the Willow Tree Boarding House and flops down in his bed and passes out.

Wednesday November 10, 1207 SA
Try to find Markus but has no luck… Return to the bar where Alwin chased last night’s attacker. The group picks the lock on the door and sneaks into the establishment. They work their way up three flights and finds a bedroom with a couple asleep. As Alwin noisily makes his way across the room, a woman awakes and screams to shatter the morning. Her husband rises tosses a chamber pot at the group, grabs a club and stands defensively to protect his wife. The group flees quickly out into the streets.

Castiel and Avari visit the Green Monastery and learn that there is a contract out for their capture and delivery to an unnamed person.

Thursday November 10, 1207 SA
Alwin heads to the Raven Lore to track down John, John and John… Alwin starts a fight with the John’s and is magically held and knocked out by the Johns. John wakes up in jail…

Castiel visits New Gate Prison and learns that Alwin is locked up and will be put on trial for rape and attempted murder. Hires James Pescoe Esquire to serve as Alwin’s solicitor. James comes as a recommendation from Richard Edmonds and charges 5 GP to appear at New Gate Prison.

Monday November 14, 1207 SA
Alwin is found guilty of breaking and entering and is publically flogged for his crime.

Tuesday November 14 – November 26, 1207 SA
The group lays low and waits for their items to be created and collect the gear they need to make their cross continental trip to Africa.

Managing Lose Ends In London

Saturday October 20, 1207 SA
Deposit their riches at Glyn, Halifax and Company for a modest 2% fee. The group gets some interesting glances from the accountants at Glyn, Halifax and Company as they spill out hundreds of bright red gems. The group raises even more eyebrows when the say that they must stay as the value of the gems are assessed. Even more shocking is the sum of 1,000,000 silver pieces in exchange for the gems.

Alwin meets with John, John and John at the Raven Lore Public House to get details on Yve’s location.

Castiel and Avari visit the Green Monastery to spread some wealth and continue their quest to find an organized group of thieves and cut throats.

Sunday October 21, 1207 SA
Assaulted in the Streets
The adventurers are attacked by a group in the streets. A humanoid bound from head to toe attacks the group with psionic powers, a wizard hurls arcane blasts as a few fighters assault the party. The group kills the attackers and learn that Castiel is being hunted by a group that believes that Psionic powers are a vile corruption. A letter found on one of the attackers mentions a group called the Colorless Lodge. Avari recognizes this group as a cult of mentalists. He knows of one of their monastaries in Alexandria, Egypt.

Meeting Yve
The group meets at last with the enigmatic figure Yve to determine if she can be of any help with removing the spells from the House of the Setting Sun. Yve’s home is heavily guarded by at least three guards and multiple locked doors before reaching a cozy room that has walls lined with books. The chamber is brightly light by a large chandelier and many candles.

Yve would charge the group 500gp to leave her basement dwelling and another 300 gp per spell cast. She has no desire to risk her life fighting any creatures and describes herself as a “simple librarian.”

Kizzar O’Siren offers to trade the Book of Faceless Hate for her services.

Yve asks several questions about Kizzar’s trek across the Silk Road from Japan to Europe and sprinkles in some Japanese phrases into the conversation.

Monday October 22, 1207 SA
Kizzar meets with George Bellringer on Alvelton Lane to have some specialized armor created. George is a metal smith that makes everything from ship anchors to nails to armor. George has thick fingers and broad shoulders.

The group learns from Richard Edmonds the name of two former owners of the House of the Setting Sun. These are William Vale and Fracis Trounson.

Castiel and Avari spend their time at the University of London.

Tuesday October 23, 1207 SA
Visit Yve again to say that the group is still interested in using her services but it will be some time in the future.

Castiel and Avari spend their time at the University of London.

Castiel goes on the hunt for a body guard and works with the Red Shield to find a viable candidate. Dusaro a middled age veteran meets the requirements and agrees to work from sunrise to sunset for 5 silver pieces a day.

Wednesday October 24, 1207 SA

Thursday October 25, 1207 SA

Friday October 26, 1207 SA
John, John and John let Markus know that another body has shown up missing its eyelids. They are on the trail of the person doing it and are pleased at the thought of collecting the bounty.

Saturday October 27, 1207 SA
A battered and bruised John visits the group’s room in the middle of the night with news about Markus’s target. John visits a guarded warehouse and returns looking like he is healed as well as having an overstuffed satchel of goods.

John meets with another John who says that “They are still holed up in that place…” from here the group sneaks down and alley, down a half flight of stairs and works to pick a locked door to gain access. The lock explodes as Markus works to pick the lock… a battle an elderly doppelganger of Markus and Kizzar.

The group has a heated debate with John, John, and John on the distribution of the spoils of the combat. John, John and John leave angry with the small spoils that the group decides to give them.

