New World

The New World lies across the Great Western Ocean. The eastern coast of this continent was once a part of the British Empire. This area is known as The New Coast.

The New Coast

Many of the realms found in the Wizards of the Coast Eberron supplement are mirrored on The New Coast. The Realms of Aundiar, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane are a triving group of nations.

Sharn the City of Towers, the largest city on The New Coast is in Breland.

New world city

The Caribbean

Skeleton pirate

The region comprises more than 10,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays.

Formerly a region under the control of the British Empire. Rampant pirating and the slave revolts severed the link between these islands and mother England. The rich and fertile farm lands still produce active trade in the region with most of it’s exports going to The New Coast.

North America

The central and western region is home to nomadic elves and humans.

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New World

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