Departing for Alès
Preparing to Hunt Cultists in Alès

Thursday, July 18, 1208 SA

Erik visits the Siege Crushers and meets with Eledithas to see if they know anything about the Crimson Coil or the Death Mantle.

Lewanna continues here studies at The Bibliothèque municipale Livrée Ceccano

Friday, July 19, 1208 SA

Continue to explore Avignon and prepare to travel to Alès

Saturday, July 20, 1208 SA

Continue to explore Avignon and prepare to travel to Alès

Sunday, July 21, 1208 SA

The group departs Avignon for Alès

Monday, July 22, – Tuesday, July 23, 1208 SA

Travel as the landscape changes to forrested hills. The road is well kept and the shrubs and undergrowth are cut back away from the road.

Wednesday, July 24, 1208 SA

Pass a group of silk traders on the road.

Small Awakenings...

End of July, European Calendar; Khoiak Waxing, 4th month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

At present the cohort are encamped and awaiting news from a quick reconnaissance of the Ales mine site that was uncovered in my research at Avignon. Here we hope to find evidence (or practitioners) of the Crimson Coil cult. Any information we gather here will serve as barter for information from the Siege Crushers and officials at Avignon on the Death Mantle.

As we wait here, there is an opportunity to add to this chronicle of our explorations of our new prison. As such, I would be remiss if I opened with anything other than:

A great deal has happened since I was last able to put pen to paper.

There are several items worthy of notation. Since I do not know when we will need to make ready to advance on the mines, I will list these in no particular order of import.

Our companion Castiel appears to be guilty of stealing from Erik. While efforts to investigate this proved to be inconclusive, Castiel saw fit to flee our
rudimentary attempts to keep him confined while working to learn the truth. Erik, despite his obvious limitations, withstood the truth seeking sorceries of a Maker priestess. This, coupled with Castiel's escape, is sufficient evidence to render Castiel guilty as accused by Erik. For this, the decision has been made to kill Castiel on sight – if we happen across him as we make our way to Egypt and beyond. We are all oathed in this endeavor.

In recapping the events that led up to Castiel's escape – my immediate thought was to have those on watch flogged for dereliction of duty. It would have been an automatic response…by any of the members of the cohort…to any guard who failed them in our previous ‘life'. This was not the case here.

Instead there was talk of how things were unavoidable and that the means/aid that was offered to Castiel was played exactly into the weaknesses that the group possessed. 

Listening to this talk…from men and women that were once warlords and conquerors in their own right…was disgusting. It struck at my heart in a way that…hurt. Hurt in a way that made being robbed of power and glory pale in comparison. Looking upon…and listening to…this pitiful lot recount a collection of reasons and excuses for failure – after, after I, MYSELF, STOOD AT THE DOORS OF ATUM RA'S TEMPLE and BEGGED
FOR AID on behalf of these mewling things that I once thought of as companions…

…pained me.

It was pain that comes from the stinging odor of failure. Pain that comes from knowing that the swords and minds of your battle mates are not hardened against something as mundane and commonplace as fear.

Despite these revelations, I will not falter. This, I will take as a small awakening. Atum Ra has made a fatal mistake. He has placed Erebus Typhon, Uadjii of the Seti Na'ab, Arit priest of Sutekh Djet, the fiery vengeance of mighty Lord Set…into a prison where he has changed the rules that govern Reality. Changed them to make the once mighty weak again. Changed them to make mediocrity is acceptable to those who once abhorred it. Changed the rules in such a way to it possible to SHATTER the same soul TWICE!

I pen this now as an intention and offer it as evidence of my commitment – if the pain I have experienced watching my once great and powerful companions wriggle and writhe in their own self doubt was just a Small Awakening…the insights I gain from the Second Shattering will be truly amazing. Freedom from your deceptions, Atum Ra. Surely you realize there is a price for tampering with the souls of the once freed? I will have true freedom again and I WILL USE IT TO BRING YOU LOW. YOU WILL GROVEL AT THE FEET OF SET LIKE THE COWARD AND WORM THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

I will offer you to my Lord as a sacrifice.

How is this at all possible from my humble position, here, imprisoned in a false and illusory reality where very little is as it once was?

