Saint Etienne to Avignon
Miners, Magistrates and News of Rome

Thursday, June 18, 1208 SA

Into the hills the group treks onward with the desolated city of St. Etienne smouldering behind them.

Maksim and Tobiath inform the group that they will be heading north to Orleans. Tobiath and Maksim have friends in Orleans that operate a fighting school that teaches eastern styles of fighting. They do not wish to have the dojo sucumb to the horrors described in The Book of Death’s Grace. Tobiath also says, “Lewana and Inali as you choose your spells against the Death Mantle’s demons remember that they are immune to acid, electricity, sleep effects, and stunning. They also resist cold and fire shaking off weaker arcana of these types.

June 18 – 19, 1208 SA

The group travels throough the foothills down the twisting Queen’s Road. Each day the Alps loom larger and larger on the eastern horizon.

Saturday, June 20, 1208 SA

Come across a group of men pulling along two emptry flat bed carts. The men are shocked by the tale of the destruction of St. Etienne. Castiele, tells the group that there was an explosion in the mines and that the town was destroyed by the explosion. The men are saddened since St. Etienne is there home and they have family and friends there.

St. Etienne is their home and they rush off to get back to town while sending one back along the road to the keep at the Valencian Pass.

Sunday, June 21, 1208 SA

Monday, June 22, 1208 SA

Meet the dwarf Erik of the Faithful 88, who has quite the story to share about his travels and adventures since the Day of ReAwakening.

“I have been with other members of The Faithful 88 in Rome for many months now. With me in Rome were Tumek, Elenochka, Kael, Alwin, Inali, Castiele and Lewana…”

Tuesday, June 23, 1208 SA

The group awakened late in the night during the third watch by a rider galloping down the road with a horse in tow… Castiel grabs a brad from the fire, climbs back on the road to flag down the rider. Erik, scrambles up the embankment to stand at Castiel’s side.

The rider slows, dismounts and approaches Castiel. The dual sounds of the panting, sweating horses provide a back drop to the group’s conversation with the rider. On his chest he wears the sigil of the Queen’s guard. He introduces himself as Tristan Lestrang, he says “The man from St. Etienne, shared with Lord Martel that the party was on the road. I’m on the way to St. Etienne to view this with my own eyes.”

The group asked if they could take one of his horses, “I can not part with either of my steeds.” He mounts and wishes the group safe travels and gallops off into the night.

French fighter in armor small

Wednesday, June 24, 1208 SA

Thursday, June 25, 1208 SA

Meet The Magistrate, Lord Gabriel Martel, Inquisitor for the Queen’s Guard and his entourage. The man from St. Etienne has given word of the arrival of the group.

Lord Martel has a few dozen people with him, many members of the Queen’s Guard and camp workers. Lord Martel has dozens and dozens of questions for the group. It becomes obvious that he is a devout servant of the Queen and the Maker. He seems distrustful of the group and their potential hand in the affairs in St. Etienne.

As the group talks together in Russian, Lord Martel asks why do they speak this foreign tongue. Lord Martel, pulls some powder from his pouch and says “Maker bless my ears… you may continue, I can now understand your words.”

Castiel gives Lord Martel, the letters and maps from the Book of Death’s Grace. Lord Martel is unable to read the stone tablet and passes it along to a priest that is in his entourage. The priest takes the tablet away to read it.

The conversation continues with Lord Martel becoming more and more interested in why the Chaos Cult seems to be following the group around. “What do they know about the fallen Lord Dubois? Have they fought against the Chaos Cults before…”

The group notices that he seems to constantly be toying with his Maker holy symbol (wooden circle on a leather string). As he locked eyes with Erebus and says “Only those with evil in their hearts have anything to fear from The Maker.”

Castiel, declines Lord Martel’s offer to pray with him so that they can be guided to the truth by the Maker.

The group parts company with Lord Martel.

Death Mantle In Saint Etienne - Part III
The Battle Rages On

Tuesday, June 16, 1208 SA

The summoner small

Beneath the town of St. Etienne, low on resources, with a few nauseated members unable to fight on the adventurers continue the fight against the Death Mantle cultists. The bodies of demonically transformed towns people litter the floor.

The stench of the nauseating cloud still lingers on the group’s nostrils…

Three swarms of wasps buzz down the hall way and start to sting Erebus, Kizzar and Connor. The bite are minor but annoying considering the toll of damage the group has accumulated over the last several minutes. There poison is week but potentially troublesome. Connor is briefly nauseated by the poison but shakes the effects off quickly.

