Hunt for the Crimson Coil

Middle July, European Calendar; Hathor Waxing, 3rd month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

This entry is to be hastily penned. Light is fading and preparations must be made for ambush prior to nightfall.

Of recent news, the cohort has made progress in Avignon. Actionable information is now being uncovered that allows us to take our fight to Chaos. I narrowed down probable operational locations of the Crimson Coil to three:

Tarascon – Sacked Roman fortifications 42 miles south of Avignon (located on banks of Rhone)

Vaculusa – Abandoned Roman fortifications 70 miles east of Avignon (located near waterfall in mountains)

Ales – Abandoned coal mine in Cevennes Hills some 120 miles west of Avignon

Our current investigation centers on Tarascon. Its not much to look at, but tracks have been found and evidence of regular camp. If those that use this camp return, our aim is to put them to question.

Of other items to note, Inali has joined my nightly devotions to Sutekh Djet and has willingly offered her blood to the Lord of Night. As her interests warrant, I will reveal the mysteries of the faithful. Already, she is curious about the alignments and allegiances within the Sekh'irot and has shown and eager thirst for more knowledge about how the Gods of the Sekh'irot manifest in numerous and several aspects – many of which make up the various pantheons of myth and legend. She wishes to pray to Arwan in the belief that she may reach him from within this prison. Her native gods, called by her ‘The Laashaar' are beings of wind and air that are worshipped as one, in combination. Her descriptions of this god are not unlike teachings on Ammon-Re, the Creator. One of his aspects was the Wind of Creation, the bringer of harvests and benefactor of sails.

There is much to muse upon. Further study is required to make workable sense of it.

At present, however, the ruin awaits!

Avignon and Tarascon exploration

Connor MacLaurin

Tuesday, July 9, 1208 SA
We’ve made a base of operations out of our lodging at the Crimson Flask. We meet in the morning to plan our daily activities, many becoming routine. Erebus, Erik, and Lewana mining information from the Bibliotheque’. Myself gathering info through infiltration of the Duelists, contact with the Avignon fighting schools, and publicity for the services and deeds of the Gray Hand Mercenary Association. Castiel and Kizzar on their own purposes, Inali communing with Nature, Roan exploring the bardic community. During this day, I’ve collected 2 bits of info..

1) The Avignon guard has notified fighting schools that they plan to conscript soldiers to defend.

2) Maker Church officials plan to announce the conscription and need for defense against Dark Forces.

Wednesday, July 10, 1208 SA
We continue to explore Avignon, gathering information and preparing to follow up on our collected rumors. Today was particularly busy for gossip and rumor. As we meet back at the Crimson Flask, I share those I heard..

1) A group of local bandits has joined a band of bugbears near Avignon.

2) A noble is in need of mercenaries to clear any monsters from a tract of wilderness.

3) A group of brigands is working with a coven of hags to force ‘taxes’ on river passage south of Avignon.

Erebus also provides the data he has collected from the Library. He relates discovery of 3 locations that are Roman ruins and fortifications.. the ruins are located 40, 80, and 120 miles from Avignon. We discuss the various rumors and decide the best course of action for tomorrow. I plan to find and verify our collection of rumors with the Avignon Guard Captain or his equivalent.

Thursday, July 11, 1208 SA

After breaking fast with my companions of the Gray hand, I make my way to the main gate Guard post with Erebus and Inali. I inquire of the Guard Captain and am directed to find his office at the Avignon Prison. At the prison, I speak with a clerk who promises to represent our needs to the Captain. We wait in the courtyard for what seems years, but is actually only a few hours. The clerk returns to find us, having made an appointment for Connor & crew to return at 6PM.

Killing time during the afternoon, Connor and Erebus head to the streets where the Avignon fighters partake of dueling. We get some street food and generally works on more information gathering. As the shadows lengthen, we leave and head back towards the prison. At 6pm, we are led to Captain Sir Yves Bouchard and proceed with introductions. He is congenial and it is easy to have conversation with him. We partake of water and relate that we are the group bringing news of the demise of Saint Etienne at the hands of the blackest Chaotic forces.