Easy. It was youm, Atum Ra, that made such a thing possible. You changed the rules of our reality. Imprisoned us in a new illusion that we must learn how to manipulate…just as we did in our previous rise to greatness. In doing so…we will gain the power we need to free the divinity that resides in each of us! Divinity that you fear, Atum Ra, for we are the true owners of creation and you are merely a servant.

From the depths of despair after listening to my companions' reason out their failure to contain Castiel…the ease of this task became clear.  

They have to relearn just like I do. I can not expect them to know for certain those things that I struggle with myself. They just need to learn. They can not be disciplined for things that they do not know or understand. This new prison forbids such at thing. They just have to learn…as if they never knew these things in the first place.

A few days ago, in anger I barked at Roan as if he were a conscript. I found it appalling that instead of asking to be killed for his failure to contain Castiel…he was explaining why he failed. At first, what he was saying made no sense. He failed. He should want to die to escape the misery of it.

But he didn't want to die. Instead, he explained the simplicity of his failure. He explained why he failed once. Then again. And yet again. And the others listened and added to the reasons. It struck me as everyone was doing this that they really were as perplexed as me and not quite sure what to make of the failure. When I asked Roan what it would make sense to do next…he responded that he would like to take precautions next time…have some proof against the sorceries that were brought to bear and rendered him (and Merisel) powerless to counter those that came to free Castiel. 

Then…an amazing thing happened. He did it. He went and found some sorcerous means of alarming a location against intruders. He found it and purchased it! He LEARNED how to overcome this limitation in this new prison. 

Then Lewanna…she set out to find some means of defending our camp or quarters and in the clouded recesses of her memory uncovered wondrous sorceries that will be invaluable to us in the future…both as we travel and make lodging in towns and cities. 

Inali…my young devotee…she is now searching her practice for sorceries that we can bring to bear to avoid situations similar to what we recently endured at Avignon. 

And Kizzar…Kizzar is an amazing surprise. For the first time, he seems truly interested of our nightly devotions. He approached and observed Inali and I last night as we carried out honors to Horus, the Avenger. He watched as we burned the wrapped and anointed carcass of our previous night's sacrifice in the brazier. As the fires consumed the offering… symbolic of Horus' relentless pursuit of vengeance for the loss of his Father Osiris, I explained the ritual and taught Inali in proper handling of the ritual implements. Kizzar seemed to understand that the ritual creates an uncommon focus…a place of both familiarity and comfort. A place where we can go to focus inwardly to find the certainties that will anchor us and prevent us from being sucked away into the confusion and chaos that surrounds us in the new prison. He declined an offer to join his blood with ours in the ritual. Despite this, I sincerely hope that his interest grows. 

And of growing, I must speak of Inali. She has proven to be an apt pupil. She has mentioned her beliefs in the nature spirits of her homeland…and I puzzle to wonder who those might be in the shuffled pantheon of gods in this place. It would please me if she were to show deeper interest in the Mysteries of Set. Perhaps her new path to greatness would be as a Sorcerous Priestess of the Lord of Dark. Today marks the birth of Horus' mother and wife of Osiris…sister of Lord Set's wife Nephthys…the goddess Aset in the Stygian tongue…and Isis to the Egyptians and Greeks. At tonight's devotion, I shall ask Inali of her interest. Such a commitment would be fitting as a celebration of Isis and her command of nature magicks. If this offer is accepted much could be done together to unravel the illusion that surrounds us.

Even Demyan, Erik's previously unmentioned companion has proven worth despite my desire to find none. He scouts ahead now…and has left behind a device that allows him to communicate with us from his position afield. Upon his return we will determine our next course of action.

Atum Ra, I trust that your minions can discern the prayers of my devotions and that they have not forgotten the old tongue. In these prayers they will hear the words of my faith. Faith that my Lord Set will once again be free in reality. This one or another. And when he is freed, he will look upon you, my sacrifice to him.

He will then exact justice…and right the wrongs and deceptions that you have woven throughout the history of gods and men. 

As this is written, mark this as my word.



Seeking the Truth - Final Chapter
The Church of the Maker Divines the Truth

Wednesday, July 17, 1208 SA

With Erik in tow, the group heads toward the jail. They are led into the depths of the jail by Brother Eugene.