Connor, Kizzar and Erebus take the battle to the dripping flesh demon and the armored shadow. Kizzar is unable to break the grasp of the flesh demon and continues to get hammered by the demon’s massive arms.

Lewana calls down a massive barrage of lightning that has no effect on the demonic host. Maksim calls to Inali, “Tell the woman that creatures from the Abyss are immune to electical attacks!”

As he recovers from nausea, Castiel, dispatches the remaining transformed miners with a mind thrust and fling them back into the chamber at the end of the hallway. Tobiath returns with bow in hand and starts push a steady stream of arrows into the dripping flesh demon.

Maksim fires some arcane missiles into the demons.

After several moments of fighting the group destroys the two demons.

Inali lends some healing magic.

Three foot tall horned beast…

Fight three armored Death Mantle warriors…

Two priests hurling hammers of chaos…

The small horned beast attacks Inali from behind with poisoned claws.

One priest escapes as he disappears into the solid wall, the other is struck down when he surrenders..

The ground shakes, the party decides to leave, the ground shakes again, and again. Once outside the house the party sees a nightmarish scene. The town is inn flames, the very Aerth has opened up to consume many of the buildings in town and thick noxious smoke is all around.

After a brief debate, the group decides to abandon their horses and gear to retreat from the danger in town. As they are leaving the ground beneath their feet opens up with an explosion.

Leave town and head north to find the encampment of the Circus. They see a dozen or so people on the road ahead. The people are heavy laden and a few are pulling carts. The people begin to run away when the see the party behind them.

As the sun rises the group reaches the Circus and see that the camp has been ransacked. After a couple of hours of searching, very little useable goods are found. The group circles the wagons, tips them over and makes camp so they can take a much needed rest.

Wednesay, June 17, 1208 SA

Make way through the city and see that virtually ever building has been burned and more than half the city has fallen into a chasm below and reduced to rubble. The Morning Glory and the attached stable are one of those that is reduced to nothing more than a smoking crater filled with rubble and smoldering wood.

One the road toward Avignon.

Connor reads through the Book of Death’s Grace while camped and shares the contents with the group. Within the book is a thin slab of stone. Etched into the stone are the following words written a strange script. The eight pointed star of Chaos is in the center of the page below the writting.

Greatings Brokk,
By now you should have received the gifts that we and the Crimson Coil have sent to you. A band of fellow followers of Chardros should arrive at your stedding in due time. They will bring word of our preparations and assist with your assault on Marsielle. Feel free to sate your blood lust but wanton slaughter and destruction of the ignorant masses must hold off until the ritual is prepared.

I have also sent word to your brother to begin his march to hold the Valencian pass.

Your service to Chardros will bring you favor in his eyes and surely you will become onE of The Many if it is his will.

May all fall to ruin!


Thursday, June 18, 1208 SA

Into the hills and trek onward…

Death Mantle In Saint Etienne - Part II
Into the Basement

Tuesday, June 16, 1208 SA

Deathmantle mask2

A few hours after the witching hour, with dawn just an hour or so away… Castiel and Tobiath decend into the basement of the house. They discover a room with three of the walls lined with 6 foot tall barrels filled with wine and a man bound, gagged and dangling from the ceiling. Castiel cuts the man down from his bonds and shakes him to revive him.

He introduces himself as Fontaine, a weary traveller who was waylaid outside of St. Ettienne while bedding down for the night. He managed to killed a few of his masked asaillants but was knocked unconscious. Castiel warns Fontaine that he should make his way out of town since it has become a very dangerous place to be. Fontaine shares that all of his possessions are missing and that he needs to collect them before leaving.

Tobiath discovers a secret door and hallway behind one of the empty barrels.

Castiel leaves with Fontaine to collect the rest of the party. The group returns to the house to decend into the basement and explore the tunnel. Kizzar kills the man when he refuses to leave without finding his lost belongs.

The hallway, which is lit by torches, leads to a set of decending stairs and ultimately to a small rectangulary room with doors on two of the walls ahead. As the party debates which if any of the doors to open, into the rooom bursts a mob of deformed creatures garbed in miner’s clothing.

The stinking, nauseating, creatures have gnarled and clawed hands and overgrown sharp teeth. A nauseating cloud forms and engulfs everyone as the fight ensues.

Two glowing multicolored balls of light appear in front of Inali and Maksim. A pair of clawed hands apear in each ball of light, stretch out the light and out steps a pair of the creatures.