Bouchard listens to me relate the various Avignon rumors with admirable patience, but indicates that they are likely unfounded. If we are to find out more about the Cultists, he suggests that we should be exploring the expansive regions beyond Avignon. We graciously thank the good Captain and make our way back to relate our findings to the rest of our comrades. We discuss our options and finally decide to take action by exploring the Roman ruins of Tarascon to the south of Avignon. We plan to acquire horses and carriage to reduce our travel time.

Friday, July 12, 1208 SA

We arise before dawn and head to a stable. We acquire 5 horses and a carriage, then set out on the road south. The travel is easy and by the time it is turning to dusk, we are within a short distance of Tarascon. We decide to camp for the night before reaching the ruins and plan to go the final couple of miles in the morning.

Saturday, July 13, 1208 SA

The group continues south the final few miles to explore Tarascon. We see the walls of a fort from a long distance and tie up the horses off of the road to keep them safe from prying eyes. The path to the ruins is well traveled and Kizzar indicates traffic in the last couple of days. We enter through the largest of several breaks in the wall, enter the ruins, and set about exploring. Kizzar discovers that one of the towers has a platform with a stone ring for a fire and a few bundles of wood. In the central structure, we find that one of the rooms has a hole in the ground leading below ground. We decide to save exploration of it for another day.

Our plan is to hide and surprise whomever has been camping and using the fire ring. We find locations to hide, and settle down to wait for evening to come. As the sun is beginning to set, we spy a couple (man and woman) trudging up the same path we had used earlier. We prepare ourselves, our weapons, our hidden locations, and wait…

Exploring Tarascon

Wednesday, July 10, 1208 SA

Continue to explore Avignon, follow up on rumors. Morning and nightly gathering of The Gray Hand.

Thursday, July 11, 1208 SA

Continue to explore Avignon, follow up on rumors. Morning and nightly gathering of The Gray Hand.

Friday, July 12, 1208 SA

The group meets with Captaine Yves Bouchard of the Jail to try and follow up on Rumors.

Captaine Yves Bouchard of the Jail: This man reminds you of an unavoidable bloodhound. He has wide gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. His thick, straight, brown hair is shoulder-length and is worn in a carefully-crafted style. He is tall and has a graceful build. His skin is tanned. He has stubby-fingered hands. His wardrobe is utilitarian.

Captaine Bouchard tells the group that their help could be used exploring the expansive region beyond the towns around Avignon. Mercenary groups are being solicited to use their specialities to seek out the chaos cults.

The group heads to south to explore Tarascon. Explores the ruined Roman fort. They discover that one of the rooms has a hole in the ground that leads to an underground chamber. One of the towers has a platform with a stone ring for a fire and a few bundles of wood.

Avignon - Laying Foundations

 Early July, European Calendar; Hathor Waxing, 3rd month of Inundation, Stygian Civil Calendar

Life in this prison is nothing, if not interesting. Along with other members of the cohort of Faithful 88, I am being trained again on hard lessons long forgotten.

Upon approaching the gates of Avignon, the cohort resolved to court anonymity and chose to not reveal their identity or true purpose when questioned. This was unwise on several levels, not least of which is that an assembly such as ours represents a real threat to the security of the city. Forgetting this and thinly veiling our true intentions was a certain way to rouse the suspicion of those charged with identifying criminals, brigands, and other ill intentioned folk. Our delayed entry into the city was punishment for the laxity of mind required to forget that deception, in itself, is an admission of weakness. We would do well to learn this lesson and understand that trickery is not a real means to achieve the goals we seek. We must meet these challenges forthright and gain our victories with our own strength and resolve.

Our current situation remains positive. Upon proving our claims that our cohort has valuable experience at overcoming the forces of Chaos now arrayed against the people of France, we gained audience with a ranking warrior of the Deceiver, Marcel Jacqueme. We told our tale of combat and revealed the things that we have learned in our past encounters with Chaos cultists. These revelations seemed to assuage the suspicion that we had raised earlier and found us housed at the Crimson Flask – with a week of lodging paid by Marcel and his men.