Within a room that includes many instruments of torture and exacting the truth the group meets brother Marcel and Sister Désirée Nautin. Sister Désirée has startlingly green eyes and is of medium height (5’3”) and build, with olive-colored skin and tousled strawberry blonde hair tucked behind her ears. As everyone enters the room they feel the weight of compulsion to speek only the truth.

Brother Eugene chains Erik to a large wooden circle. Sister Désirée receives instructions from the group to understand the the nature of the information she is to gain. After the qustionining Sister Désirée declairs that “This dwarf speaks the truth and there is no falsehood in his words.”

With this confirmation, Erik is freed from this chains and the group returns to the Crimson Flask.

Seeking the Truth - Castiel's Escape

Tuesday, July 16, 1208 SA

After returning from the Church of the Maker, Erebus and Connor share the results of their visit and Brother Marcel’s comments.

Brother Marcel says “The Church of the Maker is the source of truth and can help but, based on what the priests have told me I cannot ensure that I would be able to glean the truth from one of your companions if they are as experienced as you are.” Brother Marcel provides Erebus with a hand written and wax sealed note. The note is to be presented to the jailer near the Crimson Flask along with Castiel and Erik. At dawn someone from The Church will get to the truth that the group seeks.

The members of the Gray Hand bed down and setup a rotation of people to watch over Castiel and Erik.

As Roan and Merisel sit and watch, the room goes dark, startled Merisel draws her rapier. They hear Castiel say “Kill the one with the sword.” moments later when the darkness subsides they discover that Castiel is gone!

Roan rushes off to wake the other members of the Gray Hand. Once the team is gathered a heated discussion ensues about how could Castiel disappear under out of the room. Erik explains that he witnessed in the darkness two cloaked figures enter the room. One of them entered through the window and the other through the door. Each of the moved with cat like grace, one grabbed Castiel’s equipment while the other scooped up Castiel.

Connor works to discern if magic was used and discovers that spells were used to create silence and darkness.

The Seti Na'ab Litany Against Fear

I will not accept fear.

Fear is a weakness that courts failure and death.

I will stand firm in the face of fear.

It will pass over and through me. 

I will turn an inner eye to its path.

I will study it.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing else.

Only I remain.

Seeking the Truth - Merisel's Thoughts

Merisel’s Musing

Sunday, July 14, 1208 SA

Castiel causes trouble yet again. Why, oh why is this a common theme lately. In the late hours of the night I’m awakened by shouts and yells. I know that I was in the middle of some wonderful dream but I’ll never know the true chant of it now. I toss on my chain shirt and head out into the hallway with Lewanna and Roan to see if we are being attacked. It’s Erik and Castiel and not enemies! Eriks is obviously grumpier than usual and Castiel has that stupid smile on his face saying that it was all a mis understanding.

Anyone that is pissed with Castiel is a friend of mine sooooo, I follow Erik as he storms off. With a few well placed words I get Erik to tell me what happened to bring them to blows. “OH, I’M GOING TO BLEED CASTIEL!!” Is all that I can think when I hear what he has done.

I was surprised that Erik had this hidden group of friends. I better keep my eye on the bearded grumpy dwarf, I may have under estimated his resourcefulness. The drunken dwarves from this group called the Siege Crushers (seems that everyone has a cute name these days) form their own lynching crew and head out to teach Castiel a lesson.

The dwaves bash in Castiel’s door and storm into the room, entagle him with a blanket and start to pound him with elbows and fists. I’m a giggling girl at the sight of this. The pesky little thief using his mind bending tricks to teleport himself outside his room and across the hall. The dwarves rush to bring him a little more pain. I know that the sneaky bastard will try to run for it I leap over the balcony to lay in hiding.

As expected he leaps over the balcony and darts for the door. He is moving much to fast, he must have used the magic from those boots of speed, but I manage to get in a slice with my rapier as he goes past. The spatter of blood on the floor of the inn looks like a masterpiece of creatvity. I pause, smile and survey my good work and then dart out behind Castiel. Sadly, he has disappeared into the night…

Lewanna does some mubo jumbo to scry for Castiel and all we see is him sleeping on a roof top. Erebus and Connor suggest that we go hunting for him. I promise Erebus that I won’t kill Castiel (tonight). Low and behold, Castiel goes asleep on the roof of the inn.