Once the fight is over the grop opens the door along the small wall and discover an octagonal room, with a circular despression in the middle… another man hanging from the ceiling.. table with two candelabra, gong, incense burner…

Kizzar cuts the man down, drags him back to the stairs, revives him and cautions him to leave. The man does so…

Find a library….

Explore further down the hall, the corridor angles off to the right and leads to a pair of double doors. Tobiath markes another trap on the ground…

Castiel checks the doors for traps and is assaulted by a multicolored burst of energy…

Sirus pushes open the doors and a mob of demonic miners flow into the hall way….

The hallway is filled with a nauseating, stinking cloud…

A creature much like the one just fought in the inn (dripping flesh, massive arms and no legs) pushes it’s way through the miners. The creature is joined by a shadowy creature in plate armor.

Sirius is grabbed, broken and aborbed by the mound of dripping flesh.

Kizzar and Tobiath toe the line to hold the creatures at bay.

Death Mantle In Saint Etienne
Death’s Grimace Returns

Monday, June 15, 1208 SA

Sirus and Lewana decide to stay awake for the night in the common room of The Morning Glory. As they share stories of the road and thoughts about the future, the main door opens. From outside two cloaked figures, with white masks and maces in hand step into the common room.

Sirus quickly draws his bow and drives two arrows deep into the chest of one of the men. With two arrows embedded in him the man, falls to the ground with his life blood spurting from his chest onto the floor. Lewanna bears her spear and rushes toward the second man.

Before Lewanna reaches the man with her spear he outstretches his hand, utters a few words and Lewanna is frozen in her tracks. The man then bolts from the inn.

Sirus checks the fallen man’s vitals and thinks that he has died. “Clean this up” shouts Sirus to Lewanna as he picks up the body and drags it across the floor and upstairs. Once he reaches upstairs, Sirus pounds on Roan’s door. After some quick conversation, Castiel, Kizzar, Inali and Merisel are awakened. Sirus works to explain that they were attacked and he shot the guy over his shoulder. Sirus drops the body in his room.

A loud smashing sound is heard from down stairs. Kizzar rushes down the stairs followed by the rest of the team. As Kizzar reaches the bottom of the stairs, a 7 foot tall mass of dripping flesh with huge arms and fists charges into him. Behind the creature, the group can see the shattered door and the pulverized form of the inn keeper.

As the fight ensues, three additional figures enter the common room from the main door. Each of them wears a white skull mask. One of the men can be recognized by his plate armor, ebony skin and white hair filled with razors and barbs.

“Ah brother, there is no need for us to fight… call of your dog and we can fight.” The Dark Elf says to Castiel.

Castiel summons his Shadow Mastiff to join the battle as he is surrounded by the three men.

Lewanna summons a horde of screaming monkeys

Merisel creeps behind the demon and strikes from behind…

Kizzar decapitates the demon…

Roan strums his drums to inspire the party and provides healing as necessary…

Death mantle demon omox

As they search the bodies and examine the equipment. Three new figures enter the common room. They recognize Maksim Lamminkain’s massive form, his quite companion Tobiath J’Kar, and a unfamiliar face in plate mail with a khopesh in hand. As they focus on the new figure, they experience the Memories from Before and realize that he is Erebus Typhon.

Maksim relates a dire tale that Tobiath and he has seem dozens of the towns folk murdered in the streets. Erebus adds that the circus troupe outside of town was slaughtered in their sleep.

Roan speaks with Inali to clear up some open questions about the Death Mantle cult. Maksim, Sirus and Erebus have questions of their own about the skull masked killers.

The group debates if leaving now is the best option to put this town, the magistrate and the Death Mantle behind them. They agree to seek out the constable and make some decisions after they find him. On the way to the constable’s holding, they pass more dead people in the streets with signs of struggle with a few. At the constables they discover Antwon’s dead body along with two other armored men.

As they return to The Morning Glory, they spot a white mask peering around a building. Sirus, Castiel and Tobiath drop the man with a flurry of arrows. The group rushes ahead but doesn’t seen any other dangers. Tobiath shares that there were three people here before. Two humans, one of which is the dead man, and the Dark Elf from the Morning Glory. Kizzar asks, in Japanse “How do you know that?”. “The goddess shows me the forms of those that I hunt.” replies Tobiath.

Sirus and Erebus examine the fallen body and agree that he is dead. Erebus examines him for tattoos and markings and discover none. Additional examination by Erebus, discovers multiple distinct, straight and smooth scars on the mans chest. Beneath the man’s flesh Erebus feels hardened flesh beneath his skin. Pulling out his knife, Erebus cuts the man open and pulls metal plates out. These plates seem to be grafted to muscle and bone. Upon further examination, Erebus, notices the 8 pointer arrows of the symbol of chaos.