Additionally, we were cleared to continue our investigations into the whereabouts and activities of the cultists – provided we supplied a daily report of our actions to the local authorities. The last two such reports have been mundane in nature and speak of our charter as the mercenary company, The Gray Hand, and research that we have commissioned at the local archives. Perhaps, convinced of our sincerity in the pursuit the minions of Chaos, the guards will reveal also learnings of theirs that we may apply to our own investigation. Regardless, it is my intention to ask them where our company might be brought to bear to most effectively aid them in their effort. Failing meaningful result, we shall seek out employ in the city and follow up on what leads may come.

Connor and I continue to train at blades and practice Russian. I would expect that this are wise investments that will reap benefit a later time.

On matters of faith, I can claim that High Festival is upon us. By month’s end, adequate tribute will be due to Lord Set. I am planning this even now and expect that offerings will please and satisfy the appetites of Sutekh Djet.

I must also note the attentions of my companion, Imani, during my devotions. Having spoken to her about the true nature of our situation and our role(s) in events that lay ahead – her curiosity does not surprise. This even moreso given that we are currently lodged together and she is witness to my nightly communion with Sutekh Djet. These attentions are welcomed! It would be beneficial to all if these interests could be hardened into active pusuit of her own freedom from the Deceiver. Perhaps I shall invite her to participate nightly devotions and introduce her to further mysteries as she shows interest and aptitude. New blood could only strengthen the attention and favor of Lord Set.

Glory to the Lord of War! He emboldens the spirit and guides the blade!

Exploring Avignon - Erik's Thoughts
Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Erik’s Thoughts

Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Avignon, we’ve been here but minutes and I’m ready to deliver these people to their “Maker” already. " Erik thinks as he stands on the bridge to the city with the pike wielding guards of Avignon holding them up. He was the first through the inspection process with a few questions asked and the contents of his bags checked. When he exited the room ,Castiel went in after him. While waiting a loud yell came from the inspection room and before there was time to breath someone had a pike leveled at Erik demanding that he rejoin the group on the other side of the inspection line. He questioned a guard about the situation and was replied back to with threatening words of imprisonment.

After a brief time Castiel is escorted from the room by several guards and a priest of the Maker who proceeds with the inspection of everyone’s possessions while searching for evil weapons that the group was thought to be carrying. Connor gave the priest a dagger that came from Inali’s bag that no one wanted to come in contact with the handle of the blade. After the inspection the group was escorted across the first gate house and into the rooms at the second gate house. The door was bolted shut upon the groups entrance and held there for 6 hours until the priest returned with the Inquisitor who with a small team of guards and the priest escorted the group into Avignon at last.

Once inside the city walls the Inquisitor lead the group into the Crimson Flask Inn run by an old crone of a woman who suffered burns from an incident times past. The Inquisitor asked to be be informed of the events from St. Etienne until now, to which Castiel and Erubus provided. The Inquisitor took his leave and the group began to decide where they might set up residency while in the city. The Priest had payed for accommodations at the Crimson Flask up until the day of the New Moon, 6 days from then. Upon designating who would be sleeping where; Erik,Connor,Castiel, and Erubus go to the library, The Bibliothèque municipale Livrée Ceccano. From Dawn to dusk for the next several days Erik becomes lost amongst the Books in search of the knowledge that could very well turn the tides of power in the days to come.

Exploring Avignon - Merisel's Thoughts

Merisel’s Musing

Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Castiel causes trouble yet again. I don’t know what in the name of the Nine Hells he did to piss the guards off. That man is about a subtle as an orge in plate mail. His stupidity has us wasting more than half the day is this shit hole of a jail cell. I offered to get up out of this place but the group wanted to sweat it out.

Thank the gods that they believed out story. I was sure that Kizzar was going to chop of some heads with that great big sword of his if they didn’t open the door soon.

We even managed to get that grumpy priest from the church of the maker to cough up the silver to pay for our accommodations. He, Erebus and Connor were going on, and on, and on about fighting the chaos cults. Certainly there was enough gabbing about swords and armor to put a girl to sleep. The food at this place is good enough but, someone just has to put that old crone out of her misery. She acts like she has a gnome up her ass or something.