Connor and Lewanna try to convice Castiel to return to the group and come back into the Inn. Castiel says that he will be back in the AM and the other leave. I wait in the shadows until he falls asleep… creep along beside his body… it would be oohhh so easy to just slit his throat but… I need to keep the trust of the group… damnit where did this hound come from… I can’t get this damn… thing… off off.. me…

Thank goodness Connor and Lewana show up! Connor attacks the dog to get it off me. Wait! Lewana is healing Castiel! Now Castiel is attacking me! We can settle this later so I dart to the edge of the building and leap away into the night.

Wow! Castiel was fool enough to follow me, he is just far enough behind me so I can hide within the shadow here. Night, night time, Catiel!

Monday, July 15, 1208 SA

Roan is startled to find me in the room with Castiel manacled and gaged on on the floor.

“If he stays, I go!” I tell the others in a rage as we work to sort on what to do about Castiel.

“We should kill him! He steals from us, and tries to lay the blame on ME!” He deserves less but that’s my vote when the group talks about how we should handle this.

Seeking The Truth

Monday, July 15, 1208 SA

Erik is manacled to balance the scales.

Conner, Roan and Inali head out to find an Alchemist to obtain some method for seeking the truth. After a few hours, they find Mimi Lessard the owner of the Crystal Valley Emporium. She believes that one should “Always keep no more cats than catch mice.” This bubbly girl has slitted green eyes that are like two pools of stangant water. Her thick, straight, very short hair is the color of fine gold, and is worn in a dignified style. She is very tall and has a wasp-waisted build. Her skin is dark. She has small ears and large hands. Her wardrobe is unconventional and artistic, with a lot of green. Her shop is filled with tall shelves and at least a dozen cats.

Mimi says that she doesn’t keep that kind of item in stock but can brew two and have them done by dinner time tomorrow. The elixir of truth will be 500 GP each.

The group agrees that Castiel and Erik should pay for the price of the potions.

Tuesday, July 16, 1208 SA

Pick up the elixir from Mimi. She warns that the magic isn’t guaranteed but should work against most people.

When Connor and Erebus return, the group meets away from Erik and Castiel to develop a list of questions for use with the elixir of truth. Erik and Castiel are then put to question. The answers provide conflicting views of the events from Sunday night.

Frustrated the group agrees to seek out Brother Marcel and rely upon the Church of the Maker to provide proper divine aid to seek out the truth.

Connor and Erebus head to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame des Doms d’Avignon. A number of people are streaming in for the evening mass and a number of priests of the maker may be seen on the steps greeting people. As they make their way up the steps, Erebus is overcome by the goodness and mercy of The Maker. The weight of these foreign beliefs weighs heavily on Erebus. Connor notices that as Erebus treads up the stairs, a glowing imprint of Erebus’ foot print are left in his wake.

Their path is blocked by three priests of The Maker with Black Robes and a white sash – One of the men is a mistrustful gentleman with narrow eyes the color of turquoises. His silky, straight, jet black hair is very long and is worn in a utilitarian, precise style. He’s got a beard and moustache. He is tall and has a narrow build. His skin is light-colored.

The priest with the turquoise eyes demands to know what business Erebus has with the church while the other priests stare at Erebus intensely. One of the other priests grabs the ear of the primary priest and whispers in his ear. An argument ensues as Erebus says that he is seeking Brother Marcel to recover an offered promise.

The priest with the turquoise eyes demands that Erebus kneel and speak the name of The Maker before proceeding. Refusing to kneel, Erebus calls out “BROTHER MARCEL!…” The priests are startled and jump back a few feet. In unison they reach for their symbols of The Maker and say “I rebuke your evil in the name of The Maker!” A bright light bursts from each of them and Erebus is smited with holy energy.

The priests spend several seconds smiting Erebus and then link their arms together to hinder his progress. The crowd on the steps scatters with shouts and screams. The linked priests attempt to push Erebus back but are unable to move him. Two other priests join with the call of “I rebuke your evil in the name of The Maker!” once again Erebus is smited with holy energy.