Man in a Jar
To "Hell" and Back

Sunday October 14, 1207 SA

Location London.

Kizzar gains a son, names him Izzit and gets 100,000 gold pieces worth of gems… A longer version of the story…

Alwin, Castiel, Inali and Kizzar O’Siren watch as Jacob frees a golden skinned man from the glass jar discovered in the House of the Setting Sun.

Assualt a tower in the middle of a floating firey rock.
3 efreeti

Saturday October 20, 1207 SA
Alwin learns from Martha that John, John and John have news about Yve’s location.

House of the Setting Sun - Recovering
Lick Your Wounds and Determine Next Steps

Wednesday and Thursday, October 10-11, 1207 SA

Location London.

Inali lends her healing skills to help Avari and Kizzar O’Siren recover from the damages suffered during the past two days in the House of the Setting Sun.

Castiel heads out to pick up food for the party as they bed down to review recent events and loot obtained.

The group reviews the contents of the Book of Faceless Hate and Marquet’s Journal

Friday, October 12, 1207 SA

Head back to the House of the Setting Sun to make sure the cultist haven’t come back to reclaim the brothel. After many hours of searching the brothel the group feels that it is place that they can work to claim. Disturbingly though, the building seems to still be haunted.

Alwin, Castiel, Inali and Kizzar O’Siren consider their next steps. And wonder how to learn more about the items they have been unable to identify:

  • Contents of the map case
  • Human skull, well preserved and covered with symbols of chaos and other arcane runes
  • The glass jar, with the yellow liquid inside
  • Arcane book that drained Vegas Haines’s mental facilities.

Alwin stops in at the Blue Harbor Brothel for a night of entertainment as the rest of the group heads back to the Seatide Inn. Alwin meets Martha a fair skinned human woman.

Saturday, October 13, 1207 SA

Visit the attorney Richard Edmonds on Chapel Street to inquire about purchasing the abandoned House of the Setting Sun. Richard explains that only after living in the city for a year can one purchase a building but he can draw up contracts that allow one to lease a property and then purchase it. Richard shares that his fee is 8 silver per day and it will take him one to two weeks to search for the owners of the House of the Setting Sun. Additionally the paperwork for the sale would be 5-10 gold depending on the complexity of the transaction. He drafts up a contract for the ownership search with Alwin and Alwin pays for 14 days of work. Additionally, Richard notes that his fee would be 1% of the price of the property sale.

Inali spends her day at the University of London talking to students and trying to subtly learn about any notorius teachers or students that could help to dispell the magic at the House of the Setting Sun. The group believes that because of the brothel’s history a shady character would be best used for this. Inali learns about a woman named Yve that was expelled from the school just last year for dablling in forbidden arcana. The general concensus was that Yve still lives in London.

Visit the Red Shield and get an assignment to do guard duty at the mass services on Sunday.

Later that night, Alwin asks Martha is she knows anyone that could help him to find Yve. She mentions that he knows some hunters that could help. Just meet her at the Raven Lore Public House tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 1207 SA

Perform morning guard duty for mass at the Church of England.

Visit Jacob of Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous Goods to examine the gear.

  • Contents of the map case. The case contains a divine scroll
  • Human skull, well preserved and covered with symbols of chaos and other arcane runes. The skull’s wielder can command it to produce a Chaos Hammer spell once each day.
  • The glass jar, with the yellow liquid inside. Jacob confirms that it is a creature that has been polymorphed into the jar. The liquid is urine.
  • Arcane book that drained Vegas Haines’s mental facilities. Is cursed and should be destroyed.

The group agrees that there may be some danger involved with freeing the creature. So Jacob agrees that the freeing of the creature would be best done after hours.

Alwin, Kizzar O’Siren, Castiel and Inali visit the Raven Lore Public Ale House. To meet with Martha and her hunters. It is here that the group meets John Oak, John Ash and John Yew. The hunters ask for 5 gold to hunt for Yve and 10 gold in payment if they find her. Give them a couple of weeks. Alwin should check in periodically with Martha to hear from them.

Perform evening guard duty for mass at the Church of England.

Return to Jacob’s Imporium of Wondrous Goods to transform the jar. Jacob takes the group into his cellar and an underground work room. The work room contains a life sized mechanical man. Castiel asks Jacob about the creation. Jacob shares that the creature is missing a power source and that he would need a large gem and harness the energy of an air, fire or lightening elemental.

Jacob dons a set of goggles, leather apron, and thick leather gloves to transform the jar. He raps a tuning fork on the side of a table and uses it to shatter the glass. The glass shards twirl in the air , expand and transform into the crouched form of a handsome naked man with dark long hair and golden skin. He asks Jacob, “How may I serve you? What do you wish?” He pauses and then continues, “To bring life to this machine?”…


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