Oh the sights, sounds and smells of the city. This silly little provincial town isn’t Moscow or Arkangel but it certainly beats sleeping on the ground and walking all day. I have even managed to meet a few Elven women that aren’t all about flowers and the autumn harvest. Morwen Anwarünya and her band of mercenaries are quite the interesting lot. Nature’s Radiance is what they call themselves but they seem to spend more time gambling and drinking than wandering around outside.

Tuesday, July 9 , 1208 SA

How cute, we have a name now, The Gray Hand. And we are supposed to stand between the light and the darkness. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean.

Oh and the guards here are the typical bored kind I’m so delighted to find out. All a pretty little elf girl like me has to do is bat my eyes, show a little leg and the humans start dreaming about their helpless elf in chain fantasies.

Erebus continues to talk about this curse that has been put on us having something to do with some great joke the gods have played on us. He says that we are all in a prison. If it’s a prison then it has to have a lock and locks are something I know a little about. If he knows the cant about this trap and can help me pick the lock to escape and get back to my glory then I’ll be paying more attention to his ramblings.

Wednesday, July 10, 1208 SA

Oh GODS! It seems that these people want to drag me out on the road AGAIN. Until, I can find my way back to a safe place and a guild that I can trust I’ll have to come along.

Hmmm, Inali joined Erebus in his prayers tonight. What angle is she playing?

Thursday, July 11, 1208 SA

At least we have a wagon again and I can at least sleep inside. It’s uncomfortable sleeping on a bench but it beats the ground any day.

Exploring Avignon

Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Avignon bridge.jpg

The group crosses the bridge across the Rhone to enter Avignon. The guards line up the group and ask each to step into the tower to pay the mercenary entrance fee of 5SP and to have their possessions examined for contraband and vermin.

As the guard examines Castiel’s belongings, he screams in pain when the touches one of the Death Mantle’s Anarchic maces. Within the tower, Castiel disarms the guard so that he drops the mace. “I could feel my very soul being consumed by that weapon!” yells the guard. The guards within the tower scramble to the aide of their companion while those outside step into defensive postures.

Within the tower the guards with drawn rapiers drive Castiel to his knees and try to make sense of what is going on.

Outside the tower, the guards get Erik to move back with the group. The guards are not forthcoming with any answers about what may be going on in the tower.

Brother Raphael Martineau enters the tower with Castiel and brings the situation to order. He examines the weapons and The Book of Death’s Grace. Brother Raphel says “These weapons dedicated to evil must be destroyed and I should show these writings to my fellow brothers.” Castiel reluctantly agrees to the destruction of the weapons and only wants the book returned once it is examined. Brother Raphael is dress in the black tunic and white sash worn by priests of The Maker.

The group is lead to the gates of the city and placed into a holding cell that is within the walls. The holding cell is a plain stone room with a French drain that reeks from the smell of previous visitors. Some thin windows near the ceiling allow light into the room. The group spends just over six hours held up in the room before the doorway opens again.

Brother Marcel Jacqueme in crimson red field plate armor and clothing is there when the door opens again. He is accompanied by Brother Raphael and three other guards.

Brother Marcel offers “Blessings of the Maker” and is very pleasant and apologetic for the party’s accommodations. He leads the group into the city and to a quiet French restaurant.

The group eats at the Crimson Flask (Fiole Cramoisi) Inn and Tavern with the priests. The owner Marie-Aveline Tavernier is medium height, with dark skin and long gray hair which is held back in a ponytail by a ribbon. She has horrible burned cheek and hands. She wears a woolen overcoat that hangs loosely about her curvaceous figure. She seems very moody and irritable and whispers when speaking.

As they walked to the Crimson Flask and talk over the meal, Brother Marcel, asks about the groups dealings with the Chaos Cults. Castiel and Erebus do the bulk of the talking with others chiming in to fill in details as appropriate. Brother Marcel is helpful and pleasant during the conversation and commends the group on their activities against the Chaos Cults.