From the church burst several men, half a dozen black robed priests and two crimson robed priests. The crimson robed priests have blades at their side. One of the men shout “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!” Erebus and the turquoise eyed priest air their side of the story. The crimson garbed priest has thick; curly, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a lionfish’s spines. He is short and has a wide-chested build. After listening to the tales, the crimson garbed priest directs the group to a side entrance of the church. Down a flight of stairs to a sub entrance, the group passes a pair of guards in heavy armor. Past a few doors and into a dining a hall the group goes.

As they are seated, Erebus looks for the turquoise eyed priest but he is not within the room. The crimson robed priest sits on the opposite side of a bench, while the other priests stand behind Connor and Erebus. The crimson robed priest says that he is Brother Walter Selwyn and asks about the group’s relationship to Brother Marcel and wants to know more about why they are seeking him. After some talk, he says that he will send a message to Brother Marcel and await his reply. A black robed priest is dispatched to deliver the message.

As the wait, the priests conduct a mass and offer the sacraments of the Maker. Both Connor and Erebus decline the sacraments. The priests then offer each other the Holy Embrace of the Maker and explain that this is only done from one member of the church to another.

After almost an hour the priest returns and says that “Brother Marcel will come once his duties at mass are completed.”

Brother Marcel arrives and the black robed priests leave the dining hall. Brother Marcel asks for permission to look into Erebus’s heart to get to truth of the priests accusations. Erebus says that he will answer any questions he may have truthfully but sees no reason for the magically delving. Brother Marcel has many questions for Erebus as he works to understand Erebus’s motivations and way of thinking. After almost an hour of questioning, Marcel asks “What did you come here to ask of me?”

Erebus and Connor tell of recent events and the need to determine which of their companions is telling the truth. The share the failed attempt with the elixir from Mimi and that one of their companion’s obviously overcame the magic of the elixir. The group needs to call in Brother Marcel’s offer to help find the truth. Brother Marcel says “The Church of the Maker is the source of truth and can help but, based on what the priests have told me I cannot ensure that I would be able to glean the truth from one of your companions if they are as experienced as you are.” Brother Marcel provides Erebus with a hand written and wax sealed note. The note is to be presented to the jailer near the Crimson Flask along with Castiel and Erik. At dawn someone from The Church will get to the truth that the group seeks.

As promised Erebus kneels and entreats the blessings of the Maker on Brother Marcel.

Connor and Erebus are lead out of the church building and return to the Crimson Flask.

Erebus - margin notes penned in anger

Middle July, European Calendar; Hathor Waning, 4th month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

(scribbled note at bottom of previous entry)

We have invested the entirety of the night in foolishness. Erik, the Dwarf, and Castiel have pulled the remainder of us into a disagreement of theirs…and violence and treachery has been the end result.

Have we truly fallen so low that such behavior among the 88 is possible?

This new prison weakens our minds as well as our bodies. The old way must return if we are to regain our former station.

It is written and we are all oathed. A life is the price for such transgression. Only blood can remedy what has been broken.

Erebus on recent developments

Middle July, European Calendar; Hathor Waning, 4th month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

We are now back to Avignon after a brief trip south to investigate the ruined Roman fortification at Tarascon. We found little evidence of the Crimson Coil, but many of the cohort came together as a cohesive unit during our investigation of a pit located at the site. There is potential for this group to be much greater than the sum of its parts. I suspect that further action against the Chaos Cults will forge the necessary bonds or sever the weaker links. This is a necessary step for the cohort if it is to ready itself for the challenges that seem to lay ahead as work to unravel the mystery of our prison and action against our captors (in their various guises) unfolds.

I have been pleased to have Inali's participation in nightly devotions. She has proven to be an excellent student and quickly mastered the devotee role in the our nightly services. Her participation has allowed me to serve in the role of priest, one that has led to more concentrated meditations and prayer. This deeper level of meditation has allowed me to clear my mind of the petty burdens and limitations that confound us and shift focus more toward the uncovering of clues that would lead to deeper understanding of the false reality in which we are confined. She is valued in this role and it would serve well if it can be maintained.