Tobiath and Castiel follow tracks back to a house and Tobiath shares through Maksim, that one of the men is in the basement of the house. Tobiath and Castiel creep back in and discover a trap door in the basement and open the trap door to enter the basement.

Death in Saint Etienne

June 9 – 14, 1208 SA
The group reaches the town of Saint Etienne. The town, ringed by a low wall, is home to the many workers from the local coal mine. The center of town has shops and stores that cater to the local people and has two inns where travelers on the Queen’s Road may find stables, food and a place to rest. The center area is ringed by a residential area.

The group decides to rest in town fro a few days and make preparations for the continued trip to the coast of France. Maksim agrees that some time spent recovering in town would be helpful. “I need to put back on some weight, I have been wasting away travelling on the road!”

Monday, June 15, 1208 SA

Questioned by Antwon LeFleur, the constable of Saint Etienne. He has questions about the party’s activities from the night before. One of the town folk were killed in their sleep the night before. Antwon asks that the group says until the Magistrate arrives in town. Much to their dismay the discover that the Magistrate will not arrive for 12 days.

Once Antwon leaves, the group debates the merits of staying versus leaving town. They decide to stay so they don’t become wanted for the death in the town.

Meeting Maksim and Tobiath
Continuing to St. Etienne

Wednesday, June 4, 1208

Meet Maksim Lemminkain and Tobiath J’Kar on the road. Maksim is an extremely fat bronzed skinned man with straight black hair. Maksim’s most startling feature is his stained black lips, teeth and tongue. Maksim says that he and Tobiath hail from the far, far east on the island of Pan Tang. Tobiath, dressed in a hodge podge of armor also has bronzed skin and straight black hair.

With a bit of hesitation, the group agrees to travel along the Queen’s Road with the two road worn companions.

Asian  dragon warrior by hdy9108 d4ynph4

June 3 – 9th, 1208

Travel on the road to St. Etienne

The group learns that Tobiath doesn’t share a common language with them. Maksim is filled with questions for the group and shares tales of his travels from the far east to the norther reaches and back again. Maksim expresses his fascination with flying and the wind and is thrilled when he learns of Inali’s worship of the Sprits of the Wind.

Castiel is curious about what Maksim may have heard about Ley Lines and Power Nexuses. Maksim explains that “Ley Lines are to a spell caster what a river is to a tree…” he also speaks of the Power Nexuses at Stone Hendge, within the complex of the Cloud Lords of Tanara, and that the pyramids in egypt are also said to be places of power.

Roan recalls some bits of memories, not quite certain if from before of the past about Maksim and flying war ships.

Departing the Cirque du Ariel
Attacked by the PsiHunters

Monday, June 1, 1208 SA

As the group travels down the Queen’s Road, Mongolian barbarians burst from a rip in the fabric of reality. The horde is accompanied by a floating psihunter bound in leather bonds and two spell casters. The circus troupe puts their whips and heels to their horses and rid off down the Queen’s Road.

In the battle Castiel is knocked unconscious. Inali rushed over to heal him just as his body begins to levitate toward the open portal. Castiel awakes as he passes through the portal and spies a mongolian man dressed in tribal clothing with a staff. Castiel shakes off the levitation field and darts back through the portal.

The party kills all but one of the attackers as he escapes back through the portal. The portal closes immediately after.

Several Great Swords of Troll Arms are found.

Once the party joins back up with the circus, the circus learns that the attacker were hunting the adventurers. Vincent Ariel asks that the group head out and not travel with Cirque de Ariel. “We don’t need that kind of trouble on the road.”

Travelling with the Cirque De Ariel
Flights of Fancy on the way to St. Etienne

May 1 – 12, 1208 SA

Travel with the Cirque du Ariel

May 13 – 15, 1208

Arrive in Vezelay

May 16 – May 28, 1208

On the road with the circus…

Leaving Paris for the Coast

April 19 – 28, 1208 SA

Preparing to leave Paris, the group maps out their course and gets provisions for the first leg. They plan to take the following route to the coast of France.

  1. Paris to Vezelay
  2. Vezalay to Saint Etienne a journey of 569 Miles
  3. Saint Etienne to Avignon a journey of 465 Miles
  4. Avignon to Marseille a journey of 402 Miles

From Marseille they plan to take a boat to Italy and on to Rome.

Stalking an Alchemist is Paris

Monday, April 16, 1208 SA


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