The group asks how they can help with tracking down the Death Mantle. Brother Marcel says that their help is welcome and that they should do their best to root out the cult. Brother Marcel asks the group to check in with the guards at the gate tower daily to give details on their progress.

The group learns that the priests have paid for their lodging until the new moon, July 14th. They examine their rooms and discuss their options for next steps.

Castiel, Erik, Connor and Erebus visit the Bibliothèque municipale Livrée Ceccano in Avignon. The huge gothic style building is the hub of knowledge within Avignon. For a fee of 1SP per day the group gains access to sage who directs them to the proper documents within the Bibliothèque and a private room for viewing the documents. The sage, Gustave Chenevier, says that the Bibliothèque can sell the group the quills, ink, parchment and other items they need for taking notes.

Inali visits the park and enjoys the brisk wind.

Kizzar, Merisel and Roan explore Avignon.

Tuesday, July 9, 1208 SA

The Gray Hand mercenary group is formed at the cost of 100 GP for the year. The Gray Hand may recruit mercenaries and petition the crown for the use of land within the domain of south eastern France. The Gray Hand, we stand between the light and the dark.

The group continues to explore Avignon and resupply. The group has a late night conversation about next steps.

Wednesday, July 10, 1208 SA

The group continues to explore Avignon and resupply.

Valencian Pass and On to Avignon
Queens Guard, Hunters, Priests and a Marquis

Friday, June 26, 1208 SA
Into the mountains and arrive at an open plateau which gives the party a view of a massive wall that spans the entrance to the Valencian pass. The open plan stretches about a mile before the road reaches the wall.

As the group approaches, shapes can be seen making their rounds as they pass between the crenulations at the top of the wall. A score of riders make their way from the open gate at a fast pace. A handful of riders break both left and right along the roadside and span out to flank the party. One the riders on the road reach about 200 feet away they slow and stop. Three riders break from the group at a walking pass and shout, in French, “Hail ahead, on the road. Are you the group from St. Etienne?”

After some initial dialog, the party learns that they have been expected and should come to “… share the comfort and protection of the fort…” The group walks ahead with the riders ahead and still flanking the group.

The smooth stone 50’ tall wall spans the entrance to the Valencian Pass. A wooden bridge spans the dry moat that runs the length of the wall. Jagged rocks may be seen strewn about the floor of the moat, 30 feet below.

As the group walks through the tunnel that leads into the Valencian Pass, Ererbus takes note of the murder holes that line the walls. Once inside the group pauses to take in the surroundings. The group sees: orchards, farmland, livestock, stables, various buildings around the encampment, half a dozen trebuchet with tons of rock set beside each, gallows, guillotine and at the center of the valley a small keep. More than a mile away the group can see the wall at the southern entrance to the valley.

The group is directed to one of the stone buildings to get food and refresh themselves from their time on the road. Several people take advantage of the communal shower and everyone takes some time to enjoy a hot meal and fresh water.

It is here that the group meets Captain Hugo Levan and Traxton a half orc. Hugo inquires about St. Etienne and makes small talk to learn more of the group’s activities. The group expresses some frustration about the apparent lack luster response of the Queen’s Guard to the threat of the Chaos Cult.

When the group shares the map of the cults activities, Traxton points his clawed finger to the locations in the mountains and says “There be Giants there! These are known steddings of giants.” The closest giant stedding is seven days away and the second being a couple months away “as the hawk flies”.

After reading just a quarter of the contents of The Book of Death’s Grace, Captain Hugo, says that their Priest, Brother Daladier should see the book. He also shares that Brother Daladier may be able to get the ear of the Marquis and have the group meet him to share their news.

Hugo tells Traxton to bring Brother Daladier, and Traxton returns with the priest. Brother Daladier is dressed in a red tunic with a white belt tied at his waist. His steel symbol of the maker is plainly apparent about his neck. He bows, places his finger to his forehead and gives the group the “Blessings of the Maker…” The group once again recounts their tale, the Priest prays before reading The Book of Death’s Grace. His face is stolid and shows no emotion as he spends an hour reading through the book. He asks if his page could copy the contents of the book. The group agree, “… but as long as the book is returned and not stolen” Castiel chimes in.