Beyond the role of devotee, Inali has also engaged me in in several conversations about the nature of deity and how they present themselves in the current reality. She has mentioned a desire to send prayers to our previous patron, Arwan. Perhaps we will attempt this once we know more about the nature of the Sekh'irot and the disposition of the gods that have influence here. We have also discussed her native faith and her worship of elementals called the Laashaar. My understanding of these is limited, but her description of them seems to align them as aspects of Ammon-Re, the Creator. Research will need to be conducted to learn more, as it would prove beneficial if these are aspects of Ammon-Re. If it is true, it would mean that he has not trulyabandoned his creation to the Deceiver. Perhaps he too was duped by the Deceiver and finds himself banished like Sutekh Djet or imprisoned like ourselves. Access to an active aspect of Ammon-Re would be a great blessing, as it would surely reveal clues that lead us further down the path to freedom!

Merisel has noticed the regularity of our devotions to Lord Set and has sought further words on the nature of our prison and the workings of its bars and gates. I believe she has it right when she says we should focus on finding the keys to the locks of this illusion. In many ways, this is why I pursue the Chaos Cults. Their manner is false and their ways are both meaningless and revolting – but, they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to summon beasts from spaces that must be outside our current prison. Her aid in these endeavors would be most welcome.

These rituals and the sorcery that drives them could provide insight into the mechanics of our reality. Sufficient study of these rituals and the words of power that fuel them might also be converted into a means to travel outside the prison…to those places. The books we have found are filled with writings on these locations. As we dig deeper into this network of cultists, I am certain that the sorcery will prove stronger and we may eventually find writings that reveal what we seek or practitioners that will trade the secrets for release to their dark masters.

There is much to learn here and even more to contemplate.


My reverie has been interrupted by nonsense.

It appears my companions see fit to frolic and play. Such silliness is usually the trick of too much drink and rarely has a place in situations like ours. I shall turn to sleep now and return to thoughts of unraveling the Maker's deceptions with a fresh sun.

Erik's Thoughts

July 13th SA

The plan was to lie in wait for whomever was making camp in the old ruins near Avignon. Close to sundown two figure appear on the horizon heading towards the ruins, they are identified as a human male and female. As they proceed to make their way into the ruins the trap is foiled and the two make a run for it. Kizzar make quick work of catching and subduing them both. Upon closer inspection it is realized that the the two humans are mere children. the group separate the children from each other and begin to question them. After some questioning it is decided that the children know nothing of the bandits that were previously mentioned to be in the area, but assumed that we were bandits ourselves and after their valuables. Connor wished that the children be released, Erebus wanted to deliver them to the town guards, Castiel wanted to kill them for fear they would accused the Grey Hand of wrongdoing. Kizzar backed Connor’s decision in releasing the children to which Connor gave the children some coins for their troubles and sent them on their way. That evening we camped in the same location we had the day before en-route to the ruins.

July 14th SA

Most of the day was spend traveling in the back of that wagon on the way back to Avignon. Once we returned to the city we were checked through the guard station and allowed back into the city. I took the time to return to the Forge were I had previously went for employment and informed the blacksmith that I would not be working there. I searched the town for location of where dwarves might congregate and discovered that several dwarves associated themselves in the area of the King’s Head eatery. I met a dwarf named Ril Zuldagmalk and his five dwarven companions and two humans who introduced themselves as the Band of Mercenary known as The Siege Crushers.
After several Hours of talking an drinking I returned to the Crimson Flask. As I make it to my room Connor is asleep on his bed, I sit down and before I remove my armor, Mariselle walks into my room. Immediately I ask her what does she want to which she gives no answer but walks toward me with her hand outstretched. Before she touches me I feel as though something isn’t right and I knock her hand away, he form shimmers and Castiel replaces Mariselle. I grab him and he yanks my amulet from around my neck as I pin his to the ground. Castiel attempts to struggle from my grasp as I repeatedly slam his head against the floor causing Connor to wake and exit the room. after some time Castiel manages to slip from my grasp and bolts for the door. I grab for my maul-ax and try to pursue but Castiel out of the Inn but he proved too fast for me and escapes. Infuriated I return to my room and pack my things with one thought in mind…REVENGE.

Mariselle confronts me as I leave, we discuss my intentions….

I return to the Crimson Flask some time later with the drunken Siege Crushers and we along with Mariselle Burst into Castiel and Kizzar’s room with the intent to teach Castiel what it means to mess with the might of the Dwarves

To Be Continued?


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