What Came Before…

You awake on a frigid shore, in the dark of a moonless night. The sky is filled with dozens of red streaks of light, that make their way through the night and disappear on the horizon. You can’t gauge which is in more pain: your body, your mind or your soul. Barely able to move, you see other bodies on the beach, they too moaning in agony. A jumbled myriad of thoughts, images, smells and sensations assault your senses as you succumb to darkness. Your dreams are filled with the following memories…

Living in Kiev one either excels, becomes the pawn of another or dies. You were one of the mightiest servants of He Who Shall Not Be Named, a master of death, destruction and manipulation. As an Epic Level practitioner of your skills you epitomized the best of your Class…

A catalog of the vilest of your deeds, spin through you mind… they culminate at the day when you as one His 88 finest were given the task of destroying The Church of England… The Great Crusade of the Church of England, or the Great Purging as The 8 Lords of the Moskov Federation proclaimed it had been going on for 500 years and He had had enough

Millions or your master’s minions poured from the Dragon Spine mountains to lay siege to Constantinople. It is here that you and your 87 cohorts, sought to bring down the Temple of the Maker and slay his Pontiff. After many months, the walls finally fell and you made your way to the inner walls and the doors of church soon stood asunder

It is upon the alter to the Maker that you and your cohorts conducted the ritual of slaying which would not only kill the pontiff but bind his very soul to service of your master. As the final words of the ritual were being uttered, you sensed that something was wrong, in an explosion of divine might the very foundation of the world was cracked as the pontiff uttered his last plea to The Maker.

From here you witness mountains crumble, the dead rise from their graves, oceans rises all in a cataclysmic destruction of the world as you know it

You sit upon a pinnacle of a newly formed mountain watching the waves of magma rise, the heat lulls you to sleep, with one thought on your mind ‘I succeeded but at what price…’

Was it a dream, a feverish nightmare, or could it be the truth? From a tiny hamlet, on the coast of England your journey begins anew. Your powers, skills and training are now a distant memory. What will this The Night of Redemption bring for you, damnation or salvation?

Character Creation

The Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Players Guide are to be used for character creation.

Additional classes are:

  • Classes may also be selected from the Dreamscarred Press Psionics Unleashed game supplement. The races from this supplement are not available.
  • Gunslingers are rare beyond measure any where but in the New World. Guns stop working when they leave North America. Firearms in the campaign are currently at the rarity of “No Guns”.

If you don’t have access to the books they are summarized at Use these rules to create a level nine character.

  • Step 1— Determine Ability Scores by using the points system to increase your basic attributes. Your character will be based on a former Epic Level being so 25 points may be used to generate attributes. No score can be reduced below 10 or raised above 18. See Table 1-1 Abiility Score Costs in the Core Rulebook.
  • Step 2—Pick Your Race from the races in the Core Rulebook. The game will initially begin in midieaval England where non-humans are uncommon. Keep in mind that the ignorant villagers will certainly blame the half-orc for missing livestock or hide the children for fear that the fairies (Elves or Gnomes) may run off with them.
  • Step 3—Pick Your Class but check in with your fellow players. While any mix of characters will make for an enjoyable campaign… having a Barbarian, Monk and Wizard will make for some interesting and challenging group dynamics. Select a Favored Class typically, this is the same class as your 1st level class but may not if you plan on multiclassing. Prestige Classes may be used but should be reviewed with the GM to flesh out the background details associated with the Prestige Class. Characters should consider the repercussions of their choice of patron deity.
  • Step 4—Pick Skills and Select Feats with the understanding that the campaign will call upon more than your character’s ability to kill their opponents. Please use the campaign’s languages selections.
  • Step 5—Finishing Details – The Racial Customization Rules and two Traits from the Advanced Players Guide may be selected. Use maximum hit points for your class. "Create ": or download a picture and then upload to Obsidian Portal.
  • Advanced Players Guide: Yes on Familiars, Traits and Combat Maneuvers; No on Hero Points.
  • Ultimate Combat: No on Armor as Damage Reduction, Wounds and Vigor; Yes on Called Shots, Piecemeal Armor.
  • Ultimate Magic: Yes on Words of Power, Magic Familiars
  • Step 6 – Level Up the characters are currently at Level 7 in the campaign. As you progress in level your ability scores may be increased above the limit of 18 mentioned above.

Additionally things like alignment and patron deity will need to be sorted out. Will your character continue to worship one of the dark gods from their past or adopt a new line of thinking? This is something that the party of adventurers should sort out. It would prove to be unplayable if we had members of the party that were diametrically opposed to each other.

Player Characters:

  • Inali – Elf Oracle (Amanda)
  • Castiel- Human Psionic Rogue ( Jerry)
  • Marisel – Human Rogue (Brett)
  • Content Not Found: kizzar – Human Fighter/Barbarian (Lucien)
  • Connor – Elf Magus (Mark)
  • Sirus – Elf Ranger (Chris)
  • Lewanna – Elf Druid (Kim)
  • Roan Chambers – Human Bard (Gary)
  • Erebus Typhon – Human AntiPaladin (Lance)

Players on haitus:

  • Railty – Human Alchemist (Mike)
  • Recubo – Human Wizard (Aaron)
  • Avari – Elf Bard (Segerick)


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