Erik makes to leave and Traxton works to make him stay. Kizzar joins the efforts to leave and Traxton quickly jumps to block his path. Brother Daladier, says “Let them leave” and Traxton steps aside.

Erik and Kizzar seek out the quartermaster to purchase horses. They learn that the horses are priced at four times what they would typically pay for a horse.

Brother Daladier leaves to give council to the Marquis. A flushed faced priest, in a black tunic and white belt, returns to bid the group that the Marquis requests their presence at the keep.

The group heads to the keep with the young priest and meet with Marquis Gerad Dugan. Servants bring in additional chairs to accomodate the party. They spend a few hours drinking and talking with Marquis Gerad Dugan about the Chaos Cult and sharing some tales about the foreign lands they have visited. He says that he will send hawks on to Avignon and Marsielle to spread the word.

After leaving the keep the group seeks out The Hunters and spend a few hours drinking, eating and socializing with the Hunters. The group of men that make up the hunters are a loud and sometimes crass group. Lewanna and Inali each fend off multiple sexual advances from the men. The hunters share tales of some of the creatures and humanoids they have encountered in the domains that surround the Valencian pass.

The group heads to sleep and spends a restful knight indoors.

June 27 – July 3, 1208 SA

The young priest makes a copy of the Book of Death’s Grace and returns it. The book is wrapped in a black velvet cloth with symbols of The Maker stitched into the cloth.

Purchase supplies from the quartermaster for the road.

Exit the mountains…

On the road travelling south with the Rhône River nearby. The group discusses options for what they should do next.

Thursday, July 4, 1208 SA

Pass Fort Montélimar

Monday, July 8, 1208 SA

Cross the Rhône River via a 1000 foot stone bridge to reach the gates of the City of Avignon. Three story stone towers on rises up at the center of the bridge. Two members of The Queen’s Guard stand casually at their posts with ranseur’s in hand.

Erebus' view of the Bigger Picture

Erebus explained the following to Inali when they were on guard duty together the first night outside of St. Etienne and then to others, who were interested enough to inquire, during current travels…

"Once, men were gods. We saw clearly and had the power to act on our discoveries. Atum-Ra stole our divinity and locked our senses.

Thou shalt be blind to the truth and see only that which is false! Thine powers art fettered and thine souls bound to mortal flesh.'

With these words, Atum-Ra drew power from the other Aeons and locked Humanity into the Illusion we call Reality. We are fallen angels, shipwrecked and stranded. This deception hides the fact that we are, essentially, imprisoned. For millennia men have believed that they were meant to be mortal. Fated to be the pawns and playthings of higher powers with grand designs. Destined to short, brutish lives that end with eternal punishment in some burning purgatory.

For too long we have accepted this without ever asking the Truth. We must seek the Truth and find our way to freedom."

- 'On Approaching Gnosis', Thule Anathrak, Eternal Karnath, High Priest of Set, Lord of the Black Ring


Mankind has not always been ignorant. Before the dawn of history, we had senses that could perceive the whole of Reality. We were born as gods, with power over matter and the ability to create that which we desired. Our existence on Pa'Earth, our inability to see the Truth is CAPTIVITY. Those few people who manage to break through the Illusion and into the true world may escape from the prison and regain their divinity.

There are many ways to perceive Reality. The most common is one that is centered on Atum-Ra. It was Atum-Ra that blinded us, long ago, and imprisoned us. He locked us into the Reality we now see around us and made Eden Perfection invisible to us. Perfection has been known by many names such as Tanelorn, Eden or Paradise.

Some claim that Atum-Ra created the worlds, or our part of it.  In southern Europe, he calls himself the Maker.  The northern men call him Zeus.  It is believed that he felt threatened by Humanity. Perhaps a rule was broken, or perhaps he was Human and feared the potential of his own species. Whatever the reason, he inserted a curse into our souls, a curse that confines us to a limited view of what truly is. Up to the present, very few have managed to overcome this curse. With the aid of his servants and other Aeons, Atum-Ra has kept Humanity shackled, locked inside a prison designed to keep us ignorant.

Like pawns in a greater game, our destinies are controlled by a lost tyrant and his minions. In our prison, we live together with unknown creatures and dark forces arrayed against us. We live our lives without ever knowing what surrounds us – the things hidden behind the Illusion.

Our worlds and the known dimensions rotate around a heart of darkness, a complex clockwork of Illusion and Reality. This heart of darkness is the Citadel of Ammon-Re. In its awesome halls, fearsome beings and sacred artifacts await the return of their master.

Darkness and light emanate from the Citadel and fierce storms rage above its cloud shrouded towers. The windows are black and there are no signs of life within.

Surrounding the Citadel in a great ring are the strongholds of the Aeons and beyond those lie the cities and gardens of Eden Perfection, the first home of Humanity. Absent its intended inhabitants, Eden has fallen to ruin. Like a cancer the darkness spreads, growing and expanding – swallowing more and more of the other dimensions of space and time. Jagged, towering spires, halls filled only with echoes, and streets of littered with ancient, forgotten memories now house innumerable creatures created by Ammon-Re or his servants. Twisted to bestiality by the passage of time and the madness that comes from losing their purpose, they live in the shadow of the Citadel and all quest, in their own way, for the Truth of the master's disappearance.

Tanelorn, known as Eden to some, also hosts the remnants of worlds created by other beings. In these shadowy realms, forgotten gods and creatures that spawned our own legends roam. They make their home in the darkest of alleyways, the most wretched of dwellings, and the ravaged wreck of the once beautiful city of Eden.

It is said that there is a City of Doors from which, From the remains of Eden, one can gain access to the prisons of Humanity. It is within these prisons that we are bound – kept and confined through every state of consciousness from birth, life, death and dream. Echoes of lost legends name some of these prisons as Elysium, Limbo, and Inferno.

Humanity, in all its forms and scattered races, are spread throughout these prisons, chained to the ground by fear of the Unknown. We are limited by our own worries, fear of divine justice and anxiety that our dark actions will eventually emerge from the past and demand retribution.

The most trusted servants of Ammon-Re, the Aeons, have turned his perfect creation into a jail. They control our lives, our dreams, and the very fires of our damnation. They drive their dark designs in a constant assault upon our very souls. They are the wardens of this jail – a Jail of Night from which we much strive to escape at all cost.


Prophecy Meeting
Monday, June 22, 1208 SA

Erik’s Thoughts

Erik woke early in the morning and prepared to set off down the road on his quest to find the members of the faithful 88 that he was foretold to encounter on this road this day. As he gathered his possessions he hears the sound of people on the road just below his encampment on the hillside. He peers over the Boulders he places around his camp site to find the familiar faces of Inali,Castiele,Lewana,Erebus,Marisele,Kizzar and Connor. He hails them as he comes down the hill to Castiele asking him where he had been all this time.

Erik replied that he had been in Rome with Inali,Castiele,Lewana,Alwin and Kael. Judging by the looks of confusion, Erik proceeds to tell the party that for the last several months the Inali,Castiele,Lewana,Alwin and Kael in Rome have been amassing power amongst themselves and gained a foothold in the undergrounds goings of Roman society. The day goes on and night falls before the party make camp for the evening. Erik walks up to Inali and waves his hand in front of her eyes. She questions his action and asks him to leave he be, to which he replies that he is simply surprised that Inali can see. Castiele informs Erik that Inali has always been able to see and asks about the Inali of Rome. Erik explains that the Inali of Rome is blind be forsaw of their meeting on the road earlier that day.

Surprise by this information the group ask of more information about the Roman Party. Alwin is described as having started his own gladiator school with several in training gladiators at his ludus. Lewana spends her time scrying in a grove build under the ludus where she prays to her dark goddess of the moon. Inali has begun to be worshiped as a goddess of the wind while in the early stages of amassing followers to worship her powers and beauty. Kael and Castiele with worship of the drow’s dark god Vhaeraun while Kael is sacrificing humans in search of the knowledge for more power.

The party reflects on the information that they have just heard and question whether continuing to Rome is the smartest choice at the time.


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